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Forge World Newsletter #338 - Mechanicum Thallax Cohort, Legion Recon Squad and Breacher Siege Squad

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there, With a little over a week until the now sold out Forge World Open Day, today’s newsletter announces two new Legion squads and the eagerly anticipated Mechanicum Thallax Cohort available to pre-order now – we also aim to have all three of these kits available at the Open Day.

Mechanicum Thallax Cohort
The Thallaxii are heavily augmented cyborg shock-troops used by the Mechanicum Ordo Reductor, and they differ from the Skitarii regiments both in purpose and the unique degree of their augmetics. The Lorica Thallax, from which their name derives, was developed from power armour technology, and requires a robust human specimen to enable it to function to its maximum potential. Once integrated, it encloses its bearer’s major organs, nervous system and cerebrum, but entirely replaces their skeletal structure and limbs with armoured bionics powered by an internal reactor core.

Surgical excision of the subject’s pain sensors, emotions and normal human sensory apparatus, and the agony of the Lorica’s implantation, leaves the Thallax a cold, calculating killing machine, albeit one that retains a degree of independent thought. To some among the Mechanicum, this skirts the edge of abomination, yet the baleful Ordo Reductor continue Thallax conversion with suitable Forge Guard, fallen Skitarii, and subjects obtained from more mysterious sources.

The Ordo Reductor deploy these hulking war-robots both in their own forces and alongside the Legiones Astartes. Such long standing arrangements often result in the Thallaxii adopting the heraldry and iconography of their allies.

Designed by Will Hayes, the Mechanicum Thallax Cohort contains three multi-part resin models. These imposing and sinister models are a unique and exciting new development within our Horus Heresy range, being the very first Mechanicum unit to be designed, and their hunched profile, blank-faced helms and bulky armour are packed with detail.

Legion Reconnaissance Squad
Space Marines experienced in operating independently and behind enemy lines form dedicated Reconnaissance squads within the Legiones Astartes, acting as the eyes and ears of the main force. Equipped with a variety of specialised wargear including long-range sniper weapons, stealth gear and augmented sensor-auspex devices, the Legion Recon Squad function as scouts, gathering intelligence and mapping enemy movements and strengths.

Reconnaissance squads also serve their Legion as pickets, saboteurs, raiders and snipers where needed, striking at high value targets of opportunity. In open battle, they are expert in sudden flanking manoeuvres, and infiltration attacks in support of the main strength of the Legion.

Designed by Mark Bedford and Will Hayes, the Legion MkIV Recon Squad contains five multi-part resin models, each of which has two different weapon options: a sniper rifle or a shotgun. These models are packed with detail, from the long-range communications and targeting equipment carried by each of them to their camo demi-cloaks.

Legion MkIII Breacher Siege Squad Combat that takes place during boarding actions amid the cold void or into a breached fortification, can prove lethal beyond even the endurance of the Legiones Astartes. For this reason, since the earliest days of the Great Crusade, specialised formations and wargear have been continually developed to better survive these ‘Zones Mortalis’.

The Legion MkIII Breacher Siege Squad is one such unit; clad in augmented power armour based on the Iron pattern and bearing great ablative shields. These squads act as a vanguard in such lethal missions, and are often additionally equipped with powerful breaching charges and lascutters or melta weapons, to destroy strongpoints and forge a path for the force’s main strength to follow.

Designed by Will Hayes, the Legion Breacher Siege Squad contains five multi-part resin models in modified MkIII ‘Iron’ armour, equipped with detailed boarding shields. The squad also includes five Phobos pattern bolters, as well as an optional lascutter, breaching charge and graviton gun.

Rules for all three of these units can be found in The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal. They are available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 5th April, and we hope to have the Thallax Cohort, Recon Squad and Breacher Siege Squad on sale at the Forge World Open Day in limited numbers.

MkIV Outrider Squad Pricing Error
The Legion MkIV Outrider Squad should be £45, rather than £60 as originally advertised; apologies for any inconvenience caused by this error. If you have ordered one of these kits at the incorrect price, a refund has been processed for you covering the difference in price and any relevant shipping cost, and you will have been notified of this by e-mail.


nice to see a unit painted in the colours of the night lords, a legion that doesnt get enough HH love when it comes to models. As for the mech units, i think ive found my combat servitors for my Inquisitor :)

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More Tau Pictures! - Further sneak peeks

Hi Folks,
time for some more Tau pics, these are from a french forum ( i recommend it if you are a french speaker, if not enjoy these:

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Tau Sneak Peeks - The latest round of pictures

As some of you may see there is now a Tau release teaser is up on the Games Workshop called "Our Ascension a Matter of Time". Looks awesome and more then definately shows that the Tau are here and are here to stay:

 More pics and infor from Shas'Saal on Advanced Tau Tactica Forums

Now I am a staunch imperialist but these things are awesome, cant wait for chris to get his Grey Knights finished so he can revisit his Tau, might even convince Ash to get started too.

