Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Storm Trooper Specialists - Squad Support Weapon - Conversion Corner

Following on from the Storm Trooper Command Medic next is the latest in my Kasrkin based conversion. This is my heavy weapon gunner for the squad, Heavy Bolter trooper, I intend to tie him in on a senic large base (with two small bases on) with a removable squad buddy.
This model uses a normal Kasrkin model tied in with a slightly modified Space Marine heavy bolter. There are some small modifications to to Heavy Bolter but nothing too major so it still looks like what it is. Using the Heavy bolter in this format was decided as I though if their Inquistion Inducted they are going to have access to the best kit, and what better kit could you want then a Heavy Bolter with suspensor fields. so folks here he is:

Squad Weapons Specialist Kraftig

A little more involved as a conversion but not majorly so. Once I've aquired some FW bits, CoD bits and a large base I should be able to mount this chap up with on a base with Trooper Barare and some ammo crates. Any veiws and thoughts would be great, hopefully once I've had some practice at digital camo painting I'll be able to make a start on this.

Also to answer a few emails, for the names of these Squad troopers I came up with them by sticking some appropriate words in to an english-swedish translator, just gives some extra spice rather then the normal latin names we get in 40k.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog News - A joining of forces with "From The Warp"

Millest's Mediocre Meanderings is pleased to announce that we have now joined forces with the "From The Warp" Blog ring. This links this blog to over 600 other bloggers who all have views and thoughts on gaming, as well as numerous unique armies and modelling options.

This is a great opportunity for all on the blog to visit some new sites and see something new.

Please visit From The Warp here:

FTW Bloggers Group

Monday, June 28, 2010

Storm Trooper Specialists - Squad Medic - Conversion Corner

Hi Folks
second post of the day, decided now was a good time to show you the first of my Storm Trooper Specialists. I've decided to run my Inquisitional Inducted Imperial Guard with a command sqaud all decked out in Carapace/Storm Trooper Armour to beef them up and make them stand out more from the platoon command squads. My theory being if the officers are that good the Inquisitor will give them the best equipment to stay alive that little longer.
So here is the first of my command squad specialists:

Medic Bota

I know its only a simple conversion thats not quite finished, just need to add a green stuff helix to the right shoulder pad and one to the pouch on the rear but for the most part its finished. I make no apologies for it being so simple as this models true identifying features to make him stand out more as a medic will be in the final paint work, once I get round to it.
Hope you like him and let me know any thoughts you have on him.

Legends of the Space Marines - Book Review

Legends of the Space Marines - Edited by Christian Dunn

Space Marines and their evil counterparts, the Traitor Marines, epitomise the wartorn Warhammer 40,000 universe. This short story collection focuses entirely on these super human warriors, telling high-action tales of heroism and savagery. Combining the talents of Black Library favourite authors such as Mike Lee and Nick Kyme with hot new talent, this collection is truly not to be missed!

Hell Night by Nick Kyme
Cover of Darkness by Mitchel Scanlon
The Relic by Jonathan Green
Twelve Wolves by Ben Counter
The Returned by James Swallow
Consequences by Graham McNeill
The Last Detail by Paul Kearney
The Trial of the Mantis Warriors by C.S. Goto
Orphans of the Kraken by Richard Williams
At Gaius Point by Aaron Dembski-Bowden


As a whole this book is an excellent compilation, the only downside to it I’m my mind is that many (roughly half) of the stories are tie-ins to other novel series in the Black Library collection. Mind you with that in mind I still think for original ideas this is one of the best compilations of marine stories put out so far.

Hell Night by Nick Kyme
The first story in the book is a tie-in to the Salamanders series of novels. This is one of Nicks great short stories that could really have filled a full novel. It helps expand the series and completes some parts. All in all its punchy and well written, I can’t really fault it but then I think I am a bit biased in that respect. Over all a good start to the book.

