Monday, March 04, 2013

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - March Commitment

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - Febuary Commitment

So after last months success I intended to keep up the pace this month and expand the armour and airsoft gear, this however failed. Life got busy with odds and sods and working away for two weeks. Whilst I got two amazing weekends of airsoft in, i can highly recommend the UCAP sandpit site, so unfortunately no progress this month. This means though that March can be a busy month.

Workbench commitment for March 2013
So once again this month we have the tanks! I have a total of 4 Russes to build and magnatise. These are all Alpha pattern Forgeworld russes with the appropriate turrets, although I have 5 turrets as I plan to convert one for my commissar. In addition I have plastic Turrets as extras for them all to allow for some fun and games.
So this months commitment consists of the following:
  • Build 4 x Leman Russ
  • Build Additional Exterminator turrets
  • Build Additional Russ turrets
  • paint and reassemble mich
Overall i think a manageable goal so please do keep an eye on the blog for progress over the coming weeks.

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