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Forge World Newsletter #337 - Heresy Outrider (biker) squadron and Weapons Upgrades

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there, We return to the Horus Heresy in today’s newsletter as this week’s pre-order kits include both a new bike squadron and four new support weapon sets, as well as a new scenery bundle. We’ve also got a reminder of the events we’ll be attending in the next few months – all of which we’re now accepting reservation orders for. Read on for more!

Legion MkIV Outrider Squadron
Outrider squadrons are mechanised Space Marine reconnaissance squads who take to the field of battle mounted on ruggedly-constructed ground bikes. Equipped with twin-linked bolters, often augmented with heavier firepower in the form of melta-guns, flamers or plasma guns, Outriders are used for rapid encirclement as well as hit-and-run attacks against targets of opportunity behind enemy lines. Their chief advantage is speed and mobility, their bikes enabling them to cover ground far faster than infantry, and to go where heavier vehicles cannot.

Designed by Phil Stutcinskas, the Legion MkIV Outrider Squadron contains three complete resin and plastic kits, allowing this potent Fast Attack option to be added to a Space Marine Legion force or fielded as a Bike Squadron in many Codex armies. Each model has two weapon options: twin-linked bolters, or plasma guns and they are fully customisable with our range of Space Marine and Legion accessories. Full rules for the Legion Outrider Squad can be found in The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal.


Legion Support Weapon Sets
The Legiones Astartes are well equipped with the finest weapons that can be produced by the manufactoria of Mars – from energy weapons of arcane provenance to rotor cannons of comparatively recent design. The Legions concentrate these specialised weapons into Tactical Support Squads, allowing overwhelming firepower to be brought to bear against any enemy target.

Will Hayes has designed four new sets of detailed resin weapons. The Flamer Set, Melta Gun Set and Plasma Gun Set each contain ten weapons, while the Rotor Cannon Set contains five resin weapons, ammunition feeds and hoppers. To build a Legion Tactical Support Squad, using the rules in Betrayal, combine these weapon sets with our MkII, MkIII or MkIV Space Marine armour sets or MkII, MkIII or MkIV Legion armour sets.

All of these fantastic new releases are available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 5th April, and we hope to have the Outrider Squadron and the Support Weapon Sets on sale in limited numbers at the Forge World Open Day.

Realm of Battle Necron Tomb Complex
Due to popular demand, we’ve put together this online exclusive bundle, the Realm of Battle Necron Tomb Complex, which comprises four of Blake Spence’s Necron Tomb Citadel Tiles and four plastic Necron Monoliths. This creates a 4’ by 4’ (122cm by 122cm) playing area, which can extend a standard Realm of Battle gaming table. The Necron Tomb Complex bundle is exclusively available online, and can be pre-ordered now for despatch from Friday 5th April.


The bikers are fricking awesome, i can only hope they release something similar for the imperial army as i think ive just found my rough riders for my guard, they are just superb. Nice to see some more weapons choices too, easpecially the rotor cannons - or assault cannons to me and you!

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Tau Rumour Compilation - A Round-up by Faeit 212

This is a massive compilation of Tau information from Faeit 212 (check out the blog here: faeit 212 ) this is most if not all of the information that has appeared from around the internet for the past week of so, rather then me make a hash of it here is his post as he seems a pretty good source for rumours, please as a result can i recommend you check out his blog and subscribe, its well worth it.

Please remember that we are still early in the discovery process and that everything should be taken with a little bit of patience and salt.

A huge thanks to Tastyfish over on warseer for putting all the work in to get this together.

via Tastyfish on Warseer

Tau rumours
Tau are going to be released in April with the following kits, information is mostly compiled from Kirby on 3++, Nafka on Faeit212 and Neko here on warseer:
The new cover is of a Crisis suit. The suit is posed with one leg on a boulder, whilst shooting a target to the suit's right with a fusion blaster

New Battleforce - £80
3 Crisis suits, 12 Firewarriors, Piranha, 3 Stealthsuits with marker drones, 8 gun drones

XV104 Riptide battlesuit - £50/US$85
Plastic kit sculpted by Matt Holland, Dale Stringer and Tom Walten

