Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Flash Back - Foray in to Retro Gaming!

Well it was bound to happen eventually that whilst on my nostalgic trip that I started on with my Rogue Trader Marines that I would delve in to other Retro games.

I ended up looking around for a few things that took my fancy and found they were just too expensive, but whilst on the Oldhammer Trading Community on facebook I came across this little gem for a really good price!

That's a mint copy of Games Workshops 1987 Rogue Trooper game, a game based in the Judge Dredd universe from before even some of my RT Marines were made.
Looking forward to playing this game, now I wonder if I can play it in my local GW ;)

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Like a Phoenix - The 1313th rises again!

So after my stripping experience (I'm still finding notes in my underwear) and in preparation to our road trip to Nottingham in just over a week I have dusted off the 1313th and have started working on a few models towards my 500pt force. Here are some sneak peeks before they get some paint, once finished and back from Nottingham I will get proper pictures up because I don't want my opponent to know too much.

things are moving forward at least and hopefully once painted it looks like I will actually have achieved a goal on my project tracker - only 4 years after it was conceived!!!
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