Thursday, May 27, 2010

Storm Trooper Sergeants - Conversion Corner

Hi Folks
well it was a rather productive week this week in my little converting corner, well apart from Wednesday when i sat in the garden sunning myself, drinking cider and watching a Spitfire circle overhead, cant think of a better way to spend my day off.

The next few weeks are going to be a little dry blogging and modelling wise as I'm now heading off on a fortnights holiday, however to keep you enticed here are some group pics of my latest conversion. I will update with detailed single pictures on my return, however in the meantime this is what ive been up to.

Enjoy folks and I'll see you all on my return

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Thousand Sons - Book Review

A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill
Censured at the Council of Nikea for his flagrant use of sorcery, Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons Legion retreat to their homeworld of Prospero to continue their use of the arcane arts in secret. But when the ill-fated primarch foresees the treachery of Warmaster Horus and warns the Emperor with the very powers he was forbidden to use, the Master of Mankind dispatches fellow primarch Leman Russ to attack Prospero itself. But Magnus has seen more than the betrayal of Horus and the witnessed revelations will change the fate of his fallen Legion, and its primarch, forever.
The latest in the growing number of Horus Heresy this novel is the first real introduction we get to the Thousand Sons space Marine Legion. This book, number twelve in the series, manages to compress the entire history and eventual fall in one neat novel.

The book by Graham McNeill is well written and has, as with all Horus Heresy novels, some great imagery, but for me the book was a slight let down. Why I hear you cry, well simply because it gives nothing new away. Its really just a compiled and beautified chronicling of everything we already know. There are very few new revelations, thought there are some hints towards current cannon - can any one imagine who their thinking of when they mention "Lost Sons" and "Ravens of Blood - but other then these tantalising hints nothing else really comes of the novel.

The Imagery however is what makes the novel and pulls it back from that place where books are left to rot, the descriptions of the Primarchs, the planets and the cities really make it a book worth reading. True there isn't the same level of "techno steam punk" imagery we get with some 40k novels but the "clean and ordered" imagery works amazingly well as its yet another facet of the warhammer 40,000 universe to explore.

As much as I was disappointed its a good addition to the series and helps link in one of the most unique and interesting looking present day Chaos forces with their past history in a clean and precise (rather appropriately) manner. Yes the story in places is a little cold and needs more life to it, and yes in places characters are two dimensional - surprisingly it seems even the Primarchs we're not made a "larger than life" as they could have been - but all this can be forgiven as it adds a much needed part to the story and helps set the way for Prospero Burns next year.

3.5 out of 5 from me as the story was good but didn't grab me the way other novels in the series have.

Available from:
A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill
softback, 416pp • ISBN 9781844168088

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Update!

Hi folks
brief update, not a lot to report apart from my ongoing pain! after spending a few days off in the week making the most of the good weather I have managed to get some painting done and have ended up in agony. Admittedly I was painting a fence rather then my models and I am now rather badly sun burnt :( Still this has given me the opportunity to use my recovery time and get some bits converted for my Storm Troopers and Imperial Guard.
I will get pictures up later in the week but at present i am unfortunately at work and wont have free time until Tuesday so keep an eye out early next week and hopefully there will be more to look at
have a great weekend folks.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Imperial Guard Sneak Peeks - Conversion Corner

Folks its the second update of the day and the third Conversion Corner from the weekend. This time its a small selection of peeks at the ongoing work on my Imperial Guard and my Storm troopers (though cant decide on Guard Storm Troopers or Inquisitional Storm Troopers) that i thought i would share with you all.



enjoy folks

Grey Knights Heroes - Conversion Corner

Its finally here folks, the second update from the weekend. My apologies on the lateness but really life and work caught up with posting and things haven't been completed on time.

