Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 17 - Round up & TOFG News!

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 17 - Round up & TOFG News!

First up it is time for this weeks round up of all the action - as sparse as that may be once again!

Week 17 Updates

Well folks an interesting week this week, 17 weeks in and we've had somewhat of a Mutiny on my hands! Unfortunately people have started deciding that the rules regarding the posting and deadlines were a tad too strict. So with all that in mind we have some slightly modified rules to work with for the remainder of the 500 challenge and onwards in to the expansions. In summary the following comes in to effect now:

• Firstly we are now going to drop the dead model rule, all dead models so far are wiped out in favour of the rules laid out below.

• Weekly updates are optional now, people can send updates when they've made some decent progress but any updates would be useful each week so people will still try to get something in so we can keep the blog live and relevant to the work carried out.

• The final deadline for the complete force still stands. This is still the 12th of august and has not changed.

• There is a new rule where on completion date if you have any uncompleted units etc you receive the penalty of one dead model per unit or squad unfinished, this is in lieu of the dead models for missed updates.

• Updates on which force will be posted 1,2,3 etc after completion when we do the features will be drawn from a hat to ensure fairness.

as you can see nothing major but its a shame its had to wait this long before we got the kinks worked out. Still lets hope this assists in keeping things moving and relevant and thanks to you all for reading and sticking with it this far.

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