Cover of Darkness by Mitchel Scanlon
The second story revolves around the white scars, well written but to my mind didn’t have the speed and punch I would have expected in a story about a lightning fast chapter, the references to their past were good but weren’t played up well enough, however as this is linked to the forthcoming Hunt for Voldorius novel in the space marine battles series I can only hope that does it to a greater degree. Still interesting concept and the way the marines we’re portrayed as humorous helped break that colder then ice front they appear to have.

The Relic by Jonathan Green
This was a black Templars based story, with this one I can’t say too much without giving the plot away other than its set during the Armageddon campaigns, a startling discovery and an awesome premise to the story really pull this together and makes it a short story worthy of reading. Well written if slightly slow in places but the threads running through it hold it together well.

Twelve Wolves by Ben Counter
As I'm sure you can guess this one is a space wolves story, it’s a story that has quite cleverly being written as someone reciting a story that’s being told to tell a story of a story being told! Very clever I think. It’s a great source of information on the mentality and psyche of the space wolves and opens up some interesting ideas and concepts on characters and squads for game use. An excellent piece of background that really should have been in the last space wolves codex it’s that good.

The Returned by James Swallow
A doom eagles based story that is tied in to the Uriel Ventris/Honsu twin story arcs and really helps answers some what happens next questions! It is another tie-in yes but it’s a good one. I can’t really say more again without blowing the plot but it does show the dilemmas many chapters and marines face but it explores them quite well for such a short story. Again well worth a read and helps tie up some loose ends.

Consequences by Graham McNeill
Another tie in this time from the ultramarines perspective, this is the missing section of the Uriel Ventris novels that deals with his trial, imp not going to ruin anything by saying he’s guilty as its obvious from the books. This deals with the humanity and consequences of the decisions taken both at the event and in the trial. A rather human piece by marine standards but definitely worth it to answer some of the questions thrown up in the Uriel series.

The Last Detail by Paul Kearney
A story from the tales of the Dark Hunters Chapter, one I can see we will see a lot more of upcoming novels. An interesting story with echoes of the ending of the original Deathwing novel but with a more interesting ending (and a lot shorter). This is another story that shows some of the weaknesses of marines but helps ground them with humanity and also helps show that every day humans are not always as weak willed as the marines believe. A tad slow with regards to action and pace but a well written story nonetheless.

The Trial of the Mantis Warriors by C.S. Goto
The Trail of the Mantis Warriors pretty much does exactly what is says on the tin, can’t really expand on that any further! Written after the Badab war this deals with the chapters trial and punishment. Quite rightly written by C.S. Goto, the only person to use the Mantis Warriors in his novels (the Deathwatch novels) it is well written and helps illustrate the problems that occur when there are shades of grey thrown in to the politics of the 40k world. All I can hope is that after this and after the Deathwatch novels there are some more Mantis Warrior stories or novels planned.

Orphans of the Kraken by Richard Williams
A short story about the Scythes of the emperor or Emperors Scythes, depending on who you speak to, and their work to rebuild their chapter after the disastrous that destroyed them fighting the Tyranids. I don’t want to give much away but all I can say is the idea of Salvation squads sounds awesome and fluff wise this is without doubt one of the best (either this or Relic) in the book and if you can’t buy the book I recommend either going to the library or borrowing it from a friend just for those two stories.

At Gaius Point by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
This is an odd story about the Flesh tearers and their curse, I can’t say too much but it’s an odd and dark story starring both the Flesh Tearers and the Soriatis. Worth a read but definitely an odd one, also explains why the name Gaius Point has been cropping up in other novels and fluff recently (especially the Blood Angels and Successor fluff). A good read and well paced. Just very odd and not what I expected, but still good.

All in all one of the best compilations to date and most definitely a full 5 out 5, go on get out there and buy it.

Availible from:
Legends of the Space Marines - Edited by Christian Dunn
softback, 544pp • ISBN 9781844165612

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shoulder Pad Showdown Part 2 - Time for sorting out Iconography again!

Well folks, second post in a day and second post about shoulder pads! It really is beginning to feel like the 1980's all over, all we need now is to fire up the Quatro and we're sorted!