This second post concentrates on two simple but good looking conversions of Grey Knights, both conversions are based on the same character from the Grey Knights novel by Ben counter. As a novel the book is the best insight in to the Grey Knights and gives some tantalising hints as to the character a build of the Grey Knights Chapter. To me the most entertaining and interesting hints were those relating to a retired/too old to fight Apothecary and quite Cooley to a Chaplain. both were interesting in the extreme and the idea of a force of Grey Knights led by a Chaplain was too cool for words and I decided that for now was the way forward and an apothecary may follow later.

Chaplain Durendin in Terminator Armour
"The Chaplain wore his enormous suit of Terminator Armour as he always did when he was seeing to the chapter's spiritual health. One arm was painted a glossy black to signify his office as chaplain and the rest was the traditional gunmetal grey. Durendin wore the same pair of ornate lightning claws that had been passed down since the chapter's earliest days."
Page 38, Grey Knights by Ben counter

As you can see an extremely simple conversion that looks quite impressive. The Older metal lightning claws were chosen over the newer plastic claws as I felt they were slightly more ornate and convey the age of the relics the Chaplain is supposed to be armed with.

Chaplain Durendin Power Armour
"Genhain walked behind chaplain Durendin In full black power armour, the face a skull of gun metal grey, Durendin had waled these tunnels many times before."
Page 222, Grey Knights by Ben counter

Simple work again and the use of a similar helmet and the older style lightning claws work well to tie the model to its Terminator armed version.

That's all for now folks, comments and feedback much appreciated and update 3 will becoming soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Conversion Corner - Forces of the Librarium!

Hello Folks
Despite not posting much for a few days I've had a very busy few days. Not Content with furiously (well quite reasonable furiously for me!) converting away I've managed a trip or two out to the local Adnams shop for a wine tasting and ended up buying a bottle or 6 of a very nice New Zealand Sav called "Flying Kiwi". So the weekend became a mish-mash of tasting wine (if your in the UK may I suggest logging on to the Adnams website and trying some of their various wines, beers, ciders and foody products - free delivery on orders over £50) and drinking of beer, yet I have still completed a few tasks!

This weekend was a "Warriors of the Warp" weekend for me! I have finally got round to my Librarian conversions and have completed two and a third is awaiting a few finishing touches! Not only have I served the Red Hunters well but I also dug out my old copy of "Grey Knights" by Ben Counter and decided on a few conversions from that.

Finally not to spend too much time concentrating on Librarians and Knights I completed some work on my chapter icon pads to allow me to make a start on the rank and file, well after I've learnt the tricky art of GS moulding icons! Then just to wrap this weekends activity up there are a few pictures of some recently completed Imperial Guard figures to give you a little sneak peak of whats to come!

Due to the size of the pics and the number I will post the Red Hunters first, followed by a second post of the Grey Knights and the finally a third containing the Imperial Guard sneak peaks.

Red Hunters Librarians

Codifier Khorion
Codifier Khorion has served the Red Hunters with distinction for some 108 years, most of that time has been spent in the service of the 5th company, though as with most librarians this attachment is transitory and nominal.
Since his tenure under Inquisitor Tyndale during the Saldana Purges many have noted his increased aptitude in the ways of the warp and despite the loss of the Inquisitor during the Purges this has not adversely impacted the demand in which he finds himself and he and the fifth company are regularly requested for the most difficult campaigns by a growing number of veteran Inquisitors.
Since the Purges Khorion has developed a trait unusually (though not uncommon) amongst librarians and almost exclusively goes in to battle wearing his battle helm. Many Librarians choose to eschew this simple piece of defensive equipment to allow them to better harness the power of the warp, however after Inquisitor Tyndale was lost to a glancing shot to the head Khorion has chosen not to place himself in such a risky position.

Overall I am very please with how this model turned out, the simple green stuff icons have worked well and when combine with the Black Templar robes and helmet, along with the honour pad from the Red Scorpions set, gives a nice and simple Librarian conversion that works well.

