Monday, July 04, 2016

Mezoa on the March

So after a bit of a hobby break due to real life I'm back.

I have finally decided my Adeptus Mechanicus force is going to be based on the Forgeworld Mezoa. 

There a few reasons for this, firstly they have been around since the Heresy so it gives me a vast timeline to play with. There aren't pictures of their scheme anywhere so I can pick one with no issues, and as a Forgeworld they are not often used so it would be something different, especially once decaled up and looking the part. 
Additionally their background suggests large numbers of Taghmata so it means I can use my FW toys in both 40K and 30k games. 
Finally they have a good number of known allies, including and not limited to at least two knight households, a number of scions regiments and in the heresy several groups of Blackshields. 

For those reasons I decided this was the way to go and hope to get some colour on these guys soon. 

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