Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 18 - Round up

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 18 - Round up
First up it is time for this weeks round up of all the action - as sparse as that may be once again!

Week 18 Updates

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 18-2 - Dan's Marine Update

Dan's Week 18 Update

So this week things have returned to something like normality and I've grasped a couple of opportunities to do some painting. In a nutshell I've continued working on my tac squads and they all have paint on. Some are finished whereas others are at different stages. A couple of pics below show this.
Other than that I've altered the pose of my assault squad sergeant just a tad.

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 18-1 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update

Millest's Week 18 Update

Well folks this week has been one of disappointment, first the tanks get almost done then due to a slip of the can they need redoing, then halfway through re-completion its realised that actually the scheme doesnt work as well as I had thought. So now on their third repaint I am retackling the tanks. Also my last set of batteries finally dies so I have to use phone pics :(
Still this weeks naff quality pics show what ive been up to, starting with my final peice of terrain for the challenge that I have completed and a shot of the WIP tanks.

Thanks guys

Battle of the Fang - Book Review

Battle of the Fang by Chris Wraight
It is M32, a thousand years after the Horus Heresy. The Scouring is over and the Imperium at the height of its post-Crusade power. When Magnus the Red is tracked down to Gangava Prime, the Space Wolves hasten to engage the daemon primarch. Even as Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm closes on his ancient enemy, the Fang on the Space Wolves home world is besieged by a massive force of Thousand Sons. A desperate battle ensues as the skeleton forces of Wolf Lord Vaer Greylock attempt to hold back the attacking hosts before the last of his meagre defences gives in. Though a single Scout ship survives to summon Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm back to Fenris, none of the defenders truly realise the full scale the horror that awaits them, nor what the Battle for the Fang will cost them all.

The latest offering in the Space Marine Battles book deals with the assault of the Fang, the home of the space wolves, by the Thousand Sons. For anyone wanting completion I would recommend that before reading Battle of the Fang you pick up and read Prospero Burns from the Heresy series first. Ok, so the stories aren’t linked but the Heresy book introduces the concept of the almost 'rebooted' Space Wolves which Battle of the Fang continues rather than linking in with any of the two existing Space Wolves omnibus. Although there are some nice nods to characters that might appear in both but I wouldn’t like to say.

Personally I think Chris Wraight does a good job continuing the new more serious and less stereotypical version of the Space Wolves which are far more credible than the previous version, as I'd enjoyed Prospero Burns I've been looking forward to Battle of the Fang for a while and it's been worth the wait.

The general structure of the book is quite similar to Storm of Iron giving a mix of viewpoints from the Space Wolves, their 'mortal' warriors and the attacking enemy which is certainly not at all bad. As you'd expect from the title and the series as a book it is unashamedly is devoted to battles and combat. Thankfully, as with many of the Black Library writers, the author manages to keep the book going at a good pace without it getting stale as I find happens in some of the other prolonged battles in other novels, definitely something the Black Library have cultivated well in their writers. Unfortunately a bit like the Heresy novels you can tell from the start which characters are going to survive and which probably aren't based on whether they're known characters or not but it doesn't spoil the book too much.

As given away by the cover, Bjorn the Fell-handed is part of the book and given the awe and respect his character deserves and in fact I'd say the dreadnoughts were one of the highlights of the book. Too often dreadnoughts are misunderstood as just walking tanks or given roles which don't fit in well with them being the finest warriors to have served in the chapter left in hibernation for many years only to be woken when the chapter is in great peril. The author combines the sheer power of the dreadnought chassis combined with the misery for the sole occupant trapped inside.

In this novel I think that Terminator marines are suitably well depicted as the huge powerful warriors bigger even than the usual 'Sky Warriors' (end thankfully equally as robust not the simple can opener vulnerability most Terminators seem to have in Black Library fluff), throughout the book there's a mix of 'mortal' warriors alongside the Marines to give a view of the Astartes from our point of view although the book never dwells too long on that aspect and is the better for it.

In short, I'd highly recommend Battle of the Fang as part of the ongoing wolves vs. Sons saga that plays out in the realms of the 41st millennium. Not only that but its depiction of the forces of the future just makes it worth a read. A solid four and a half stars from me.

Available from:
Battle of the Fang by Chris Wraight
Softback, 416 pages • ISBN 9781849700467

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 17 - Round up & TOFG News!

