Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Go Hard or Go Home - RT Terminators and Dreadnought on the horizon

Latest gatherings for the Rogue Trader or early 40,000 force are here and despite one slight issue, I appear to have lost a thunder hammer and can't find a replacement, the elites are in the house.

The large collection of terminators and a second Dreadnought now give me some flexibility in what I can field and they hopefully add some punch to the force

I know there are more than a squad of five but there are some extras to add some more options in

cyclone missile launcher for some long range fun and games

storm bolter and chain fist, because you cant go wrong with them.

Sergeant armed with a power sword, because classic load outs are the way forward

basic trooper again with power fist and storm bolter

Heavy flamer and chain fist, used to be one of my favourite loads

Assault cannon, because your really have to get some spinning barrels of death

Thunder hammer and storm shield for either a sergeant or just fun, shame I lost the hammer and can't find another one.

This one I am very please with, this is my Terminator Captain complete with his digital weapons power fist, this is likely to be the only bare headed model in my force!

Finally a second dreadnought to add to the list, weirdly lots of stuff seems to be coming along in twos as you should see later in the week with what should be the last reveal post

so those are my elites choices, I'm still stumped as to what to use or how to do an assault squad but that can wait.

Monday, February 23, 2015

More commandments - RT era Command Figures

Following on from the command squad posted last week this week I took delivery of several command figures to act as leaders and centres to my force.

again possibly not all RT but all certainly pre-2nd edition from what i can tell

 there might only be three of them but they will certainly pack a punch when it comes to finally getting a colour on them!

always liked chaplains and this one is the best of the bunch when it comes to the older models and has extra detail that others lacked.

Picked the Lt up as i think he fits with the RTB plastics well and i like the pose. The extra detail inc the specialised markings make it a perfect mini for a commander

my librarian again is picked as the best of the bunch and when and if i get an assault squad i think the jump pack will work really well.

Now i have finally picked a scheme for them, and yes i know some of you will think boring, but i really fancy the Crimson Fists scheme, they are the oldest chapter in the magazines (but obviously not in the fluff) and the poster boys of RT and i like them. There will be some extra stuff in there as well so don't just think it will all be red and blue there will be something to keep things interesting.

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