Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Hermetika Rises - Finally progress on the warmachines

Happy New Year to you all.

Starting the year as I mean to go on and have some actual hobby progress. 2016 was good for starting new things but not for finishing them. 2017 is hoping to be the opposite.

Finally after some time off before christmas and over the christmas break I finally managed to get some paint on my Knights from House Hermetika. The plan is to get the paint completed before 1st feburary alongside my Ad Mech for our big nottingham game. My only hold back is that I wont be able to apply markings as the Hermetika and Mezoa decals dont exist - though rumours suggest they are coming.

Apologies on the poor quality but once they are done fingers crossed I can get some better ones taken.

Info on Hermetika can be found here:

Info on Mezoa can be found here:

Mezoa looks fun for HH games as they seem to have had all sorts of interesting forces linked to them and present at the various points in the heresy.

Plans for 2017 include some HH ad mech, HH Ultras, more guard action and some small skirmish and imperial agents units. This of course is subject to my latest whims and obsessions but 2017 is looking like an interesting year for hobby.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Bringing out the big (Spray) Guns - Iwata Kustom CS

Today saw the delivery of the latest tool in my hobbyists arsenal, a brand new Iwata Kustom CS airbrush.

After attending a recent course ran by SnM stuff in camberly (hopefully a review will be coming soon) and using one there i decided to part ways with my badger 105 (a reliable brush in its own right) and upgrade to this beast.

Whilst heavier than my previous brush the smooth trigger and rugged but accurate design made this a must have,

As you can see from the first picture it came with all the usual goodies from Element Games, a nice free pen and importantly a free sweet. As always ordering was smooth and postage fast so for that 5 out of 5 for element.

From the outside packaging is quite basic and nicely understated, it doesn't convey the brushed aluminum joy within the cardboard sleeve.

inside however is a different matter the rugged and solid aluminium case is a joy to behold, i honestly feel i could run over this in a car (albeit a small one) and it would survive. The logo is good quality and the weight of the box reassuring.

inside the airbrush is accompanied by not only a small tool for tightening but also a moisture trap (that's a good tenner saved now i don't need to buy one). The foam is rigid and very tight on the parts but importantly holds the brush well. Given the need of Royal Mail to deliver items by bouncing them to you this is a good thing. The whole set feels well put together and generally well presented.

The brush itself is immaculate (apart from my greasy prints on it) and all actions are smooth and free. Threads are clean and well formed and all parts fit together tightly. The brush isn't cheap but you get what you pay for and shy of me mashing the needle or rubber o-rings perishing (which no-one can avoid) it generally should last a lifetime and comes highly recommended.

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