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 17 - Round up & TOFG News!

First up it is time for this weeks round up of all the action - as sparse as that may be once again!

Week 17 Updates

Well folks an interesting week this week, 17 weeks in and we've had somewhat of a Mutiny on my hands! Unfortunately people have started deciding that the rules regarding the posting and deadlines were a tad too strict. So with all that in mind we have some slightly modified rules to work with for the remainder of the 500 challenge and onwards in to the expansions. In summary the following comes in to effect now:

• Firstly we are now going to drop the dead model rule, all dead models so far are wiped out in favour of the rules laid out below.

• Weekly updates are optional now, people can send updates when they've made some decent progress but any updates would be useful each week so people will still try to get something in so we can keep the blog live and relevant to the work carried out.

• The final deadline for the complete force still stands. This is still the 12th of august and has not changed.

• There is a new rule where on completion date if you have any uncompleted units etc you receive the penalty of one dead model per unit or squad unfinished, this is in lieu of the dead models for missed updates.

• Updates on which force will be posted 1,2,3 etc after completion when we do the features will be drawn from a hat to ensure fairness.

as you can see nothing major but its a shame its had to wait this long before we got the kinks worked out. Still lets hope this assists in keeping things moving and relevant and thanks to you all for reading and sticking with it this far.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 17-3 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update

Millest's Week 17 Update

well folks I too have had a busy week this week, two days away due to work and then lots of other stuff going on. Despite all this though I've managed to get some more of the small terrin bits done and as you can see I'm quite pleased with them.

Nice and simple for the tank traps, mechite read with a boltgun dry brush and a couple of in washes. The barrells are Knarloc green I think (cant remember) with some odd details such as warnings, shipping labels and "other way up" markings on the base.
hope you enjoy and hopefully next week we might have some more troops!

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 17-2 - Dan's Marine Update

Dan's Week 17 Update

Hi there, well its been an epic two weeks for me. Holiday finished off with one lost purse (now found) and one car written off. So this week has been consumed by that!

Back to 40k, I've had some time but not much. I've worked on some scenery again, starting the 2nd piece of ruins and I've started the floor pattern. Have a look at the pics.

Next week I hope for more success and a return to normality!

Millest's Note:
a big +1 for Dan here, been a hectic week for him and after Rich was the second to provide a full update so a virtual round of applause for him :)

Fall of Damnos - Book Review

Fall of Damnos by Nick Kyme
When Damnos is hit by cataclysmic earthquakes, an ancient force is awakened. Deep beneath the earth, the necrons rise from their slumber to decimate the human populace. All appears lost until salvation comes from the heavens – the Ultramarines brave an orbital bombardment to deploy their forces on Damnos, led by two legendary warriors – Captain Cato Sicarius and Chief Librarian Tigurius.

They are the planet's last, great hope against the remorseless alien foes, but tensions within their ranks threaten to derail victory. As battle rages on Damnos, and the Ultramarines seek to defeat their soulless enemies, Tigurius receives a terrible vision – a vision telling of the death of a hero...
In the latest offering Nick Kyme, takes the reins in the latest installation of the Space Marine Battles Series and tackles the Ultramarines, not his normal chapter of choice but personally I think Nick did a fantastic job of keeping the Space Marines faithful to their natures as genetically modified super-warriors, created only to kill and bring glory to the Emperor,. he also as has been noted in the recent trend of the Black Library, manages to portray them as people with emotions. Ok, so those emotions and emotional responses might not be quite normal for a human. They are, after all, Adeptus Astartes and they may just be tempted to kill everything that offends them but they still have emotion.

The lead characters were varied and ranged from Marines, to Dreadnoughts and back down to humans and I enjoyed the concerns and doubt about the actions of the Captain, because the story also balanced it with reasons not to doubt him, this was a good plot device as it gave the story multiple perspective and it leave you the reader trying to decide ultimately which perspective is the correct one, a challenge often lacking from modern fiction. I, like other I have spoken too about the book, found myself rooting for the three lead sergeants, and to a degree the main characters in my eyes, and personally I'd love to read more about them as long as it wasn’t the pointless death that often seems to befall growing characters in the Black Library. The sergeants have such an interesting friendship (or even animosity at times) that watching them interact and play off one another was fascinating and helped fill the dead areas of the book.