Epistolary Rodriguez

Epistolary Rodriguez is currently on assignment with the Deathwatch on the behest of Inquisitor Grunvald after his actions during the boarding of the Ork infested Space Hulk "Dread Orktober" . The Epistolary has shown great aptitude for reading and coercing the minds of the myriad of Xenos races that assail the Imperium of man and is even now receiving further training in how best to improve and apply these skills.

Another relatively simple conversion using just plastic parts, apart from the Grey Knights Nemesis weapon and Deathwatch shoulder pad. Over all I am please with the Green Stuff work, though have noticed two missed parts - the right hand side lightning bot and the "edging" over one lower grieve, though may change this. Whilst the model is pretty static I think the Blood angels head gives a sense of motion or force.

Master Epistolary Haulvarn

Master Haulvarn has served with the Red Hunters for nearly six centuries and has completed numerous secondments to the Deathwatch, as is the way with many Red Hunters Veterans due to their Inquisitional ties.
Haulvarn is best known for his daemon fighting skills, and whilst many of his exploits are classified beyond Epsilon Vermilion level the power of this master of the immaterium cannot be doubted and his position within the chapter shows the mastery and skill he posses. Armed with his master crafted Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force hammer, both gifted by a Captain of the Grey Knights Haulvarn is a whirlwind of destruction and power on the battlefield.

Another conversion I am generally please with, however the skull on the chest really needs more work. I'm also not sure on the helmet so any views and suggestions would be great.

Red Hunters Test Pads
Some quick icon test casts of skulls to use for my Red Hunters logos, I know they need tidying up a little and possibly that the middle one is the best one of the three but what do you think?

Right well, that's update 1 of the weekends work complete.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Heresy with a bitter twist, and possibly some ice!

The Dornian Heresy Volume I - A Bolter & Chainsword Legio Imprint publication

This week in between putting some work in to some ongoing Kasrkin and Space Marine conversions (with some Grey Knight models on the side for good measure) I have had the joy of downloading and reading the best bit of fan fiction for the 40k universe i think i have ever read! As the title says that Fiction was The Dornian Heresy produced as a fan resource by the guys over at the Bolter and Chainsword. Quite rightfully they are very proud of their work and here is their launch statement:

The Bolter and Chainsword are proud to announce the release of the first issue of their downloadable electronic magazine, the Legio Imprint. The Legio Imprint aims to showcase the best of the articles and features to be found on the Bolter and Chainsword, as well as including original content created especially for the publication.

This premier issue has been devoted to chronicling something a little different; a twisted alternate timeline in which Warmaster Horus was able to cast off the daemonic influences that sought to possess him, and where the Ruinous Powers were instead forced to corrupt Rogal Dorn to overthrow the Emperor. The Dornian Heresy is the tale of an alternate universe where choices, sometimes large, sometimes small, have led to the familiar primarchs and legions meeting very different fates. For instance, how different might things have turned out if Sanguinius had instead been found and raised by the mutant tribes of Baal, or if Angron’s first meeting with the Emperor had been as an honourable ally against the slavers at Fedan Mhor? All this and more is in the first issue of the Legio Imprint.

Featuring original artwork from a host of talents and a front cover by Aerion the Faithful, the Legio Imprint presents the stories of nine of the legions, including previously unseen Index Astartes articles for the Khornate Space Wolves, the soul-bound psychic warriors of the Thousand Sons and the plague-infected Blood Angels.

The first issue of the Legio Imprint is available to download free from the Bolter and Chainsword now.
Bolter & Chainsword Resource - Dornian Heresy