Elite choice
Monstrous creature with T6 W4 2+ save, 5+ invulnerable save and a jump/jetpack of some kind
Primary Weapon options are upgraded versions of the Ion cannon and burst cannon, Railcannon may also be an option
It also mounts "Crisis level" weapons (missiles/SMS and plasma rifles in pictures) on it's shoulders and underslung beneath the primary weapon
Comes with two shielded missile drones (a new type)
Equipped with a Nova reactor, which it can activate to boost weapon power (changing the Ion cannon from S7 AP 2 3shots to a large blast, possibly at S8 AP2), increase it's invulnerable save to 3++ or to do other things (increase stats and maybe required in order to jump).
Can buy an option granting Skyfire
Is poseable enough that weapon arms can be switched around and can be assembled in a kneeling position, similar to that of the Firewarriors
Around 7-8" tall, comes with multiple 'FW style' heads that look compatible with current crisis suits

Sunshark Bomber/Razorshark fighter - £40/US$65
Plastic kit sculpted by Colin Grayson

Fast Attack choices
Fighter/gunship is armed with nose mounted burstcannons, and an array of ion weapons mounted in a turret underneath the fuselage. It also has two "pop up" seeker missiles.
Bomber is armed with a plasma generator which it uses to launch balls of plasma instead of having conventional bombs and a bomb bay.
Bomber also has two drone fighters, armed with railrifles, that can be launched to defend itself.

Pathfinders (10+ 3 drones) - £20/$US35
Plastic kit sculpted by Ed Cottreil and Matt Holland

Still a Fast Attack choice
Markerlights work more or less the same as they do now (boost BS, reduce cover etc)
Have access to more experimental weapons, as well as Railrifles and pulse carbines.
Pulse carbines are assault 2
The 3 drones in the kit are Grav inhibitor, pulse accelerator and recon drone (which can fit in the turret cupola of a devilfish and provide communication relays and fire support).
It's unknown as to whether other units can take these or if drones are now specific options for each unit
Special character Pathfinder called Nightstrider

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit - £30/US$50
Plastic kit with two drones (box art appears to show shield/missile pods), sculpted by Samir Battistotti and Matt Holland

Sniper pose
New drone options
Carry the mid range rail weapon - S8 AP1 (looks to be Heavy 1, no rumours of Salvo 2/1)
Slow and Purposeful, 2+ and T4 now.
Can take plasma or missiles as well.
They have a suit upgrade that let's them at the start of a shooting phase have skyfire (with it, they are 85 points).
They don't have interceptor, nor do they snap fire ground targets.
Also appears to be a missile pod variant, with a suit mounted seeker missile
60mm base

XV8 Crisis suit team - £45/US$75
Plastic set of 3 models, current models

Just a rebox, no new sprue
Almost certainly can't be taken as troops
Lots of new bits of wargear, but it's currently how much standard suits can take and how much is special issue wargear.
Information about this has been put at the bottom under "Miscellaneous rumours"

Commander Farsight - unknown
Might have rejoined the returned to the Tau'va, Dawn Blade is now a Power Glavie with Tau symbols and designs on it
Looks almost exactly like the test model Matt Holland did that appeared at GD 2009

Comander in Crisis Enforcer Armour - unknown
Finecast (presumably)

Very little information, mentioned in Riptide design article
Apparently has hands extended out for some reason.

Cadre Fireblade - unknown (probably £9)
Just visible in leaked WD pages with the other kits, opposite the three finecast sets so probably a plastic character

Firewarrior upgrade called Cadre Fireblade (maybe be SC or just 'unique')
IC with split fire, markerlight, supporting fire, volley fire (+1 shot for Pulse Rifles/Carbines if unit and IC do not move).

Other units
Special character is "like" Chronus for tanks.
Tank Hunters. Potential cover boost. Tank can overwatch.
Hammerhead roughly 160-170 WITH character.

Firewarriors are 9 points
Stealthsuits can overwatch at BS2
Skyray can shoot and ground and air targets (one assumes at full BS).
Piranhas get cheaper
Shadowsun may get split fire
Kroot and Vespid are in, but no new units*

Miscellaneous rumours
There is something called.... Puretide engram neurochip probably a reserve modifier, Steal the Initiative boost - Tastyfish
Supporting fire allows other Tau units within 6" to overwatch a charging unit as well. Not sure if this is all Tau units or just specific types.
Repulsor field. D6 s4 ap- hits to attacking units at I10
All Ion weapons have a 'supercharge' option but at a risk (gets hot?). Drones can have Ion weapons.
Disruption pod gives a boost to cover saves

*The Future
The Kroot rules (headhunters, kroothawks, giant beasts) that have been rattling around for a while might turn up in the near future in an Allies supplement, similar to the monsters and magic supplement WFB had with the Storm of Magic.

Older rumours are below, there may be bits there that have been missed about from the list above (Kroot and vespid point costs and updates for instance) as this is primarily made up from information leaked from the April WD, which is focusing heavily on the Tau aspect of Tau Empire.

