Friday, March 22, 2013

Forge World Newsletter #337 - Heresy Outrider (biker) squadron and Weapons Upgrades

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there, We return to the Horus Heresy in today’s newsletter as this week’s pre-order kits include both a new bike squadron and four new support weapon sets, as well as a new scenery bundle. We’ve also got a reminder of the events we’ll be attending in the next few months – all of which we’re now accepting reservation orders for. Read on for more!

Legion MkIV Outrider Squadron
Outrider squadrons are mechanised Space Marine reconnaissance squads who take to the field of battle mounted on ruggedly-constructed ground bikes. Equipped with twin-linked bolters, often augmented with heavier firepower in the form of melta-guns, flamers or plasma guns, Outriders are used for rapid encirclement as well as hit-and-run attacks against targets of opportunity behind enemy lines. Their chief advantage is speed and mobility, their bikes enabling them to cover ground far faster than infantry, and to go where heavier vehicles cannot.

Designed by Phil Stutcinskas, the Legion MkIV Outrider Squadron contains three complete resin and plastic kits, allowing this potent Fast Attack option to be added to a Space Marine Legion force or fielded as a Bike Squadron in many Codex armies. Each model has two weapon options: twin-linked bolters, or plasma guns and they are fully customisable with our range of Space Marine and Legion accessories. Full rules for the Legion Outrider Squad can be found in The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal.


Legion Support Weapon Sets
The Legiones Astartes are well equipped with the finest weapons that can be produced by the manufactoria of Mars – from energy weapons of arcane provenance to rotor cannons of comparatively recent design. The Legions concentrate these specialised weapons into Tactical Support Squads, allowing overwhelming firepower to be brought to bear against any enemy target.

Will Hayes has designed four new sets of detailed resin weapons. The Flamer Set, Melta Gun Set and Plasma Gun Set each contain ten weapons, while the Rotor Cannon Set contains five resin weapons, ammunition feeds and hoppers. To build a Legion Tactical Support Squad, using the rules in Betrayal, combine these weapon sets with our MkII, MkIII or MkIV Space Marine armour sets or MkII, MkIII or MkIV Legion armour sets.

All of these fantastic new releases are available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 5th April, and we hope to have the Outrider Squadron and the Support Weapon Sets on sale in limited numbers at the Forge World Open Day.

Realm of Battle Necron Tomb Complex
Due to popular demand, we’ve put together this online exclusive bundle, the Realm of Battle Necron Tomb Complex, which comprises four of Blake Spence’s Necron Tomb Citadel Tiles and four plastic Necron Monoliths. This creates a 4’ by 4’ (122cm by 122cm) playing area, which can extend a standard Realm of Battle gaming table. The Necron Tomb Complex bundle is exclusively available online, and can be pre-ordered now for despatch from Friday 5th April.


The bikers are fricking awesome, i can only hope they release something similar for the imperial army as i think ive just found my rough riders for my guard, they are just superb. Nice to see some more weapons choices too, easpecially the rotor cannons - or assault cannons to me and you!

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