Well once the vote was repaired and people could vote I'm glad to say a small number did and they reached a decision as to which skull pad to use for my Red Hunters an I am pleased once again to announce that the winner was:

The Ron's Red Hunters Skull Iconography

Once things are back to normal here I will begin the arduous task of creating GS moulds of both this and the Mentor Legion pad to start casting soon.

So thanks to Ron for an excellent pad and thanks to all those that have voted in the poll.

The Chapters Due - Book Review

The Chapters Due - Graham McNeill
War is unending in the life of a Space Marine. After defeating tau forces, Captain Uriel Ventris of the Ultramarines has returned to the Chapter’s homeworld of Macragge, but there is little respite. The Ultramarines are thrust back into battle, and this time the enemy is the Chapter’s greatest nemesis. The traitorous Iron Warriors, led by renegade Warsmith Honsou, have gathered together a massive and brutal warband. Their target is the realm of Ultramar. Their objective is total annihilation. It is a final showdown between legendary Space Marines, and Uriel Ventris must take on the might of Honsou if he is to save his Chapter’s homeworld.

This is the latest novel in the Uriel Ventris series of Ultramarines novels and i really hope it isn't the last. Whilst it potentially appears to be the last in this story arc and the last in the Honsu, Newborn, Ventris arc it luckily ended withe just enough suspense to mean it may not be - we can only hope.

The novel was a great climax to an awesome story arc and my only complaint is it was only one book instead of two, the scale of the campaign (for want of a better word) and the raging battles could easily have stretched to two novels. As it was this one book was fast paced with action on virtually every page and makes you not want to put it down, i read it over the course of two evenings it was that good.

There are some interesting portions of the books with great flash backs to the past, for both Ventris and the Newborn. There are also some fascinating cameos from the Raven Guard, who would have thought they would turn up seems as FW have just released some awesome new models, and most importantly there were some surprise appearances from the least unexpected quarter. That's right the Legion of the Damned, my apologies for the spoiler but i must say the way in which their background and origins was hinted at was superb and one of the best notions i have ever seen for these mysterious warriors, the Men in Back of 40k. the way they were dealt with was superb and i hope it becomes cannon in the way GW themselves deal with the Legion.
All in all an excellent book, a great way two finish of both the Uriel story arc and the Iron Warriors story arcs in one concise and simple novel. well executed and superbly written a real joy to read.
A full 5 out of 5 stars from me for such a great ending.

Available from:
The Chapters Due - Graham McNeill
hardback, 320pp • ISBN 9781844168606

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Waaagh! Garaghak is gathering pace across the Forsarr sector. Several of the Imperium¹s worlds have already fallen to the rising green tide of Orks, and now the sector¹s primary hive world has been invaded. Garaghak¹s hordes seem unstoppable, except that the Raven Guard¹s Scouts have discovered a secret behind the Goff Warlord¹s unending warbands ­ - an Ork technical genius called Mek Boss Buzzgob who has created his own factories on the former Imperial refinery world in the Kastorel system.

This book contains a detailed history of the Raid on Kastorel-Novem and the rise of Warlord Garaghak. There is a complete Elysian Drop Troop Imperial Guard army list, including the Vulture gunship, Valkyrie Sky Talon and the Tauros and Tauros Venator rapid assault vehicles. There is also background information on the Raven Guard Space Marine Chapter, along with a new special character, Shadow Captain Korvydae. Rules, background and technical details are included for all of the recent Forge World Ork releases.
This book is heavily illustrated with over 50 colour pictures, 60 full colour vehicle profiles, over 30 technical drawings, plus colour profiles for the Elysian Drop Troops, Raven Guard and the Orks of the Goff, Evil Sunz and Death Skullz clans, all to add new depth and detail to the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
Also included in this book is a folded copy of an A1 Ork poster featuring artwork by Paul Bonner, Sam Lamont and Kenton Mills.

As I'm sure you can already tell I am some what of a Forge world fan so I really had to pick the lastest Forgeworld book up to complete my set, initial thoughts were along the lines of another expensive although impressive book, but was I right?