These have been circling about for the past few days, surprised I've not seen them pop up here yet. Not sure where he originally posted them, but from Stickmonkey (apart from the first one, which was on Faeit's blog, with the original author wanting to remain anonymous as far as I can and I saw them first on BoLS.

I have been seeing a lot of play testing for the tau empire and have seen some new models as well. They look so new and epic it makes me really excited. Now I did my hands on some rules and names for units, If you are to pass these on then PLEASE send it to only reliable rumour sites.

I will start with the new sky ray orbital blast ability. From what I can remember on top of my head is that the sky ray has to forgo his full turn of shooting for a single unlimited range blast that is:

strength X AP 3 (wound on 2+,plasma corrosion, blast)
plasma corrosion - any enemy model hit under the blast rolls a d6 every turn for the remainder of the game on a roll of 1-3 the unit or model suffers d6 strength 4 AP5 hits. On a roll of 4-5 the unit suffers 2d6 strength 5 AP 4 hits. On a roll of a 6 the unit is hit with 2d6 strength 6 AP 2 hits with the blind special rule. (these are test rules and subject to change)

Tau fire warriors will have the OPTION to upgrade their tau fire warriors to bs 4 (I put option in bold to show it is an option for all those fluffy players)
I believe the upgrade at the moment is being called 'advance training'

battle suits are getting/got new models but have the same profile as now with the inclusion of an option to make them toughness 5 (cost or name is unknown)

The kroot is getting a HUGE monster that looks like something from fantasy. It has kroot riding it but is under going constant rule changes due to either dying to quickly or for lack of usage. From what I remember seeing it has 5 wounds but only a 5+ save and was over priced IMO.

kroot gain furious charge and move through cover and start with a 6+ save that can be upgraded to 5+ with shaper for an additional 2pts per model (making them 8pts per model) - remember this could change!

finally their is options to make all your battle suits have 2+ saves for 20pts per model - all war gear that is in the current codex has been reduced slightly.

the tau dread knight walker rumours you have read are 100% TRUE - I have seen the concept art/profile and from the top of my memory it is something like this.

WS4 BS4 S6 T8 W4 I2 A4 LD8 SV2+/4++

I will not share rules because they were on the next page of document of which I did not see. I did see the points which were : 210pts

Stickmonkey's rumours
Crisis Suits: Look for more posable new models. Unit keeps its high level of customization, with several upgrades to stat lines possible. New flakk missile pods. New combi-kit includes Broadside parts.

Stealth Suits: Models unchanged. Have stealth, (obviously), plus optional drone granting shrouding.

Sky Ray: Last edition's trainwreck gets a new lease on life. Flakk missiles, plus has orbital bombardment (much like SM version, but with a lingering effect).

Fire Warriors: Same nasty gun. Still BS:3, but with a Shas'O can upgrade unit to BS:4.

Drones: Any drone can be used for Look Out Sir rolls for any model in the unit they are attached to.

Markerlights: A single hit increases BS of all other units targeting the victim by +1. Multiple markerlights have no additional effects. OUCH - look out for possible BS:5, Fire Warrior volleys now! Markerlights improve snapfire against marked flyers to 5+ instead of 6, but must first hit the flyer with a 6 themselves.

Networked Markerlights: A longer range twin linked version. Vehicles only.

Ethereals: These now grant army wide special rules and bubble rules, but there are different options. They function roughly much like those recent Dark Angels banners. So one option might be army wide Ld rerolls while in play, plus units in 12" are fearless. Another option might be one unit in army gets salvo once per turn, and all units in 12" get rerolls to hit.

Kroot: Everyone's favorite birdmen get Scout, Furious Charge, Move thru Cover. Kroot Hounds and Kroot hawks! Shaper can unlock additional unit upgrades.

"Sneaky Kroot": Look for an ELITES Kroot unit that can hide in terrain like Ymgarl Genestealers.

Knarloc: The new big beasty model, very similar to the Forgeworld Great Knarloc (see below). Monstrous Creature, with a trample attack allowing it to run 3d6" and cause 2d6 S6 AP6 wounds to any unit it crosses. It may additionally use this special move to charge a unit, gains +2A and the assault-grenades ability when charging in this manner.

Vespid: The maligned bug men are redeemed! Big improvements, weapon range increase, point reduction, hit and run.

Vespid Flyer: Smallest flyer in game, like a jetbike, single blaster as weapon, vector-dancer

Fortifications: Deep striking turrets as fortification options. Burst cannons or missile pods options.