I'm also a big fan of the way Kyme treats his Librarians. He doesn't make them ridiculously overpowered, but they are effective. Nor does he make a mess of the powers he does give them and what they can do seems clearly set out, rather than the hand-wavy and rather clumsy efforts of certain other writers. Though in this case he dealt with the powers of Tigurius well and did give him the definite edge he needed.

Only bad points in my eyes are that When Nick about personal combat, either in a duel style situation or as a side line in a major battle, it can be really easy to lose track of who's making what move and where all the individuals are (or even who they are). It's only a slight complaint, and it doesn't happen *too* often, but it was a little niggle that needs a touch of work. The other thing that bugged me was the nature of the Necrons, I don’t want to give too much away but suffice to say the normal lower order troops are as expected and do what necrons do, the issue I had was with the overall controlling lords, there was something there that didn’t sit right, I don’t know what it is, I can’t tell you what bugged me, there’s just something I can’t put my finger on and it made them seem off slightly.

The book give you the reader a lot of thing to look at and imagine, things such as meaningful interaction between humans and Space Marines that's not overly drawn out but will satisfy those who enjoy reading such comparisons (like me). Different perspectives on the nature of courage and bravado, and what makes a good leader of men. A nice introduction to the Ultramarines chapter. Space Marines with emotion that are not overly sentimental but will still slap each other if they get on each other’s nerves, in short believable Space Marines. In summary, I highly recommend this one for its interesting representation of a very strict Chapter, excellent action sequences and overall enjoyability. For me a good solid four stars for this one.

Available from:
Fall of Damnos by Nick Kyme
Softback, 416 pages • ISBN 9781849700405

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 17-1 - Rich's Chaos Space Marine Update

Rich's Week 17 Update

Hi guys, can not believe that I have a dead model already :( oh well one more thing to think about. Starting to panic with regards time scale but who needs sleep really :D one squad almost complete (see below) I decides to go for the black as I think it looks at lot more dark and menacing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16 - Round up!

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16 - Round up!

Time for this weeks round up of all the action - as sparse as that may be!
Week 16 Updates

  • A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16-1 - Jono's Tyranid Update - Jono shows off more gaunts of various flavours!
  • A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16-2 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update - I show off some terrain rather then models of guardsmen!
  • A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16-3 - Chris' Tau Update - Chris has been excused from this weeks updates after being stitched up at work and having to work some very long hours inc the weekend, however there will be an update for week 17 on pain of toenail removal!
  • A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16-4 - Dan's Marine Update - Dan has been excused due to being on holiday for the week - though I dont think it was as good as was hoped for! 
  • A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16 - 5 - Rich's Chaos Space Marine Update - Rich hasnt contacted anyone regarding his update so we were expecting one but it didnt arrive :( ah well at least he's earnt himself a dead model :)
Challenge No Submission Casualty List
Here are the current number of casualty models each player must have completed by the end of the challenge as a fine for their none submission of weekly updates!
  • Chris - 2 models
  • Jono - 2 models
  • Dave - 0 models
  • Dan - 1 model
  • Rich - 1 Model
So that's this weeks round up, enjoy

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16-2 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update

Millest's Week 16 Update
This week for a change its been time for some terrain for me. I decided I would work on the defence set and some of the boxes. The defence line is a nice little set, simple and easy to work with. So far I've just painted it with Catachan Green and then drybrushed with Camo Green, I then picked out the various details as you can see in these pics:

I'm still trying to decide if I should still give them a wash of inks to give them some depth but I think the dry brush has pulled out the details very nicely.

Next up are my boxes and crates, I painted them in simple colours and decided to add some markings, again these are just a simple coat and some small details as you can see:
As you can see very simple and with some attempts at "real world" markings though as with the defence lines I cant decide if they need an ink wash or not, any thoughts on this too would be great.

So guys thats my efforts for week 16, feedback would be appreciated and hope you like what you see.

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16-1 - Jono's Tyranid Update

Jono's Week 16 Update

Hi all!
Firstly, OMG.. Chris has discovered how to open a pot of paint!
Secondly, my update for the week!
Still nothing major on the progress, but I do have all of my Hormas for you!

