Monday, June 24, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - The Voting Stage

Hi Folks,
the The Terminator Armour Open Challenge has now reached its deadline for entries and the submissions have being posted up, so now its time for the all important voting. The voting will last until the 6th of July to give everyone a fair chance then after that I will publish the results on the 7th.

Before you vote here are a round up of the Entries with links to each page:

Submission 1
Submission 2
Submission 3
Submission 4
Submission 5
Submission 6

So folks there you have the round up of entries, it was a fun competition with some nice entries.

Now the important stuff, the Voting buttons are located at the top right of the blog page (and have had to be split in to two sections due to a glitch with blogger) and voting runs until midnight on the 6th of July. Please cast your votes and show the guys that what you think. Also please feel free to comment on this post to allow them to see how their work is received.
Thanks for reading and good luck to all competing

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - Completed Submission 6

Details of entry 6 for the Terminator challenge, including the pre-painting picture:

Name: Spellscape
Model Details: a standard metal classic terminator with cyclone launcher
Other Details: my blog:
Pre-Paint Picture:
Completed Pictures:


Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - Completed Submission 5

Details of entry 5 for the Terminator challenge, including the pre-painting picture:

Name: Chris
Model Details: Ultramarines captain in terminator armour. Armed with a power sword and storm bolter. I am aware there is already literature around the captain of the first company, and having not read the recent novels I wouldnt want to upset anybody by referring to him as such. So really he's just a generic ultra captain :)
Parts list:
FW Lugft Huron body, arms and base. FW Culln head and power sword. FW ultramarine icons. Grey Knight terminators arm, storm bolter and hand.
Pre-Paint Picture:

Completed Pictures:

I'm very happy with the way my entry turned out... it was quite nice to actually finish on time as well ;)
The conversion work was more involving than planned, but I think it was a success. The most difficult part was undoubtedly removing the lions head from the right shoulder pad. I had to resculpt portions of the the wings before attaching the Ultramarine icon and filling the gaps.

This was the first time I've used the new paint range in anger, and I was very impressed. The blue for the majority of the armour was done with Macragge blue, washed with Drakenhof nightshade, and highlighted with Altdorf guard blue. I purchased Guilliman blue to glaze it, but didn't end up using it for fear of ruining the finish. I'll test it on another model at some point and come back to my terminator at a later stage if I like it. Most of the detailing was completed with the old paint range including burnished gold, devlan mud, and mechrite red.

Overall I'm happy with it, but if I were to do it again, I would probably reverse the colour scheme on the ultramarine icon (so the 'U' is gold), as it is I'm not sure it it stands out enough from the wings in white.

Let me know what you think in the comments :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - Completed Submission 4

Details of entry 4 for the Terminator challenge, including the pre-painting picture:

Name: Millest
Model Details: This model is intended as my own inquisitor and will be following the colour scheme of my current interigator from my imperial guard force.
Parts list: commander culln body and arms, Abaddons storm bolter, GK head, GK force staff, GK pads, some brass etc possible and green stuff
Pre-Paint Picture:
Completed Pictures:

Notes: Firstly apologies for the bad flash picture at the end but thought it worth it to try and show more detail to the model. I quite enjoyed working on this model, like chris this was the first time i have used the new paints and i must say lahmian medium is my new best friend! The changes themselves were simple enough, with the hand and headswaps, getting the brass etch places proved tricky as it kept dropping off but all said and done it looks great and is a nice solid inquisitor to lead my future armies.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - Completed Submission 3

Details of entry 3 for the Terminator challenge, including the pre-painting picture:

Name: Guido
Model Details:I made this model quite some time ago when dark vengeance came out, the idea was to make him my death wing librarian, but I gave up my dark angel project and decided to make a blood angel terminator force using dark angel rules
But enough with the introduction, the model uses some chaos terminator bitz ( legs, torso) black reach captain front torso, grey knight arms and some green stuff.
I'm planning on redoing the base and, against better judgement, including a slain demon on the base to justify the librarians upper body position. The shoulder pads are a difficult choice that I can't seem to handle, so if you've got suggestions ...
I'm looking forward to this challenge, and hope it boosts my own blog
I haven't posted over there for a while, and I'll be using this to start up again.
Pre-Paint Picture:
Completed Pictures:

Notes: Greetings one and all,
Let me introduce you to epistolary Lucius Magnus, designated to the first company of blood angels, slayer of the blood demon Alrachmus, Hero of hive Terman and savior of the bright will.
As you might expect from his title he is one of the main characters for my blood angels up coming terminator force.
The model is made from a black reach captain, some chaos and loyal termi bits and a lot of green stuff.
I will be using standard terminator rules most of the time, but he also functions as my blood angel stand in for a Njal stormcaller.
When painting I went for a rather straight forward design, I did some experimenting with inks, and it went ok, but overall I think I've done better models then this one. Be that as it may, I'm glad he is finished, and am looking forward to the next reincarnation :) and the next terminator.
I've had a blast joining in on this challenge, and will make sure to join others as well, not so I can win, but so my models get painted :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - Completed Submission 2

Details of entry 2 for the Terminator challenge, including the pre-painting picture:

Name: Dan
Model Details: there will be a few other superfluous items included in the finished article such some GK embellishment to make this more of a librarian. Model will be added to my Ultramarine force and is codex compliant.
Parts List: Dark angels Deathwing knights torso
Standard SM termie legs
Standard termie thunder hammer right arm
FW Culln left arm
FW Asterion Moloc spear
GK termie book
FW Ultramarine termie shoulder pads

Pre-Paint Picture:
Completed Pictures:

Notes: Librarian Horentus attached to the Ultramarines 2nd company. Carries into battle his holy storm bolter to smite his foe from range but when the fight comes toe to toe he wields his force spear. This spear is said to contain fragments of an ancient terran artefact but none can or will confirm its origins.
This model is a bit of kit bash for the main with a small amount of conversion work. The main conversion is on the right arm where I took off the thunder hammer and replace it with Asterion Moloc's spear, pretty straightforward chop and glue job, I have also re sculpted the spear head as the tip was a bit thin and fragile. For the paint job I wanted this modle to fit in with my existing army, so he is looking a bit dusty and dirty

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - Completed Submission 1

Details of entry 1 for the Terminator challenge, including the pre-painting picture:

Name: Svyatoslav
Model Details: 1 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour, base cost + Combi-Meltagun + Power Fist. The model is a Standard Metal Wolf Guard and a metal melta barrel for the combi bolter
Pre-Paint Picture:
Completed Pictures:


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