Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Go Hard or Go Home - RT Terminators and Dreadnought on the horizon

Latest gatherings for the Rogue Trader or early 40,000 force are here and despite one slight issue, I appear to have lost a thunder hammer and can't find a replacement, the elites are in the house.

The large collection of terminators and a second Dreadnought now give me some flexibility in what I can field and they hopefully add some punch to the force

I know there are more than a squad of five but there are some extras to add some more options in

cyclone missile launcher for some long range fun and games

storm bolter and chain fist, because you cant go wrong with them.

Sergeant armed with a power sword, because classic load outs are the way forward

basic trooper again with power fist and storm bolter

Heavy flamer and chain fist, used to be one of my favourite loads

Assault cannon, because your really have to get some spinning barrels of death

Thunder hammer and storm shield for either a sergeant or just fun, shame I lost the hammer and can't find another one.

This one I am very please with, this is my Terminator Captain complete with his digital weapons power fist, this is likely to be the only bare headed model in my force!

Finally a second dreadnought to add to the list, weirdly lots of stuff seems to be coming along in twos as you should see later in the week with what should be the last reveal post

so those are my elites choices, I'm still stumped as to what to use or how to do an assault squad but that can wait.

Monday, February 23, 2015

More commandments - RT era Command Figures

Following on from the command squad posted last week this week I took delivery of several command figures to act as leaders and centres to my force.

again possibly not all RT but all certainly pre-2nd edition from what i can tell

 there might only be three of them but they will certainly pack a punch when it comes to finally getting a colour on them!

always liked chaplains and this one is the best of the bunch when it comes to the older models and has extra detail that others lacked.

Picked the Lt up as i think he fits with the RTB plastics well and i like the pose. The extra detail inc the specialised markings make it a perfect mini for a commander

my librarian again is picked as the best of the bunch and when and if i get an assault squad i think the jump pack will work really well.

Now i have finally picked a scheme for them, and yes i know some of you will think boring, but i really fancy the Crimson Fists scheme, they are the oldest chapter in the magazines (but obviously not in the fluff) and the poster boys of RT and i like them. There will be some extra stuff in there as well so don't just think it will all be red and blue there will be something to keep things interesting.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Commanding View - RT Era Command squad arrives

Following on from yesterdays post the models for my command squad arrived, whilst these are RT era models (i know some are a tad newer but still pre 1995) I will be running them using the latest codex rules hence this unit.

So here are the models picked up for my command Squad:

An interesting little mix of models spanning the whole range of early GW metal marines, there's no real rhyme or reason to the mix but i just like the models.

First up us this model with Terminator honours for use as a veteran sergeant for the squad, basic weaponry but a nice model.

This medic will obviously be used as the squad apothecary, they are not going to get the over the top white treatment but they will get something special.

whilst not a current command squad choice this Techmarine will end up as a member of the squad but will get some appropriate Ad Mech markings and looks. Again another model i like and needed :)

This advancing marine will be a basic squad member but might be getting a unique paint scheme to add some flavour to the squad and use him to tie in to another unit.

The comms marine was bought just for fun and again will just fill out the squad and get some nice paintwork on him - though that's dependent on my skills!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Time for some support - RT Devastators on the horizon

Well after a quiet few days waiting for various packages and parcels the core of the force has finally turned up and now to start showing off some of the units pre-paint.

Today is the turn of the devastator squad, this is mainly made up of a core of metal models and 5 of the plastic RTB01s from the third squad in my first RTB post here. That squad has some in useful as with a few extra trades they have now filled out this unit and put together some donor models for a random squad of five (more on them later in the blog).

Here are the models that are forming the base of my heavy weapons teams.

that core unit is lead by a sergeant using the old calgar bodyguard figure which i think makes a nice cold and calculating director of fire

It is bolstered by two very odd looking heavy bolter wielding marines, the old heavy bolters don't really seem much bigger than the current edition standard bolters.

Backing these guys up are two marines with either graviton weapons, conversion beamers or plasma cannons depending on what version of them you look up.

Finally we have a chap armed with the weirdest lascannon of all time, though i do love the fact the long range weapon appears to have a close combat blade!

so that's the next unit for the force, so coming soon more pics of my odds and sods and hopefully soon some point on them!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More 40k Rumours and possible clarifications

The below rumours are again coutesy of Faetit212 at his blog here always a good source of rumours and articles. So with out further ado:

The Rumors Continue about the Future of 40k

Here is a wrap up of some of the current rumors and talk being generated out there right now regarding what is happening with 30k, 40k, and admech etc. 

Please remember that these are rumors. This is just a wrap up to what else is being said out there right now.

Please visit the first article on this if you have not read it yet.

via WhispererofTruth on Dakka
The starter set will be joined by a plastic heresy armour set and some plastic Skitarri over the course of the next year. The idea of these boxes is allow players to create armies that can be played in both 30k and 40k and as such expand both markets. 