They aren't finished, but they are all getting there with the Badab Black wash.  I really need to knuckle down and just some proper painting done.  I am currently trying to get everything with at least

2 layers of Babab Black wash, and I have lost all will to live..  Only a few more Termas, and I will be done!  I have been saving my second Hive Guard, for when I was ready to give up; ie when I needed something a bit more interesting to paint.  I think that this may well have to come off the shelf and get finished this week.  Alas, after that, its a hard slog to get the Gaunts done!  Thankfully, after 500, I will be investing in some more costly models, so not too many more gaunts!

This week, I have also done a few Genestealers, but I will save those for the 750 challenge!  If anyone is DESPERATE to see them, let me know and I will add them to next week's post!

T'ra until next week!

Friday, July 08, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 15 - Round up!

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 15 - Round up!

Well folks, here is the first round up for the new layout, this is the week 15 update for the newly expanded Tale of Five Gamers.

Week 15 Updates

 Challenge No Submission Casualty List

 Here are the current number of casualty models each player must have completed by the end of the challenge as a fine for their none submission of weekly updates!

  • Chris - 2 models  
  • Jono - 2 models  
  • Dave - 0 models
  • Dan - 1 model

 So that's this weeks round up

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 15-5 - Chris' Tau Update

Chris' Week 15 Update

Just a quick one from me to show what I've been up to, bases done and bodies sorted. All looking good so far!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 15-4 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update

Millest's Week 15 Update
Just a quick update from me, after a busy week the highlighting of the green started and the second coat went on. I also finished the full modelling on my Command squad so as a double whammy here is the Command Squad to show the highlighting and the completed work.

As a side note does anyone have any suggestions and tips for removing paint from plastics in the UK?

Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 15-3 - Rich's Chaos Space Marine Update

Rich's Week 14 Update
Hi guys this is my second weekly update. What a busy week its been, apart from my nanna and grandad's Diamond wedding anniversary (60 years!) party, my girlfriend stealing all my time in the evening I have been focusing on passing my bike test module one. Which i passed with no minors so i am one step closer to being a speed demon, ;)

Speaking of demons i have had very little time to paint any of my miniatures but i have included two pictures and i need your help. while i  was painting the base coat on to one of the warriors i realised that leaving the shoulder pad and boot black looked kinda a cool. but i don't know whether to do this for my chosen  (veterans) when i have them as this will make them stand out or whether to this as standard for the chapter so i was wondering if you could all help me decide, thank you.

Due to a busy week i have not been able to finish my fluff but the whole of next week is free for me so expect to see completed squads and stories.... :)

PS models are not finished yet, the way that i have painted to armour is to try and make it looked warped and alive, uneven coats. looks OK in really life but have just noticed looks a mess in photos :(

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Blood Reaver - Book Review

Blood Reaver by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Driven on by their hatred of the False Emperor, the Night Lords stalk the shadows of the galaxy, eternally seeking revenge for the death of their primarch. Their dark quest leads them to a fractious alliance with the Red Corsairs, united only by a common enemy. Together with this piratical band of renegades, they bring their ways of destruction to the fortress-monastery of the Marines Errant.
Blood Reaver is the latest offering (quite literally as ADB seems to work well when it comes to the Dark Powers) for Aaron Dembski-Bowden seems to write their exploits at a level that must be sponsored by those same dark powers. I must say that despite being a loyalist through and through that I really enjoyed Soul Hunter and how it put a new spin on the Fall and the wars of chaos from the view of the Night Lords. I really liked how it took the aspects of the much talked about but often undealt with aspects of relative time (warp time) and absolute/galactic time (time in the real universe – though even that term is subjective given which side of the chaos line you fall) and how this will wear even a company of Space Marines, even Chaos ones, down to the bone. In short they find they are running out of everything and it’s up to the former Apothecary Talos to pull the Exalted's Warband out of its nosedive and restore it to the 'glory' days of its status as 10th company.

Despite being Space Marines and therefore usually cardboard cut-outs I found the characters were self-interested and thus interesting. So I really liked Soul Hunter, the way that the author made the Astartes seem both like relatable characters from their own perspective, and monsters from the perspective of their slaves and/or victims.

