Monday, July 11, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 16-1 - Jono's Tyranid Update

Jono's Week 16 Update

Hi all!
Firstly, OMG.. Chris has discovered how to open a pot of paint!
Secondly, my update for the week!
Still nothing major on the progress, but I do have all of my Hormas for you!

They aren't finished, but they are all getting there with the Badab Black wash.  I really need to knuckle down and just some proper painting done.  I am currently trying to get everything with at least

2 layers of Babab Black wash, and I have lost all will to live..  Only a few more Termas, and I will be done!  I have been saving my second Hive Guard, for when I was ready to give up; ie when I needed something a bit more interesting to paint.  I think that this may well have to come off the shelf and get finished this week.  Alas, after that, its a hard slog to get the Gaunts done!  Thankfully, after 500, I will be investing in some more costly models, so not too many more gaunts!

This week, I have also done a few Genestealers, but I will save those for the 750 challenge!  If anyone is DESPERATE to see them, let me know and I will add them to next week's post!

T'ra until next week!

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