Both Admech and the Legions produced by FW proved to be popular beyond all expectations. So popular infact that GW can justify pumping out kits for a game that isn't even one of their core games. It's also being done as a safety nets, in case 9th ed Fantasy (Which 30k now outsells) crashes and burns, then they have 30k in place to pick up the pieces. 

The Old armour kit will be a mix of armour types rather than a kit of say Mk4 armour. All parts will be of course compatible with the current Space Marine range. I do believe a plastic servitor is being done too.

via Hastings on Warseer in response to above
This is partially true. The "starter set" is in fact a standalone game, however I'll accept starter set as it does lead onto the main 30k game. I think it's safe to assume that 30k could/will have a different game mechanic to 40k, or it would be pretty pointless as a standalone game. Hence the reason that some boxes will contain rules for both 30 & 40k (if the rules weren't different they'd only include 1 set of rules.

It's not however a safety net for WFB, it's a replacement for lotr/hobbit on the shelves as AFAIK all of this is going direct only. WFB is going to have plenty of store presence, and regardless of what many (and indeed I) think I don't think the reboot will be bad for WFB, especially if in it's current format is failing to sell. Hell at one point it was almost totally canned. 

You never know new WFB might just be awesome (not finecast awesome either), however my own feelings are that the background is what makes WFB, dick with this then it isn't WFB any more, and frankly that just isn't for me. I'm going a little O/T here posting about WFB on 40k (or should that be 30k??) boards but I feel it's as good a time as any. I think what's done WFB no good is the high entry cost and investment of time & money to get a decent army, making a game that's playable as a skirmish game AND a massed battle game does make financial sense, start small, minimal initial outlay, get people interested/hooked, build and buy a bigger army, SADLY this is where GW fall down, THIS IS WHAT THEY USED TO DO YEARS AGO, with games like Heroquest, Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl etc. get people into the Warhammer world and setting and races of that fantasy world. 

They lost sight of this and thought that the product was self sustaining, it isn't, there is much more competition now for peoples hard earned cash than ever before, there are many companies that do similar and in some cases better stuff than GW and people know it, because other companies use the internet etc. to their advantage, GW see it as the enemy, and they are wrong. 

I guarantee this thread has generated more excitement in a few short hours than crap like warhammer visions ever will, and it won't cost them hardly anything. People including me are now thinking, maybe I'll get some nids really for genestealer cults coming along, or I'll pick up an extra deathstorm box for all the nids, or whatever, that GW is SALES. Hiding away ignoring your fan base is beyond ridiculous, especially in such a niche market. The fact that Whispereroftruth said "Admech..... proved popular beyond all expectations" shows just how little they know/listen to their fanbase, as this has been one of THE most wishlisted armies for so many years it is ridiculous. Anyway enough rambling.

Rumours of Plastic 30k/HH? Sisters of battle? Ad Mech? loads of rumours

The below rumours are coutesy of Faetit212 at his blog here always a good source of rumours and articles. So with out further ado:

Admech, 30k, Assassins, and Sisters of Battle........ YouDon't Want to Miss This.

This is the motherload of information tonight. There is a lot of good news here, as well as some rather sad news for Sister's of Battle. It seems that Sister's of Battle (adeptus Sororitas) may not be on the list of things coming this year.

This is a compilation of the latest rumors going on right now as we speak!
I want to thank Drbored for compiling a lot of this. We will following any further developments on these rumors. Notice the Admech....... The Skitarii are coming.

Please remember that these are all rumors. Hastings has always been very solid, and a great resource for the what is coming in the future.

via 75hastings69
Right guys there are several separate rumours that folks are getting mixed 
up. So I'll at least split it up a little for you. THIS IS NOT RELEASE 
ORDER, just to help separate the rumours. IT ALSO ISN'T A FULL LIST OF THIS 
YEARS 40K RELEASES, in fact some of these may be early next year. NONE OF 

Admech Codex & models (full release)
***** Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)
***** Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)
***** Standalone Boxed "historical game" models from which will form part 
of "a full range" (notice I didn't say existing range )
***** Standalone Boxed Game models from which will form part of an existing 

I haven't heard anything about mark 9 armour so don't associate it with any 
of the above.

Hastings and Lords of War Gaming also said Sisters of Battle will not be
coming out this year at all, LoWG on their Facebook and Hastings on Warseer.

Question by drbored on Warseer (hastings response is afterwards)
Sad about Sisters, but let's work on the rest of these.
When you say 'Harlequin-sized release' you mean in terms of number of kits?
So it COULD be a main codex (like Space Marines or whatevs) getting about
as many models as the Harlequins got, or are we talking about smaller
forces like the Militarum Tempestus and Harlequin-style releases with new

Also I think it's pretty clear that the 'full range' is going to become
GW's plastic 30k stuff, which means the boxed 'historical game' is going to
be Horus Heresy based, or am I just off the mark?