Blood Reaver is more of the same, However, it conspicuously lacks several things, and does several worse. One thing I have noted as have several other reviewers is how it lacks explanation for how the character Cyrion's telepathy seems to have disappeared – though I expect this is explained in the audio book (which still hasn’t arrived at mine yet). This explanation wouldn't have improved the story, but for a story that relies so heavily on continuity and characters being established in the previous novel, leaving it out is frustrating and doesn’t help those that don’t have the audio book.

What I really like is that Soul Hunter doesn’t rely on pre-established knowledge and were both wonderful excursions into relatable characters, which is so rare in Warhammer 40,000. Blood Reaver faces the problems that the middle of any trilogy faces, that you're expected to know what's going on and it doesn't go anywhere interesting. Even when the Covenant of Blood, the cursed ship, goes down with the Exalted one board the warband has already jumped ship to an identical one, albeit it with more lighting and a few different bits of decoration (oh and a problem with a bad smell!).

Personally though despite being a sequel and suffering everything that entails I think the book is a definite good read and a must have, I mean more relatable marines and chaos ones at that! What is the Black Library trying to do? Get me to start a Chaos force as well? I love the books and the characters and despite everything and that First Claw are the kind of dogs you should never turn your back on, I think I’m beginning to like them. So once again a solid novel from ADB and one that rates a solid four and a half again! What is it with me liking Chaos books again? I think I may have to turn myself in to the inquisition at this rate!!!

Available from:
Blood Reavers by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Softback, 416 pages • ISBN 9781849700382

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 15-2 - Dan's Marine Update

Dan's Week 15 Update

Hello again

Another busy week with everything else it seems but I do have an update to provide.

This week I have been working on a handful of minis painting them up in full colour scheme. I'm happy with how the regal blue and burnished gold have come out. IMHO I think they compliment each other really well.

Now I know I still have some work to do in terms of shading n highlighting but I've applied a coat of gryphonne sepia wash so I've started the process. ATM my faces are the melta and flamer cos the weapons are different but I'm predicting that by the end of the 500pt challenge that my sergaent and heavy weapons minis will be my top 3. Anyhoo I'm on hols next week so there will be no update from me. Til then enjoy the pics. Toodles!

Blood Gorgons - Book Review

Blood Gorgons by Henry Zou
The Blood Gorgons Chaos Space Marines are called to one of their recruiting worlds as the populace is struck down by a plague of mutation. Sargaulis one of few survivors of the first expeditionary force, and is determined to uncover the mysteries on Haute Bassiq. Facing a hostile environment, shadowy xenos enemies and treachery from within his own forces, Sargaul must dig deep into his hatred and determination to leave the planet alive.

Author Henry Zou expands the Bastion Wars Series once again with a rather intriguing foray in to the world of the Traitor Marine. Not the legions this time but one of the few chapters to fall from grace, The Blood Gorgons. The Gorgons are at the forefront of the new trend within Black Library fiction that is starting to show that even the Traitor Marines have a deep and fierce loyalty to their Chapter or Legion. This is emphasised more in this novel due to the binding plot device of shared organs that Zou uses to link the brothers via a “blood-bond”. This creates not only an urgent need to reach, to fight beside, and (if needed) to rescue his bond-brother but also almost supernatural skills where marines can kill using the view from their brothers eyes. This as a whole makes the bond with the chapter more important to those bonded brothers. There are however a few unbonded members and this is where the trouble starts. This helps things move very rapidly and readers can safely indulge their blood lust almost from the start. From the beginning, up until the very end, this story is non-stop action with numerous battles and duels and more than makes up for some of the slower paces Black Library novels of late.

There are so many characters in this story, almost too many but most play minor roles though it is worth keeping track of them throughout. Yet each character that plays a lengthy role has been given a creative background, a rounded background and most importantly and interesting background. Even the background of the Chapter itself is detailed and well thought out, something often lacking from the history of the more minor chapters out there. This helped me wrap my mind around the traitor/loyal mind-set of a Chaos Space Marine and made them seem, despite all their mutations etc, all the more believable as “people”.

There was throughout the book a very interesting use of the characters and locations that not only helped tie the story together but helped set out what I can only hope is a growing story line within the 40k universe whereby the Bastion Stars take a bigger role. Ok, so the story may have jumped a bit both from character to character but also from place to place but this certainly helped with tying it all together. The unique culture and the way it was portrayed showed that the writing of Mr Zou is improving and there may be a new Dan Abnett in the wings. So for me this book with all its amazing imagry (think sea shell or conch shell styling’s) and the action makes a solid four and a half stars.

