Wednesday, November 02, 2022

1313th, Prepare for Boarding Actions!!

 After 10 long years transiting the warp and with ample chance to rearm and prepare their war gear the 1313th Lignum Iugo is now on deployment to investigate the hulk known as the Gallowdark.

After what seems an age and with the new cadians on the way I’ve decided to repurpose my existing guard models to form a Kill team for Gallowdark. With some repainting, rebasing and tweaking of details these fourteen or so models will for the core of my veteran guardsman team giving me options. The rest of the force will be finished in a similar style and destined to be used as a space hulk force once those rules are out.

Friday, April 01, 2022

Aeronautica Imperialis - Ser Amerand 65th Search and Rescue Squadron

Members of the flight crews of the Imperial Navy Cruiser Ser Amerand 65th Search and Rescue Squadron are amongst the most highly skilled pilots in the vessel compliment. Tasked with recovery of VIPs, Pilots and other note worthy Imperial denizens the pilots operate both in the Void and Planet side in a variety of craft. 

Their aircraft markings follow a long tradition whose meaning and origin has long been lost to time but requires their aircraft to be brightly liveried and marked to demonstrate their lack of fear that the enemy can see them and to give a visible sign of hope to those they rescue.

Inspired by the old RAF search and rescue Westland Wessex helicopters I was tempted to do this after seeing Rusty Plastics work on a similar project on a full size Arvus on instagram. I like to think I've replicated this well:

My transfers were knocked up as a customer job from Fantasy Print Shop

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