Thursday, June 02, 2016

Spare 30th Birthday Space Marine up for grabs

Hi folks, not the way I like to normally do things but got a spare 30th Birthday Space Marine that I thought I would use but it seems I am unlikely to get round to it so if anyone is interested please drop me a line. I would like to get £25 for it to cover postage, paypal etc but of course if that isnt the current value then no worries.
thanks for reading

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Urban Bases, Munitorum containers and new paints confirmed

After yesterday's excitement we have new paint this week and containers confirmed for next week or the week after.

The master of machines and Lord of the brood are interesting and fingers crossed its the new enginseer from the limited Russ box and the brood Lord from DWOK.
There are a LOT of bases and basing accessories here, in all the standard sizes.
  • Large Basing Kit (contains bits make Dreadknight & Knight bases)
  • 32MM Basing Kit x60
  • Oval Basing Kit 60mm 75mm, and 90mm
  • Round Basing Kit 25mm, and 40mm Bases
32mm Bases (60 bases per set)
60mm & large ovals (18 bases per set)
basing accessories (you get 72 accessories per set)

It seems though with the new basing kits and the terrain the GW are ramping up for a summer of urban combat with the cities of death campaign
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