Tau Flyer Transport: 13 13 12 armor, holds a full Fire Warrior or Crisis Suit squad, or single Uber-suit. Not a lot of weapons, but HP:3, and has a save from wargear that can be taken. Deep strike. Rules-wise is focused on getting units reliably to a location.

The Uber-suit: So many options currently it's hard to keep them straight. It's a mobile weapon platform, with rail guns as it's main weapon system, - which can be upgraded to a plasma weapon system or ion cannons. Classified as monstrous creature. 2+/4++ save. It can forgo shooting and movement to gain 2++ save. The Uber can move as jump infantry if it does not shoot it's main weapons. VERY HIGH toughness, no existing weapon can instant death it. Although it can smash if it has to, it is not designed as a close combat unit at all. Cost is comparable to a Terminator squad. It can take drone support.

Odds and Ends
FOC: Some specific HQs move Crisis Suits to troops. One moves two Kroot units to troops.

Psykers-defense: All Tau have some base immunity to psychic powers, and thus any Tau unit can deny the witch, with the suits gaining an improvement to this roll.

Some new info from Faeit

Originally Posted by Faeit 212
I want to say that this bit comes from a very much in the know source, who occasionally helps us filter through some of the rumors. The last few days we have had 4 sets of Tau rumors, and this email is in response to this one, and clarifying other rumors that are putting Firewarriors at BS4.

"The krootox giant has the following rules and stats - these I believe will change as we have had much discussions upon this unit and cannot be certain if it is powerful enough for a competitive environment.

Krootox Giant: WS6 BS3 S8 T6 W4 I1 A5 LD7 SV4+

Special rules: Smash, monstrous creature, rage,mental without control, move through cover,fleet
mental without control: If your krootox giant loses his krootox rider then the Giant must pass a leadership test every turn otherwise will attack the closest enemy unit. If the Giant cannot reach a target then it misses it next turn while it cools down."

via the Faeit 212 inbox (has to remain anonymous)
I've never seen those kroot giant rules before (currently named the Krootonne).

There is a new large kroot model, but it's nothing like what's written, doesn't have a rider and doesn't have guns.

Fire warriors can't be upgraded to bs4, the squad leader has an upgrade that raises their BS though for (currently) 50 points and goes away if he dies.

I have like three versions of the rules, but I think some people are wish listing after getting hint of some stuff that's leaked.
Little bit more by SM

So, to give more info for the masses.

The information I recently provided BigRed comes from a late 2012 playtest, I believe Oct or Nov timeframe.

The psychic defense boost I mentioned was described as Tau are just harder to target with warp powers, they have very little presence in the warp. I asked my source more on this, and he said during playtest all Tau got a DtW reroll. Tau in Suits got a 5+ DtW.

The Kroot monster is very cool looking, but I fear rules wise its going to suffer from Pyrovore syndrome. Its expensive, and shortlived. A beast in CC, but it's hard to get it there. Roughly the size of a Maulerfiend, its like a hybrid between the Krootox and the Great Knarloc. Beaked head. 4legged. Over muscled. Kinda apelike pose and body structure.

The "uber-suit" is NOT at all like a wraithlord. It is not suited for CC, and really cant be outfitted for that role. Last I saw the T was only 7, but others are saying it is T8. I was talking about it with my source earlier and he made mention of the plasma weapon having ignore cover and thinking it will be the load out of choice. He felt that it was very balanced points to capability wise for its role in the codex. Visual wise it is definitely in line with the battle suit. Reminds me a lot of the old BattleTech line merged with Tau aesthetic.

I don't think the Vespid Scooter made the cut. It was in a number of early drafts, kind of like the genosian fighters in Star Wars. Yes, flying creatures with a flying vehicle... Named after a famous motorized bike.... 80s GW may have done this, not 10s.

Hope this helps.

The Ubersuit may be called the Emergency Retaliation Suit or ERS (Thanks Shas'o iceborn!) and we also have this

Originally Posted by Archibald_TK
I spent some time checking the list of models in the different modules and can confirm that the Crisis are the only model out that I've noticed. The Stealth suits on the other hand I missed the first time but they are still in, so to make a summary:
- Firewarriors, Hammerheads, Piranhas, Stealth Suits did not move, so there is a very high chance they won't receive any new models
- Crisis Suits disappeared from the modules so *may* be updated
Originally Posted by Avian
Over in the fantasy release thread, Hatings said that High Elves for Fantasy will be out in May (pre-order in April). With Tau before the elves and Daemons in March, that puts Tau quite firmly in April.
Originally Posted by shaso_iceborn
There will be no new races (no Demiurge after all). Kroot will be expanded, New Vespid were play-tested I am awaiting confirmation as to whether or not they made into final print.

There are multiple fliers and and new units.