 The PDF file is the first in a series of what are effectively Index Astartes articles aimed at the Pre-Heresy legions, but only if the heresy had gone a different way. The writing of the book/PDF for me is amazing, each change that sets up this alternative heresy is simple and small but has a significant change. What amazes me is the level of thought and detail that has gone in to each scenario and in some cases how far back the writers went in the history to effect the change.
There are numerous little nods to the current 40k background and established characters or ideas and these really add something special to the book/PDF and those linked with some amazing pieces of artwork finish this off to a level that GW would be pleased to put on their shelves.
I really want to go on about this for ages but the things I want to discuss would be spoilers of the most massive kind, however if you want to talk about it in the comments please do as it means I can join in! All I can say is its not the Legions you think falling to chaos, and even if they are given the legions we know fell in the Horus version of the Heresy the legions in the alternative Dornian Heresy most certainly don't fall in the way you expect or how you expect.
The book/PDF open some interesting ideas for alternate forces for use on the field - who hasn't fancied a loyalist "fallen legion" like the Thousand Sons in the past? - and if GW ever fancied a twisted history this book/PDF pretty much completes the first half of the job for them!
If you aren't a member of the B&C I suggest you head on over as this book/PDF is reason alone to join but the discussions and modelling articles this is bound to throw up over the next few months are unimaginable and if I ever get the chance I would love to model some post Horus Heresy and post Dornian Heresy models for display as the imagery is just superb.
For me this production over all gets a 5 out of 5 rating - thoroughly enjoyable

Available from the Bolter & Chainsword
All images used with out permission and belong to the B&C

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red Hunter Test Schemes

Evening all!
Just a quick post tonight to show some schemes I've thrown together for my Red Hunters using the Bolter and Chainsword Space Marine Painter.

I have decided to base my Red Hunters on a force drawn from the 5th Company as the Red and Black trim looks rather good and gives me chance to play with a few other colour options! So without Further ado here are the example schemes:

Standard Tactical Marine

Tactical Brother Sergeant

Veteran Tactical Brother Sergeant

Alternative Veteran Tactical Brother Sergeant option

Veteran Assault Brother Sergeant

As you can see some nice schemes and a great tool to use. I haven't included any Devastator, Assault or Command Marines as they are basically similar. Only changes I would make but couldn't in the painter were the outlets on the Assault pack might be made black! I also haven't yet decided how to show Veterans when it comes to helmets, though I may just leave them as standard helmets and just use icons!
So what do you all think of the various examples? All OK or any changes needed before the test model is started?
Have a good one!

Images made using the Bolter and Chainsword Marine painter.
This can be accessed here:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Redemption Corps - Book Review

Redemtion Corps - Rob Sanders
Led by the fearsome Captain Mortensen, the Redemption Corps is a regiment of ultra-tough storm troopers sent to the deadliest warzones on missions of mercy and destruction. But when Mortensen comes to the attention of the deadly sorority of the Battle Sisters, he not only has an ork invasion to contend with but these fearsome warrioress-fanatics too. Caught between the xenos and the fury of the Imperium, can the Redemption Corps fulfil their mission and survive into the bargain?
This is the first novel by Rob Sanders, though not his first foray in to Warhammer 40,000 fiction after writing for inferno, and this novel is a good start in the world of novels.

The story centres around the Redemption Corps, a Storm Trooper Regiment in the Imperial Guard. There are a number of main characters but the two the book concentrates on the most are Mortensen and Krieg.

The story covers a lot of ground very quickly, flitting from future events (used as prologues to each section of the book) to the present before catching up with itself at the end of the novel. In one or two places this makes it a little confusing but things clear up and make more sense towards the end of the novel. It also moves along at a rapid pace with each section seeming to take place at a completely different location, be that a planet or a ship, and this rapid change really moves the novel along.

The imagery is very nice but some of the novel does feel in places like it’s taken wholesale from other works and events, for example one section is basically a reimagining of Black Hawk down, whilst to me this is slightly unoriginal I guess there are no new stories anymore and it does fit in well with the feel of the book. The introduction of new worlds and new equipment (another Valkryie variant – awesome) worked well but some of the treatment of the older equipment, races and other back story from the universe seemed a little odd. I can’t really say much more without giving away major spoilers.

Overall a good first attempt, no Dan Abnett or Sandy Mitchell, but a good first novel and a great place to start from. A must have book for any Imperial Guard fan and worth reading just if you like the 40k universe.