On arrival i found I was lucky enough once again to have managed to get in early and get one of the 500 signed books that forgeworld do for each new release which cheered me up no end after spending a lot on this book.

Initial impressions were good, a well made book and a really awesome looking poster (that's never going to be wall mounted), the quality of both were great as one would expect given the price of most FW books.

The fluff inside was good but in my mind when compared to the previous offerings from Forgeworld I don't think was of the same level of depth and quality. I appreciate the raid was meant to be a rapid deployment and was meant to show case the orks equipment but within the fluff i don't think that happened to the degree it has previously.

There was some fluff on the Raven Guard but nothing new or overly exciting and the only new info on the Elysians was the new Tauros vehicles (if only they would release a version with cadian crew!) and even then not much about its history etc.

The main protagonists had a lot of new kit that in most cases was briefly mentioned in the fluff section of the book but thankfully did get more background in the rules section of the book.

Overall I guess i was happy with the book as with all FW books the artwork was superb and the modelling and painting ideas are amazing, i was slightly disappointed in the quality of the fluff and the actual size of the book too! Personally with these factors in mind i think the book for once was slightly over priced (what FW stuff isn't but usually with good reason) and really in my eyes should have been £10 cheaper then it actually was.

Either way overall a good (but not amazing) book and one that needs adding to anyone's FW collection.
Available from:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Storm Trooper Sergeants Part 2 - Conversion Corner

Hi Folks
As promised part two of my selection of converted Storm Trooper Veterans and Officers.

Vet Sergeant Telum - Bolt Pistol and Head Conversion

Vet Sergeant Procella - Storm Bolter, Scanner and Head Conversion

Vet Sergeant Saeta - Female Head Conversion

Thats the officers folks I pretty pleased with them over all and hope you all like them. I did get an email questioning how I came up with the names and if they related to anything in particular, lets just say if you want to know the relevance of them try running them through a Latin-English translator (suffice to say I may shortly be renaming Serg Thor!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Storm Trooper Sergeants Part 1 - Conversion Corner

Hi folks
As promised before my holiday here is the first part of the detailed pictures of my Storm Trooper Sergeant conversions. These models have been converted up to represent Veteran Sergeants and Officers in my Imperial Guard and Inquisition forces.

Vet Sergeant Thor - Thunder Hammer Conversion

Vet Sergeant Pugnus - Power Fist Conversion

These are the first two in the five conversions I have, I know their relatively simple conversions but I think when they have the appropriate backpack on them (such as grenade launcher back packs for those with bolt weapons to simulate them carrying ammo rather power packs) they look really sweet and surprisingly different to standard models.
I will hopefully have some background and history for them if I get time to work on it soon.

let me know what you all think of these chaps.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoulder Pad Showdown - Time for sorting out Iconography!

Well folks time for a bit of 80's style shoulder pad action here!
The votes are in, the lines are closed and the decision has been reached on which iconography to use for my mentor legion! I am pleased to announce the winner is:

The Traditional Mentor Legion Iconography
The Traditional Owl design won by a clear margin and I personally am very pleased by that, however the only issue I foresaw with this was that a) I didn't think I could sculpt this and b) I didn't think I could paint this well. With that in mind I took the preemptive steps of speaking to Ron over at the "From The Warp" Blog - the blog can be seen here - about commissioning a pad for me. After seeing his work on his blog I was impressed with it and on discussing the project with him he really appealed to my inner Northerner by having extremely low rates as well. I highly recommend him for quality of work, price and most importantly speed! To show you what I mean here is the pad I had sculpted that I will be using to cast the icon from for other pads:
The picture shows how good the pad is but o be honest it looks even better in real life!
Thanks to Ron for some excellent work and I cant wait to get some bits together to start using it on my conversions!