Available from:
Blood Gorgons by Henry Zou Softback, 416 pages • ISBN 9781849700061

Friday, July 01, 2011

Forge World Newsletter #278 - Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought and Carcharodons Transfers

As always the important bits reproduced below:
Hi there, In this week’s newsletter we have for you a fantastic new Space Marine Dreadnought – the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought – along with the hotly-anticipated Carcharodons Transfer Sheet.

Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
A true relic of the hallowed days of the Great Crusade, and of the heights of technological achievement once reached by the Imperium of Mankind, the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought was a mainstay of the armoured might of the Astartes Legions of old. Larger and stronger than standard pattern Dreadnoughts, the Contemptor’s systems featured many examples of techno-arcana steeped in the sacred mysteries of the Legio Cybernetica.
Due to their spearhead assault role in the epic battles of the Great Crusade, losses were high amongst these potent war machines, and in the shadowed aftermath of the Heresy the ability to produce or maintain the Contemptor was all but lost. However, some Chapters still boast these war-relics amongst their ranks, and whenever the Contemptor takes to the field of battle it is an echo of the power of ancient days.

The Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought, designed by Will Hayes, is a detailed full resin kit that allows any Space Marine (or Chaos Space Marine) army to field one of these ancient war machines. Will has also designed two unique weapon options: a Contemptor Pattern Lascannon Arm and a Contemptor Pattern Close Combat Arm (Fist). These two weapons can be used on either side of the Dreadnought body, which is itself a fully poseable miniature.

Experimental rules for this storied and ancient Dreadnought are available to download now from the Forge World website, and this kit and its weapon arms are available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 25th July.

Carcharodons Transfer Sheet
Packed with well over 500 individual transfers, the Carcharodons Transfer Sheet is a hotly-anticipated addition to Forge World’s range of A4 transfer sheets. Kenton Mills has crammed onto it Chapter badges sized for both infantry and vehicles, heraldic blazons, Void Maw devices and a wide range of different sigils and devices that denote an individual Carcharodon warrior’s record of carnage across the stars, albeit in a manner that ensures his deeds may only be read by another Astartes of this ill-famed and sinister Chapter.
The Carcharodons Transfer Sheet is available to order now for immediate despatch.

Forge World Events News
Last weekend Forge World, accompanied by Imperial Armour writer Alan Bligh, joined the Warhammer World Events team for their Badab War Part 1 Campaign Weekend. The event was based on our popular Imperial Armour expansion books, and what a weekend it was! We’d like to thank everyone who stopped at the stand to say hi, ask questions or get their copies of the Badab War signed.
Everyone attending had a great time and you will be able to see more of what went on, including some very impressive conversions and painted armies, in a review coming soon. If you missed out the Events team are keen to run Part 2 next year.
Forge World’s intrepid sales team are now in sunny Madrid for Games Day Spain which takes place on July 3rd at the Pabellon de Convenciones at Casa del Campo, with a massive selection of the Forge World and Warhammer Forge range of resin kits, books and modelling products. You can download a catalogue from the Forge World website here. We look forward to seeing you there!
Thanks, Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager

OMG!!!! I love that dread! really fancy one as a GK or Dark Angels. Cant wait for some more weapons options though.

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 15-1 - Jono's Tyranid Update

Jono's Week 15 Update

Well, another week down, getting ever closer to the end date, which is a bit daunting now considering how many gribblies still aren’t finished!

I have had a bit of a setback this week, as I have run out of Mecharite red! This should remedied with a trip my local GW, hopefully I will get some time Sunday!

Anyway, moving on, the feature for this week’s update, is my fully completed Tervigon! I know that I have posted her before, but I want to flaunt her just once more, as she has been based! Having a MASSIVE (6”x4”) base, I didn’t want to just leave it plain and brown, especially not with the flak that I have been getting from Chris and Dave for not using their ‘awesim’ resin bases.. Alas, a bit of sand, a barrel I made earlier and some washes have left me with this:

I am impressed with the outcome, as the washes went into the sand really well to create the mess that I was trying to achieve! The ‘oil’ is literally just Badab Black, but the blood effects are a mix of Baal Red wash with a smidge of Mecharite for good measure.

As usual, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Until next week, adios!
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