Monday, April 24, 2017

8th Edition Broadcast roundup

I was unable to veiw the FAQ broadcast but was provided comprehensive notes by a friend.

Overall it looks a good mix of AoS and current 40k so am looking forward to how it pans out. Besides if it comes to the worst I've got my seventh edition stuff.

Here's the round up:

-Everything revealed at Adepticon is in the game, movement values, armour modifiers, strike first on charge, morale like AoS
-Armour values are gone for vehicles, damage table that decreases effectiveness as you take wounds for bigger vehicles
-Army themes should stay, some new rules and artifacts
-Still a d6 system
-1500 point game should take 90 minutes
-3 ways of play in mind, new campaigns and releases to reflect the worlds and battles of the 40k galaxy, city fights, etc
-Every model will have rules in the new edition
-Narrative and matched must be battleforged, 14 different force org charts
-Command points are generated for fulfilling the detachment, they can be used for re-roll a dice, can interrupt the charges in the combat phase, very tactical is the idea,
-Generic command points in the core book, codex flavour in the future
-Codexes will be in the new edition, but all updated
-Very confident for matched and narrative you can use current collection the way you want (SO VAGUE)
-Templates are vanishing
-1 command point used per phase
-A lot of input from the ITC, Adepticon, and other major tournament groups in terms of playtesting. Every single unit from every single codex was tested.
-New rules will be available day one, a series of 5 books at a "very low price point, much less than codexes"
-Points have been re-balanced
-As the codexes are released, more flavour will be added
-Cities of Death, Planetstrike, and other styles of supplements will be brought up to speed and included in Narrative play
-At launch it will be the most robust and balanced version of 40k they have ever released
-The "general's handbook" will be regularly updated, new version annually
-All stores will have a limited supply of printed rules on launch, core rules in "lots of different places"
-They are working on a 40k battlescribe style app, not available at launch but shortly after
-Every model is a legit choice, now
-This has been in development for "a long time" and if they weren't happy with it they would not have put it out
-Top 3 goals for design team this edition 1) Make a game that works for all 3 ways of play 2) 40k to work for how YOU want to play it narrative stories, competitive, etc 3) Make it more accessible
-The fight between the Imperium and Chaos is at the forefront of this edition and story
-They feel this edition will appeal to the largest player base possible
-Community feedback has been at an all time high over the last 2 years, listening to feedback from the 400 stores as well as engaging at tournaments and with large groups
-Some previews at Warhammer fest
-No models or factions will vanish, all factions will be represented
-2 different sets of points on launch one called "Power Level" for narrative play which is like the AoS style of points, the other for matched play where it is like the current system and you pay points for all upgrades and units
-Any not mentioned on the Warhammer 40k website are still in the new Edition
-New factions are coming, perhaps at launch
-MCs will be affected the same way as vehicles with the different levels of strength
-No stat is capped at 10
-Lord of Skulls and Imperial Knights are up there for high wound points
-Keywords are a thing
-Which means deathstars are finished to an extent
-Combat armies should get a large boost
-By going for a larger force org, you get more Command points
-Anything not on the new galactic map is still there, it's just a crowded map so nothing is destroyed
-Design team is very excited to see community reaction after release, they have loved the games of 8th they have played so far
-Forgeworld units will be available with new rules
-The background will not change radically, but new developments are happening that will "blow people away"
-If you have recently bought a codex or rulebook, with proof of purchase within 8 weeks of the announcement this saturday, you can email the customer service team and receive vouchers for the value of what you just purchased

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reinforcement for Mezoa - The Forges never sleep

Apologies for the month or two of quiet but life has been busy, however the forges have not been silent.
Since our trip to Nottingham there has been furious activity and thought it was time to share some of the WIPs with you guys.

First up my infiltrators with Goads and Flechettes, I am still debating expanding them to a 10 robot squad but not sure yet.

As it stands the are pretty much done but just need a few jewel colours adding for final work.

Next up are my Robbie the Robits, the Tech priests for them are done but these guys are still WIP, gives an overall idea for the scheme I chose based on the Mezoa colours I have used so far

a little bit more to do and there again is the thought to add some fisty Robbies to the squad.

Finally got some Skitarii fully completed and best to show I think are my Arc Rifle gunners. the remainder of the squads are the same.

hoping to carry this styling over to the FW squads I have on the table.

Finally we have the brains behind the operation, the Tech Priests of Mezoa and a friend.

again I tried to keep the pallette simple and uniform across the force and whilst these are 99% done (and Cawl still needs a base) I think they have come up really well.
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