This post is intentionally vague until I can gain confirmation of units.
via an Anonmyous Source from the Faeit 212 inbox
None of the Forgeworld suits will be in the new Tau codex.

There are two new suits*, however and the crisis and broadsides are both being redone and are very distinct from one another.

The hazard suits will remain as a Forgeworld supplement and are even referenced in the fluff in a few places. They're just non-standard issue and still considered in prototype for various reasons.

The Kroot hq replaces the 1+ requirement on fire warriors with a Kroot unit.

And the book is finished. Has been for a while.
This has been restated on the same blog as "suit options" and doesn't include the Ubersuit, so might new weapons and equipment rather than actual units - Tastyfish

Originally Posted by Elaith
Could well be nothing but in reading through at least a couple of articles in this months White Dwarf, there are references to Staffers working on Tau forces.

Jeremy's article starts with him working on a FW Battlesuit and later someone is mentioned to be working on a Tau force.

Likely nothing, but are staffers getting their Tau forces moving prior to release... only time will tell.
Originally Posted by superawesomeraptorman
Heard a couple of things through the grapevine. They COULD be complete tosh, they could be awesome insights. I'd say the usual dosage of salt.


- New firewarrior leader - can give certain squads special abilities
- Ethereal have auras - apparently they are ok, nothing to write home about
- no honor guard
- New tank commander special character - has preferred enemy imperial guard (?), use on a hammerhead apparently (best tank to use)
- no HQ alters FOC apparently


- Crisis suits no new sprue, getting repackaged into 3. This seems to contradict people hearing about a new recut - apparently commanders sprue (special issue weapons) will sneak in here?
- no stealth on stealth suits, will have something to make them harder to shoot still (maybe?)

- fire warriors 9 points - no idea about new upgrades etc
- kroot lose one point of strength (really that sounds lame)

- Pathfinders don't take devilfish anymore
- piranhas are cheaper, but not much different
- flyers go here - apparently one is anti air. Not really much news, but apparently dual kit but neither version amazing (more like a dark angels rather than necron flyer kit)

Heavy Support
- Submuntions purchased for hammerheads
- Broadside have strength 8 rail guns -_- BUT can buy skyfire (expensive) but cannot buy A.S.S
- Giant new walker here - pretty tough to kill, apparently his weapons are interesting. I wanted more details, couldn't get them

New abilities
- Single squad gets charged - every unit within 6" can overwatch into the charging squad
- Squad ability from commander (can't remember which one). If unit does not move AT ALL (no relentless, S&P tricks) every model gets extra shot. I got the impression that you can't use jet pack move with this either
- Two marker light hits = NO cover at all (not a marker light hit per -1 cover). Usual BS upgrade
- Seeker missiles can skyfire
- Multi-trackers come standard on crisis suits (or free? dunno which)

General Stuff
- Haven't heard anything about new kroot or vespid stuff
- Haven't heard anything about ANY new race, but wasn't exactly told no new race as opposed to nothing was mentioned

Honestly all I can remember, it might fly in the face of everything we know, and a plastic kit seems to be missing (fire warrior HQ, Flyer, Big Suit plus something?)

Again might be true might not, ce le vi.
Originally Posted by neko
Right, just gotten off of the comlink to my contact in the icy north. Let's see now...
The codex is by Vetock.
The Ubersuit will not be competing for your Heavy slots.
Ion weapons will be overloadable.
Units will be able to overwatch to defend nearby comrades.
A new item of support gear will grant skyfire.
The new models are absolutely fabulous, much to the dismay of my future bank balance.
Neko has also confirmed that the ubersuit is the Riptide, and it is an Elite choice rather than Heavy Support

Originally Posted by neko
[Regarding any redesign of the Crisis suit's look] There is a new XV8 varient, but mostly they're the same.
Originally Posted by neko
I've not been told anything about our alien allies.
I have just been told that the new interesting tidbits with regards to the Broadsides however:
- The railguns are now different from the vehicle mounted version. Think of these as light railguns.
- The Broadsides now have sniper style pose.
- Broadsides are to cost the same amount as their Forgeworld counterparts
From Faeit's blog, regarding the look of Crisis suits
The new suits are very similar to those old ones.

The heads don't have a neck and are now lowered into the torso about 25% of the head is below shoulder level.

The arms are a bit shorter too.
Again from Neko
- Skysniper drones are carried by one of the new aircraft, similar to the devilfish drones
- There is a piece of equipment that improves BS during overwatch

Bit collected by Faeit regarding Broadside stats and points
[quote]via 3++ is the New Black (from inside the Chatbawks)
Broadsides - 85 pts with S8 Ap1 Skyfire; not sure if this is in place of old S10 AP1 or if the 85 points + skyfire is an option but its there.

