Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Horus Heresy - Mezoa Infiltrated

The Blackshield Legionnaire known as Logan Nagas is known to have been present during the siege of Mezoa and rumours have him committing actions against both sides of the conflict.
Covered in obscured and defaced markings, carrying a rare disintegration combi weapon the loyalties and plans of this warrior are still in question but whilst harassing the enemies of Mezoa and the Emperor his actions are tolerated by the priesthood.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

1 Hour Painting Challenge - Completed UR-025 ready to "explore" Mezoa

First encountered on the outskirts of the Mezoan Solar system the machine known to the priesthood as the "Noospherically Attenuated Scouting Automata" and it’s probe Bellum Bellus Octum hail from an unknown Forge World but the noospheric codes pass all tests to show them as loyal servants of the machine good. Both machines are the only survivors of several ill fated missions to explore a previously unidentifiable object at the edge of the Mezoan system but they continue to accompany unfortunate missions to investigate the object.  

So an hour to paint, 30 seconds to write some fluff and my first attempt at the Blanchitsu style of painting is done. I thought I would try and make them look worn and dirty like modern NASA space suits after space walks and with the inclusion of hand painted NASA identifiers and mission patches for a Mars mission (oooooo! Intriguing) I felt it worked well. Not 100% neat but I’m happy enough not to repaint and feel it fits the worn and weathered look. 

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