When I had the pad sculpted I also thought to make the costs more worthwhile and the project more practical for Ron to have an alternative "Master" Skull Pad sculpted for my Red Hunters to cast their chapter icons from. Again Ron surpassed himself and the level of detail was superb.
The pad icon is slightly larger then the one I had initially used in my tests and on talking to Ron it was suggested that this would allow the use of the small brass =I= symbols from Forgeworld on it, which I though was a nice touch, however the problem is I now cant decide which to use!!!

So it is now time for another vote! I would like to know which pad is most preferred by my readers and which would be most suitable for usage on my Red Hunters, so here are the choices:

A - Ron's Sculpted Pad

B - My Green stuff Cast Pad

As usual the voting buttons are on the right hand side in the side bar, please vote and once I have the results I will post them and be able to start casting and modelling using the decided pad.

Later in the week more pics of my Kasrkin Officer conversions and more news on my other ongoing Kasrkin Trooper conversions.

Thanks for reading and please vote

The Airsoft Armoury - Past Pictures

Hi Folks
Some time ago I promised to post up some pictures of my Airsoft equipment. For those of you not familiar with Airsoft here is a bit of background.

The easiest way to describe it is that it's similar to paintball. Two teams attempt to complete various objectives (such as capture the flag, defend the base, etc.), which invariably end up with them shooting each other. The games are often fast paced but longer lasting then paintball and in most cases tactics are more important and of grater value then in paintball.
The shooting in question is done by Airsoft guns or replicas which use either spring or air power to fire small plastic BB pellets at the opposition. These pellets do not cause any lasting damage, or break the skin (usually). You feel a stinging sensation, but it soon fades. Unlike paintball, these leave no mark (unless you're shot from a very close range) and the game relies on personal honour prevailing in order to keep things running. The guns and equipment used as usually replicas of real world guns, however in some cases there are replicas of some SCI FI guns, such as the M4A1 from Alien, available.

Now that's out of the way I though now would be a good time to show you some of the replicas I own in their past configurations, they are presently being upgraded and having new parts added both internally and externally, I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please ask.

JG G36c - First Configuration
When I originally purchased the JG version of the G36c the only initially work completed was the addition of a mock Silencer, an M4 magwell and the use of M4 Pmags, this allowed me more versatility as it meant i could borrow mags from other players using the more common M4 during protracted fire fights.

JG G36c - Second Configuration
This is the second incarnation of my G36c with pmag, m4 adaptor, Acog red dot and zombie silencer.

The second picture also show it with the thermold M4/armalite mags I have now moved on to using and TM tracer unit.
Once again all the internals are stock apart from a new piston and piston head, considering the short barrel its spot on for range, though accuracy did suffer over the greater distance.

JG G36c - Third Configuration - The Magpul Experiment
At this point the G36c was used for a little bit of experimenting with some of the replica Magpul Industries parts that were available, in this case the Flip up Iron sights and the Magpul VN length 150rd Hi cap magazines. In addition a front grip, a torch and a flat sightless top rail were added.
The G36 looked OK and a bit different but in my mind using the sights and smaller mags was counter productive when give the plan of using the gun in a CQB (close quarter battle) situation means lots of ammo is needed. The sights were sold and the mags have been shelved until I have the cash for my DMR project.

A&K M249 SAW Para Version - First Configuration

My M249 with added Samurai Elcan, at this point its pretty much stock other then a CA hop unit that I don't thing is much better then the standard A&K one and a guarder advanced hop rubber.
The gun at this point was pretty spot on and the bonus was sourcing a cheap-ish small CA cloth mag reduces its overall size and make her easier to wield in CQB games. Also being able to use my M4/Armalite mags makes running her more practical as mags can be borrowed should ammo run out.
That's all the pics of them for now in their various guises. i hope you liked them and any pics please let me know.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Return to Reality and Modelling!

Well folks I'm back after my fortnight away, again I apologise for not posting much for the last two weeks but I think the picture here explains where I've been and what I've been up to..............
....enough said really :D
still more pics and information on my conversions coming soon. hopefully there will also be some Airsoft pictures coming up over the next week.
Have a good weekend everyone
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