Monday, October 28, 2019

The Last Lament - AOP 2019 entry

The Last Lament

A lone Lamenter charges the enemies of the Imperium against insurmountable odds, mysteriously aided by the legendary Legion of the Damned.

This was a last minute entry to the local stores Armies on Parade competition this year. Put together over a few days it gave me a chance to finish up my last LOTD models and add a Lamenter as a theme and give me a second HQ choice to mean I can in theory use the models as a complete army.

Its nothing special or complicated just marines painted in a similar ghostly style to the AOS wraiths and bearing weapons and armaments that are painted to look like grave goods or relics of a bygone age.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Mezoan Taghmata - Thanatar-Calix Siege-Automata

A relic Thanatar-Calix siege-automata of the Mezoan Taghmata advances to a firing position to make use of its mauler bolt cannon and Solex pattern heavy lascannon whilst it’s Graviton ram recharges.

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