Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 15-3 - Rich's Chaos Space Marine Update

Rich's Week 14 Update
Hi guys this is my second weekly update. What a busy week its been, apart from my nanna and grandad's Diamond wedding anniversary (60 years!) party, my girlfriend stealing all my time in the evening I have been focusing on passing my bike test module one. Which i passed with no minors so i am one step closer to being a speed demon, ;)

Speaking of demons i have had very little time to paint any of my miniatures but i have included two pictures and i need your help. while i  was painting the base coat on to one of the warriors i realised that leaving the shoulder pad and boot black looked kinda a cool. but i don't know whether to do this for my chosen  (veterans) when i have them as this will make them stand out or whether to this as standard for the chapter so i was wondering if you could all help me decide, thank you.

Due to a busy week i have not been able to finish my fluff but the whole of next week is free for me so expect to see completed squads and stories.... :)

PS models are not finished yet, the way that i have painted to armour is to try and make it looked warped and alive, uneven coats. looks OK in really life but have just noticed looks a mess in photos :(

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