Here is a response from a very reliable rumor checker that sometimes comes in to help us take a closer look at rumors.
via an anonymous source

They're not 85 points base, that's including their Skyfire upgrade.

They are indeed STR 8 AP 1 however on the broadside suits, then pay to add skyfire, but not interceptor.

via shaso_icebornMarch 13, 2013 at 2:10 PM
or Rail Rifle S6 Ap3, Rail Gun S8 Ap1 Skyfire (with option for interceptor) and Rail Cannon S10 Ap1.

Some more from Shaso_Iceborn
The mini ally dex has to my understanding been incorporated into the codex at the beginning of the book and will no longer be a separate compendium.

There is a Kroot HQ, but not in the conventional sense and he cannot command "Tau" forces (unless they bring back Prok but I have heard nothing on him)

Farsight will have a new model, it looks similar to the gamesday one.

Rail Rifles, Rail Guns, and Rail Cannons are the way they are distinguishing different rail type weapons in the new codex.

There will be 2 "new" special characters, one we may have seen before. (Aun'shi I think but do not have confirmation)
And a bit from Neko
No new crisis suits, just a repackaging. I do believe the pathfinders are plastic though, and with a Big Drone too

BTW, the 2 flyers are a bomber and a gunship - no transport. Incidently, they look a little like upscaled TX-42s
And a little bit more clarification regarding broadsides from one of Faeit's sources
*Broadsides are Slow and Purposeful, 2+ and T4 now.
*They are twin linked str8 ap1 railguns and can take plasma or missiles as well.
*They have a suit upgrade that let's them at the start of a shooting phase have skyfire.
*They don't have interceptor, nor do they snap fire ground targets.
*The only thing I notice is that the unit chooses to skyfire or not. So if you use split fire, you can't mix firing at ground targets and flyers easily.
*They're really, really good.
*Semi mobile and very durable. They're the only non interceptor skyfire unit in the game that can survive flyer alpha strike.

Tau Preview Pics - New Releases

Many of you will have already seen these from around the web, google and any other place you can think of but for those that havent enjoy the latest (more japanese themed - look at the tau sasui(sp) to see what i mean) incarnation of the Tau:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Necron Night Shroud Bomber and Necron Terrain

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there, with the upcoming release of our new Imperial Armour book, this week’s newsletter has some great news for Necron players; a stunning new kit and a unique Realm of Battle tile are now available to pre-order. Read on for more!
Necron Night Shroud Bomber
The Night Shroud is a dedicated bomber that is larger than the more numerous Night Scythe and Doom Scythe craft, alongside which it operates, whose origins date back countless aeons to the lost battles of the War in Heaven.
The Night Shroud was built to carry a relic of that ancient and apocalyptic conflict, so-called Death Spheres, containment vessels that imprison the merest fragment of anti-matter. The Death Sphere's potent warhead is kept out of phase with the material universe until the sphere detonates, when it unleashes an energy blast capable of annihilating anything it touches.
The Necron Night Shroud Bomber, designed by Daren Parrwood, is an imposing battlefield presence. This complete resin and plastic kit is packed with detail, and its sinister, elongated profile makes for an impressive centrepiece or painting project for any Necrons collection. Full rules and background for this construct will be included in the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume Twelve: The Fall of Orpheus.
Realm of Battle Necron Tomb Citadel
The stasis-crypts of the Necrons are protected by great defensive structures; near-impregnable fortifications designed to stand against the ravages of eternity, hostile action and deadly environments. Tomb Citadels often stand on the outermost borders of a wider complex. They act as watchtowers and outposts that are often the merest tip of the iceberg; the fathomless depths of silent galleries and stasis-chambers that make up the nameless cities of the Necrons extending far below them.
A Tomb Citadel is far more than an inert relic of strange aeons past, however. Each is a near-living war machine in its own right, and Imperial combat records record these brutish structures rising from the very earth, or phasing strangely into existence in the midst of a Necron assault. If not quickly destroyed, these dread ziggurats will form a beachhead from which the undying legions pour forth to destroy their foes.
The Realm of Battle Necron Tomb Citadel, designed by Blake Spence, is a 2' x 2' (609mm x 609mm) tile which can fit onto a Citadel Realm of Battle board. Packed with detail, the stepped levels of the Tomb Citadel allow infantry and vehicles to be placed and moved upon it, and multiple tiles can be fitted together to create larger fortifications and complexes. The narrow passages between the monolithic structures and the vantage points gained from the higher levels can make for a tense and exciting game.
Full rules and background for this construct will be included in the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume Twelve: The Fall of Orpheus.
Both of these fantastic new releases are available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 5th April.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Warhammer 40k: Hive City - 90's Gamesday Video

This is awesome, i completely forgot this exsisted. apologies for not embedding the video but for some reason i cant, but here is a link:

yes its bad but its still better than that ultramarines movie! More live action 40k would be aweome.

