Monday, November 19, 2018

Mezoa Marches - Death from the shadows!

01001111 01101101 01101110 01101001 01110011 01110011 01101001 01100001 01101000 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01110000 01110010 01100001 01101001 01110011 01100101 01100100 00100001 00001101 00001010 01000100 01100101 01100001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01010011 01110100 01100001 01101100 01101011 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01010011 01101000 01100001 01100100 01101111 01110111 01110011 00100001


The next cohorts of Mezoa are the Sicarian infiltration specialists and a deadly covert warfare specialist.

Veteran of a 1000 covert operations and that feared by the enemy that often the threat of his deployment alone is enough for enemy warmachines to undo their own bolts and welds is the specialist known as "01010011 01101100 01111001 00100000 01001101 01100001 01110010 01100010 01101111"

Marked with a "Mortis Extermis" identifier of the cult of the Flame Eternal 01010011 01101100 01111001 is known for deadly and decisive action from the shadows whenever Mezoa marches on enemies of the machine god

Often accompanied in to battle by the Sicarian Clades of Mezoa 01010011 01101100 01111001 has developed a close bond with the Genetic twin clade Princeps Unicom-Alpha and Unicom Beta and their subservient gene clades.

Unicom-Beta is seen here commanding the gene cultured clade of Infiltrators and bears the marks of the Cult of the Flame Eternal and a modified radiological warning icon that displays its Beta designation as a mark of honour granted by the Triumvirate of Mezoa

Unicom-Alpha is seen here commanding the gene cultured clade of "Ruststalkers" and bears the marks of the Cult of the Flame Eternal and like its twin sports a modified radiological warning icon that displays its Alpha designation as a mark of honour granted by the Triumvirate of Mezoa

Friday, November 16, 2018

Mezoa Marches - Skitarii Rangers and Vanguard units fully deployed


Again and again the binaric command to advance and fire, advance and fire scrolled its way across the visor display of Alpha Roh-7 as he advanced in perfect lock step alongside the cohorts of Mezoa.
Again and again his Arc pistol reduced the abominations to the standard template of human genetics to nought but dust.
Again and again his phalanx of warriors moved forward pushing the proponents of decay, entropy and rust from the surface of the Omnissiahs planet, soon to receive the first of many blessed manufactorums to process the vast mineral resources.
Again and again Roh-7 blasted a binaric song of praise from the helmet grill as the skitarii moved forward through the wastelands.



After some feverish decal application using my favourite new products - Micro Set and Micro Sol - my skitarii units are finally ready for deployment! Not vast numbers of decals on them but they just work enough to finish the units and give them more cohesion.

Alpha Rho-7 - Alpha of Primary Skitarii Ranger unit - Markings show a Mezoan Honour Marking of the Flame Eternal and the unit identifier.

Arc Weapon specialists showing Unit numerical and Iconological designations

Primary Skitarii Ranger unit deployed for intercession missions

 Alpha of Secondary Skitarii Ranger unit - Markings show a Mezoan Honour Marking of the Flame Eternal and the unit identifier. Accompanied by two Skitarii showing numerical and Iconological markings

 Alpha of Tertiary Skitarii Ranger unit - Markings show a Mezoan Honour Marking of the Flame Eternal and the unit identifier. Accompanied by two Skitarii showing numerical and Iconological markings

 Alpha of Quaternary Skitarii Ranger unit - Markings show a Mezoan Honour Marking of the Flame Eternal and the unit identifier. Accompanied by two Skitarii showing numerical and Iconological markings

 Alpha of Quinary Skitarii Ranger unit - Markings show a Mezoan Honour Marking of the Flame Eternal and the unit identifier. Accompanied by two Skitarii showing numerical markings, as a squad designed for the development and preparation of Skitarii to join the ranks of veteran Skitarii units this unit has no iconological marking as these are earned and awarded on joining an established unit.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Blackstone Fortress - Official character images

Some screen grabs from the Warhammer Community video previewing some of the contents of the new blackstone fortress game. 

Preorders from the 10th November

Friday, September 14, 2018

Wulfen on the hunt - JM Miniature Painting

So not often I give shout outs on my blog but recently one of my long term friends has started up his commision business again and has recently featured in a Mini War Gaming video on their youtube channel.

JM Minis is a UK based commission painter and you can check out their work here:

JM miniature painting

and here's their MWG video

check out more from Mini War Gaming here:

MWG Youtube channel

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Warhammer Conquest - its alive and the final package revealed

So the long maligned Warhammer 40000 Conquest part works is due to start again at the end of august in the UK, just getting the initial copies 1-5 are a good buy and can be subscribed to here:

the first 4 issues are great value and its being shown that issue 5 comes with a unique Primaris Lt and there appears to be a similar nurgle model too.

however for the first time the entire collection has been laid bare....

Image may contain: outdoor

there are a planned 80 issues and after the first two reduced priced issues it will be 7.99 an issue. This means a total of £640 GBP for two complete armies and the terrain for them, as well as paints and brushes. In addition there are a number of free gifts like these:

I will do the maths on that lot there and see if it works out as a good value deal shortly.
over all though just for some extra bits to paint/work on that are fairly cheap it looks good.

So whilst its not cheap for the whole collection the rough maths ive done works out that the marine side alone is coming in at £460.

I've had to make an educated guesses for things like the joint Lts from the box set, the gravis capt and the mkiv and cataphractii models that are there as they arent availible seperately at present, so I have used prices from comparable models.
In addition the characters are the big thing that pushes the price up as they are £22.50 each but those only come in one flavour so their price is well established. Same applies for the repulsor, but where there is an easy build equivilent, like the dreadnough, i have used that price.