3 out of 5 from me but a great start!

Availible from:
Redemption Corps - Rob Sanders
softback, 416pp • ISBN 9781844163601

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Marines!!!!!! or "Who the hell are the Red Hunters?"

Right, second update in a day! Its a sign of the Apocalypse!

I've been thinking a lot about this over the last hour or so and I have decided whilst i plan on having a core force of Red Hunters to add some spice to the force I plan on having some marines from the Mentor Legion join the party!

First up though the important thing, who are the Red Hunters? Well there is some good info and images linked here:

In simple though, their a "codex" marine force with strong ties to the Inquisition, hence the use of the Inquisitional =I= in the Chapters heraldry as seen here:

Now as you can see their "just another red marine force" but the whole link to the Inquisition is too good a thing to waste, plus from other sources you get some awesome hints like this:

"The entire Chapter has been known to serve under an Inquisitor Lord on occasion. The few rumours that are heard of the Red Hunters, suggest that they were founded immediately following the Horus Heresy, with the primary mission of hunting down and eliminating the traitor legions. To accomplish this they are assisted by the Inquisition and offer their services to Inquisitors in return. "
This little snippet makes them too good a force to pass up on!

Now to add spice, to break up the colour and just to toss about with I fancy adding in a few Mentor Legion figures. There is more mentor legion information here:
As you can see nice scheme and funky colours, but one question remains! Old Owl Heraldry or New Eagle Heraldry??? Here are some examples:

As you can see very different icons! My plan is to have a few models from this chapter scattered around, mainly in the following forms:

  • An Elite Squad - 5 man veteran squad - all with some pimped kit

  • A figure in the command squad - possibly master of the fleet as an advisor, with some boosted comms etc

  • At least 1 Deathwatch marine in a forthcoming DW squad, or maybe a terminator or two depending on what future rules we get

  • A Body guard (along with a Red Hunter) in my Inquisitors retinue
I'm sure there are more uses i could put them too such as a Scout squad attached to my Imperial Guard to represent a squad of hardened veterans, after all this fluff makes them ideal for that:
"The Elite Cadre of the Mentor Chapter are the most advanced warriors of their kind in the galaxy. It was originally envisaged that the Elite Cadre would perform a number of important semi-military roles, from counter-terror operations to complex undercover missions. They would be capable of dealing with threats outside a normal chapter's field of expertise. This aim has not yet been realized, but the elite Cadre are among the best the Imperium can deploy.
There are two ways Imperial commanders use them on the battlefield when they are loaned to them. First the cadre element may simply be used as a powerful squad, gaining the benefits of their special equipment; alternatively, they may become leaders for other units. The latter is preferred by Imperial Guard commanders as the Elite Cadre make especially good leaders for units of normal warriors."
So I have plenty of ideas to play with and over the next few months I hope I will have the time and money!
Well there are my ideas and thoughts and coming soon will be a poll on what heraldry to use for the Mentors
All the best!

*All pics and info used source via google, if the model is yours let me know and I will post appropriate attribution on the blog!

A Return.......... after a fashion!

Well Hi folks!

After what seems like an age I'm back! There has been a lot of soul searching and selling of models, components and pretty much all my 40K stuff in favour of my other expensive hobby, Airsoft, but in the end I have decided I like 40k a bit too much!

So now im back and it looks like I'm up to my old painting habits again! With new toys seeming to come out on an almost daily basis it seemed a silly time to step away. So I'm Back and over the coming weeks I hope to get more done on my various armies.

I've decided to go and concentrate on only two armies, I'm planning on completing my Imperial Guard, admittedly they still need a name, but I'm also considering a Red Hunters Space Marine force. The choice for that chapter is that it would tie in nicely for a future Inquisitional force as and when the new codecies (codexes, codexs, books!) come out.

So as a breif wake up to say I'm back and I'm starting again so keep an eye out and we'll see where this takes me.

Have fun folks!
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