Forge World Newsletter #335 - Imperial Armour Preview and Open day info

As always all the important bits below:


Hi there, In today’s newsletter we’re excited to announce that tickets for the Forge World Open Day 2013 are now on sale! As well as details of this ever-popular event, we’ve also got a preview of the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume 12: The Fall of Orpheus book.

Forge World Open Day, 7th April, Warhammer World, Nottingham
Sunday 7th April will see Forge World and Warhammer Forge abandon our top-secret Manufactorum for our annual Open Day. This year’s event will be ticketed, due to its incredible popularity, and Open Day tickets are exclusively available to purchase from the Forge World website priced at £7.50.

The entirety of both the Forge World and Warhammer Forge design teams will be attending the Open Day, showcasing all manner of work-in-progress models and recent releases.Simon Egan, Blake Spence, Stuart Williamson, Daren Parrwood, Will Hayes, Phil Stutcinskas, Mark Bedford, Edgar Skomorowski, Keith Robertson, Steve Whitehead, Trish Carden, Matt Murphy-Kane and Neil Cook, along with new designers Israel Gonzalez, Alfonso Giraldo and Peter Hutchins, have been hard at work on a variety of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Forge and Horus Heresy models of a variously armoured, flying, and walking nature; all these and more will be on display, along with fantastically painted models and a selection of our stunning display boards.

The Art and Book Design team will also be at the Open Day.
Paul Rudge, Rhys Pugh, Ian Strickland, Kenton Mills, Rachel Pierce and Dominik Oedinger will be showcasing the process by which Imperial Armour books are created, and may even be seen working on artwork for future book projects on their advanced cogitator devices. Writers Alan Bligh, Talima Fox and Neil Wylie will be on hand to talk about the process of writing an Imperial Armour book, and the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume 12: The Fall of Orpheus. They may even be tempted into dropping a few hints about future projects…

Our Sales stands will be packed with a huge selection of resin kits, books and modelling supplies, including some pre-release kits that will be announced in future newsletters. We hope to have copies of Imperial Armour Volume 12: The Fall of Orpheus on sale, and we’ll be confirming this in the near future. As always the Open Day will be the first chance to purchase this year’s Event Only models. For 2013, we’ve designed both a Warhammer Forge model and a Forge World model once again, and while we can’t tell you what they are just yet, suffice to say we think they’re great!

The Open Day painting competition will again be judged by our Studio team, and all attendees can enter. Your entry should consist of a single Forge World model of any type, although we do advise that cabinet space may be limited. The prize, of course, is the prestigious Forge World Open Day trophy.

We’ll also be running our Charity Titan Raffle, which is always incredibly popular. Tickets will be on sale throughout the day for a mere £1 each; all proceeds will be donated to Children In Need and the prize will be a complete mighty Imperial Reaver Titan.

The Open Day runs from 10am to 4pm and all the Warhammer World facilities are available throughout the day, especially Bugman’s Bar for breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. Tickets are on sale now and we look forward to seeing you there!

Imperial Armour Volume 12: The Fall of Orpheus Preview

Click here if pernicious scrapcode prevents the above video from loading.
The Forge World team will be showcasing Imperial Armour Volume 12: The Fall Of Orpheus for the first time at the Forge World Open Day 2013. Incredible displays of artwork and colour profiles, as well as proof copies of this exciting new campaign book, will be on display on the day, and we’ll be revealing more in our newsletters later this month.

looking forward to IA12, just need them to pop out a copy of IA2 version 2 and i will be all chuffed and happy :)

Monday, March 04, 2013

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - March Commitment

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - Febuary Commitment

So after last months success I intended to keep up the pace this month and expand the armour and airsoft gear, this however failed. Life got busy with odds and sods and working away for two weeks. Whilst I got two amazing weekends of airsoft in, i can highly recommend the UCAP sandpit site, so unfortunately no progress this month. This means though that March can be a busy month.

Workbench commitment for March 2013
So once again this month we have the tanks! I have a total of 4 Russes to build and magnatise. These are all Alpha pattern Forgeworld russes with the appropriate turrets, although I have 5 turrets as I plan to convert one for my commissar. In addition I have plastic Turrets as extras for them all to allow for some fun and games.
So this months commitment consists of the following:
  • Build 4 x Leman Russ
  • Build Additional Exterminator turrets
  • Build Additional Russ turrets
  • paint and reassemble mich
Overall i think a manageable goal so please do keep an eye on the blog for progress over the coming weeks.
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