Even if you take the worst case scenario and you use the value of the Dark Imperium starter set in to account its still roughtly £360 just for the blue models.
If you assume thats the case as well for the nurgle side you are looking at £720, so nearly an £80 saving and thats before you start on the terrain. I had got a rough cost in my head of the terrain being £220 or there abouts so that pushes it to £940 - personally for that type of saving and knowing that people will want the nurgle models in trades etc I think its a very good price and even I can cope with the waiting for the bits to arrive!
(note i have not factored in paints, tools or freebies)

for completeness here is my crap list of the marine side using what i could work out from the pics:

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Domitar Maniple - Mezoa rolls out the bots!

Latest recon scans from Mezoa identify Domitar warrior constructs in initial deployment phases. Scans seem to show that due to rapid application of identification markings is incomplete!

Friday, July 06, 2018

Nova Open - A Warlord Titan, Deathwatch, and Much More.....2018 Summer Raffles are Live!!!!!

A Guest post from Faeit 212:

What does a Warlord Titan, Horus Heresy World Eaters, Deathwatch, and Ultramarines have in common? They are part of the NOCF 2018 Summer Raffles. For a few dollars here and there you can enter and win something as grandiose as a Warlord Titan, or entire Iron Warriors or Ultramarine armies. Also in the raffles are groups of models from Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. There is a lot here, so check it out and get going.

Literally you can win a Warlord Titan for as little $5 a ticket. There are entire armies in this raffle, so while you are doing something great for a charity, you have a great chance to take home some amazing collections of miniatures.

This summer’s TWENTY-TWO (22) SUMMER RAFFLES will focus on charities. Doctors Without Borders, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Fisher House Foundation. To date NOCF has donated over $130,000 to these and other charities, including the Houston Food Bank last year during the devastating floods that occurred during the summer.

Here are some important things to note:
• These are RAFFLES, not auctions. It's "everyone with a ticket has a chance to win".
• Tickets can be purchased from ANYWHERE in the world via the website (
• You DO NOT have to be present at NOVA Open to win. We WILL ship anywhere in the world with a valid mailing address.
• Tickets are either $2 and $5 and may or may not be limited
• Our aim is to send 95c from every dollar spent on raffle tickets to the charities designated. The other 5c goes towards covering Paypal fees and shipping costs.
• Tickets will be on-sale July 1st and will finish at the end of the day on September 1st. Drawings will be done and announced on September 2nd. Winners will be contacted individually in the following days.

30K Iron Warriors
30K World Eaters
40K Deathwatch
40K Ultramarines
Hordes Trollkin
Infinity Yu Jing
Star Wars: Legion
SW: X-Wing (work in progress – check back for updates)

2 Beautiful Detachments
Dark Age Brute Court of Freton
Wrath of Kings Celestial Host

12 Amazing Individual Models
30K Nathaniel Garro
30K & 40K Warlord Titan
40K Blood Angel v. Death Guard (Diorama)
40K Bolt Pistol (Prop)
40K Hive Tyrant
40K Mortarion
40K Trajann Valoris
40K Ultramarine Primaris Captain
CMON Red Bull
Darksword Frog Jester
Reaper Orc Berserker
Star Wars: Legion Darth Vader

How you can Support NOCF
First off, get your tickets in.... seriously. NOCF does an amazing job really putting forth a great image out into the community for our hobby with blood and sweat from the painters who donate their time to sites that help promote and spread the word.

Banners for the Summer Raffles
And yes... if you own a blog or site and would love to help support us by hosting a banner, please contact me at We will make certain your support does not go unnoticed and will make certain that you are listed as a supporting site.

Silent Auction Raffles
There is still a lot of room for additional miniatures and collections to make our Silent Raffles.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Heresy Era Reinforcements for Mezoa - Respect my Secutarii

Initial recon images of the first Horus Heresy units for Mezoa join they fray! Two units of Secutarii Peltasts march forth.

Further recon scans identify hoplites of Mezoa on the horizon.

I do have the slight problem that every time I read the names of these units this is the voice I have in my head.............

Monday, June 11, 2018

Graia-pattern light freighter - Making the legend

So as a follow on to the previous post this is my latest terrain piece and how it was made.

I've aimed to create a nicely weathered lander that not only functions as a believable bit of scenery but could also be used as a counts as Aquila Lander.

The model itself was inspired by Mr Hemphills work (check out his pintrest here ) and is based on a Transformers Autobot playset. This is how the beast arrived.

As you can see its a nice model to start with but the colour doesnt quite scream 40k! So time to hit it with some paint, some coloured plastic window inserts and finally some transfers from various sheets.

So the model looked nice and worthy of a Rogue Trader, when the plastic windows were mounted I also added a couple of LED lights inside with a 9v battery just for that extra bit of fun (although the noise and lights that were originally inside the toy still work :) )

I then hit it with some of the Forgeworld Weathering powders to give it the look of a craft that had not just sruvived atmospheric re-entry once but several hundred times. I think the weathering came up well but then varnishing was when things went wrong! Despite all the shaking, checking tempurature, humidity and praying to the modelling gods things went ploin shaped :(

Furrier and dustier then a peice of 200 year old taxidermy! Still luckily one of the helpful chaps online recommended using Olive oil to rub the model down and take the fur off. As you can see from the pics in the fluff article that has managed to save the model and give it a bit more depth.
For those of you interested in that sort of thing here is the model before the varnish incident:

So my first terrain piece in ages and the first of many interesting and new things to come!
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