75hastings69 Response
I mean Harlequin sized as in number of kits, i.e. a few characters, a 
troops kit, a larger kit and a transport. Or thereabouts One kind of has a 
main codex, kind of, and it's been mentioned on this very thread. The other 
has also been mentioned on another thread, the one that got moved for not 
having any news or rumours in.... even though it actually contained quite a 
bit. In fact I suppose you might say the 2nd has a main codex too (kind of)

You sir are on the mark

It's HH as stated above. 

I think there's a misunderstanding here. BOTH new standalone games will have their model contents released. The first being HH, will see models released as part of the 30k range. The 2nd boxed game models will be released as part of 40k range, part that is currently only available in finecast and not deathwatch before anyone says it again.

second 'box game' is based on Officio Assasinorum.
via Hastings
rearrange this:-


I'm honestly really hoping that Chaos Space Marines gets some attention. Let's get some properly sized Plague Marines, updated Khorne Berzerkers, and Noise Marines and Thousand Sons that aren't half Finecast, kthxbai

Also thanks 75hastings, this is awesome stuff and makes me pretty excited for the future!
Oh they will

Hastings Response
But not as part of the stuff in this thread, well unless you count the bad SM as CSM? (if you know what I mean)

I have heard that there might be a plastic GD, plastic daemons, and plastic CSM kit for a certain god at some point later this year (and no it's not Khorne!)

Hastings Wrapping things up
So from the list we have:-
Admech Codex & models (full release)
**** Codex & models (Harelquin sized release already mentioned on thread)
**** Codex & models (Harelquin sized release already mentioned on thread)
HH Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of 30k range.

Assassins Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of the 40k range.

Not Arbites, Not CSM in any form, subtract from those listed. Although I did say that DA might get an update AND that there may be a 40k release of a GD, Deamons and CSM for a god that isn't Khorne at some time later in the year.

Genestealer Cult

Then separately DA & Tzeentch type stuff. Oh but don't rule out the missing GDs etc. they're all done

Two are due out this year (greater daemons) AFAIK, and we've seen pics of 1 

I will just reiterate I DO NOT KNOW THE TIMEFRAME of these releases, I've been out of the loop for some time. I can only assume that Lords of Wargaming have the Apr/May Admech correct (I'd heard April) but I've no idea of the schedule or indeed order of the other stuff.

I guess Patriarch, Magus, Hybrids, and Limo might just about make that a Harlequin sized release?

Totally (well not totally actually) unrelated I did hear that actual CODEXes? (CODices?) god know s the plural, might soon be a thing of the past. with all rules being in box leaflets. Some might even contain 2 sets of rules, one for 40k and one for 30k  But I'm not 100% on this.

via Harry on Warseer (trying to clear up the Mark 9 armour debate that keeps coming back)
I think I can clear this one up.
It would seem duffybear heard a rumour about new space marines. He naturally assumed these were what came next .... mark 9
However it did not occur to him that what his rumour was about was what came before ..... 

I think these rumours ARE part of the same thing.

I think Duffy's rumours are about the new space marines for THIS .... for 30K
So that would make it not mark 9 but something like Mark 3 / Mark 4 ? armour. (Or whatever armour it was 30K ...someone will have to help me out with that)

The armour is a simpler, earlier version of the power armour we all know and love.
It looks a bit like something Tony Stark might have knocked up in the desert. 
put together by drbored

-In No Particular Order-
Adeptus Mechanicus Codex & models (full release)
Genestealer Cult Codex & models (Harelquin sized release)
Deathwatch Codex & models (Harelquin sized release)
Horus Heresy Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of 30k range - Mark 4 + Cataphract armors featured.
Assassins Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of the 40k range.

Also of note:
Greater Daemons all complete
Dark Angels later in the year

Tzeentch later in the year

Sunday, February 08, 2015

ultrmarines book info and models from horus heresy weekender

Book 5 in May(ish). Several new models/unit entries for Legions. Cults, Imperials, Mechanicum, and Knights getting updates. Also seems most if not all primaries will be getting a 2.0 version for later in the heresy. I suspect Ferrus will either just get a skull on a base or nothing

Guiilliman sneak peek - Horus Heresy Weekender


Horus Heresy Weekender informantion and more pics

There will be more than one of each Primarch model.  Chaos for sure, as they will be pre and post Heresy.  Probably loyalists too (But not poor Ferrus Manus).
There will be a Garro model.
There will be a Warlord Titan, but not anytime soon.  But when Tony Cotrell asked who would buy a Warlord, fully 1/2 the audience raised their hands.
Horus Heresy Book Series
- Book 5 will cover Calth.
- Book 6 covers the shadow crusade.
- Book 7 is penciled in for Prospero
– Mars Civil War book being within 4-5 books.
Also next primarch is almost certainly going to be Guilliman due to the announcement being held back till the ‘Tempest’ seminar Sunday (about ultramarines).

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Stormbird & painted ultras - heresy weekender

Finally a storyboard. Now we don't need to guess what it's like plus painted.images of the new ultramarines

Horus heresy weekender forgeworld pics

Various horus heresy pics from the weekender. Pics via bols, battlebunnies and the hours heresy Facebook group

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