Monday, March 19, 2012

The Power Armour Character Challenge - The Results!

Hi folks,
so the results are in and its time for the placings for The Power Armour Challenge, we have has a great number of votes (46 - the most in any poll so far) and have good solid results. starting in reverse order  they are (click on the Entry titles to links to further pics):

with 2% of the vote you have Captain Varro Hektor by Dan

followed with 34% of the vote the Aspiring Champion of Slaanesh Selimyks Blood by BdaGamer - Bdagamer's Blog
With 63% of the vote is Commander Falx - Fifth Company Reclimation Commander by Millest

So there we have it, with a total of 46 votes we have the results of the first open competion and I'm please, not least because of my victory, but because of the quaility of the entries and the amount of interest it has generated.

So with my winnings of £5 I will donate that this week and get proof up at somepoint, I will also begin planning the next Open competition so please keep your eyes out for news on this.

So thank you all for your votes and interest and even though the competition is closed please let us all have feedback on what you like, dont like or think in general of the models you have seen.

Thanks for your efforts and well done to all those that entered the competition.


BdaGamer said...

I was robbed!!
The competition was fun and I look forward to the next.

I posted a small write-up as well.
Bda Gamer

Millest said...

thanks my friend and look forward to the next one, glad you placed second as the entry was spot on and got my vote (but i cant tell you that as its a secret) and thanks for the article on the blog.

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