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Forge World Newsletter #304 - Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume Two

As always the important bits reproduced below:


Hi there, In today’s newsletter we’re excited to announce that Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume Two is available to order for immediate despatch!

Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume Two
Since Model Masterclass Volume One was published several years ago, the painting and modelling landscape has moved forward considerably, with an explosion of new models, paints and materials available, not least of all from Forge World itself. In Model Masterclass Volume Two, the talented painters and modellers of the Forge World design studio build on the first volume with more informative articles, stage-by-stage guides and lavish galleries of inspirational models, such as the Imperial and Chaos Reaver Titans, Great Brass Scorpion and Valdor Tank Hunter.

Inside you’ll find step-by-step painting and modelling articles for our resin kits including the Crassus Armoured Assault Transport and the Great Brass Scorpion by Mark Bedford, as well as a Red Scorpions Land Raider Proteus and the Chaos Reaver Titan by Phil Stutcinskas. There are guides on the building and painting of the stunning display boards, ‘Encounter at the Balmaeus Ice Mines’, built to showcase Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara, and the ‘Raid on Kastorel-Novem’, built for Imperial Armour Volume 8. Also included are detailed painting galleries of some of our most iconic resin kits, including the Vulture Gunship by Phil Stutcinskas, a Renegade version of the Minotaur Artillery Tank by Paul Rudge and Keith Robertson’s beautifully painted Saim-Hann Phantom Titan bust.

Whether you’re building and painting a centrepiece model for your army or a detailed diorama for display, Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume Two is packed with innovative techniques to help you create stunning models and is an essential reference for any serious painter. This 144-page, full colour, hardback book is available to order here. We’ve also added another video to our YouTube channel that showcases some of the pages and models from this incredible book in more detail.

Thanks, Ead Brown Customer Service Manager Forge World


Right-ho, mines ordered :)

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Adepticon Live Webcast - Apocolypse40k

As I cant attend Adepticon (the little thing called the atlantic prevents me attending) Alec at Apocolype40k has asked me to let you guys know that he will be webasting live from Adepticon all weekend for your enjoyment. You can listen to his chat here:

So please drop in and give him a listen and comment on what you hear. So onbehald of Alex and his blog, thanks and enjoy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Forge World Newsletter #303 - Demios Executioner and Apothecary releases

As always the important bits reproduced below:

Hi there, In this week’s newsletter, two kits that were first shown at the Forge World Open Day are available to pre-order: the Deimos Pattern Predator Executioner and the Space Marine Apothecary Set.

Demios Pattern Predator Executioner
The robust and reliable Predator tank has long been favoured by the Space Marines and has seen service in a wide variety of patterns, some of which have come and gone in answer to wars and threats innumerable and long forgotten. In the conflicts of the 41st Millennium the Destructor and Annihilator patterns are the most widespread by far, although some Chapters such as the Blood Angels manufacture unique variants of their own.

One of the most prized patterns is the Deimos Pattern Predator Executioner, which mounts an Executioner pattern Plasma Destroyer. This ancient and powerful weapon fires a series of sun-hot plasma blasts capable of incinerating flesh and blasting apart even power armour with contemptuous ease. Only the forge world of Ryza is still able to manufacture the advanced photo-plasmic cells needed for the Executioner weapon. This has resulted in many chapters whose Techmarines have sufficient skill and knowledge replacing the Plasma Executioner with a Heavy Conversion Beamer instead.

This turns the Predator Executioner into an extremely powerful siege unit and long-range tank destroyer, but this firepower is gained at the cost of manoeuvrability and increased vulnerability to short-ranged attacks. That such a modification carries a long standing seal of remittance from the Adeptus Mechanicus speaks of cataclysmic battles in a forgotten age, in which such devastating firepower was more common, and more necessary.
Designed by Will Hayes, the Deimos Pattern Predator Executioner is a multi-part resin and plastic kit containing two turret weapon options and two sponson weapon options. Experimental rules for this vehicle can be downloaded from the Forge World website. To pre-order this kit, click here. The Predator Executioner will be despatched from 27th April.

Space Marine Apothecary Set
Among the many ranks and honours of the Adeptus Astartes, it is that of the Apothecary, perhaps, which holds the most respect for the import of his role.
Well versed in the arts of cybernetics, chirurgery and bioengineering required to transform a mortal aspirant into a post-human Angel of Death as well as battlefield aid, the Apothecary must also be a warrior of unquenchable bravery and might.

If a battle-brother falls, it is the Apothecary that will tend his wounds so that he may return unto the conflict. If his wounds are too great, it is the Apothecary that will grant him the Emperor’s Peace and it is the Apothecary that will ensure the Chapter’s due is taken from the battle-brother’s flesh; removing and guarding the sacred progenoid organs that will be implanted into a new aspirant.

Designed by Mark Bedford, the Space Marine Apothecary Set contains two multi-part resin models, allowing you to build Apothecaries in MkII ‘Crusade’ pattern and MkIV ‘Maximus’ pattern power armour. Each is packed with detail, from the heraldry of the Apothecarion to the many stasis-flasks and medicae-systems borne into battle by these peerless warriors. To pre-order this kit, click here. The Space Marine Apothecary set will be despatched from 27th April.

Thanks, Ead Brown Customer Service Manager Forge World

I'm liking those predators more and more, but i really like the MkIV armour, might have to pick those guys up eventually. any thoughts?

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Hobby News - Organise-a-hobby and other randomness!

Hi Folks,
well as some of my regular readers will know things have been a tad quiet on the blog of late. This is down to a number of factors but the main one is work, though a few breaks here and there have been worth it. So firstly apologies for that readers.

As most of you know over the past few weeks I have managed to stay firmly on the pulse of new 40k news and info but my hobby content from a personal standpoint and my own armies has been distinctly lacking in pictorial form but these hands have not been idle in all this time, far from it in fact.

Firstly I have used the past few weeks of being up and down the A12 like a yo yo to rationalise my Airsoft gear and most importantly get my guns in working order and upgraded. All are now working like the beasts they are and all being well we will have some pics and possibly footage from our first game of the year at the end of April so please keep an eye out for that.

Secondly and most importantly for the blog I have managed to rationalise and organise my every growing mass of projects, ideas and randomness down to a more manageable amount. Some work done for friends has been polished off (at last) and any projects of my own I don't think I can manage have been canned. So even with the platoon on my desk the remainder of my guard has been reduced to something more manageable, chiefly this lot:
If anyone can tell me how to stop blogger rotating my pics that would be great!!
OK, so manageable isn't the word, more like over zealous especially when you consider in each of those tank boxes there are actually three tanks to build. Despite all that though I am still looking forward to working on this and the few bits still in the cupboard. I'm thinking there is about 1000 points of infantry there and at least 1500 (if not 2000) points of  vehicles, not including the super heavies.
So as you can see not much room for many other projects, but there are plenty on the drawing board, chief amongst them:
  • A Custodes character and Termies (for fun!!)
  • A new Inquisitor and assorted hangers-on
  • Trying to start an =I=munda warband if i can convince the guys

and those are just the ones I can remember. As you can imagine lots to do and many many ideas.

As you can also imagine that has lead to a lot of left over bits and that combined with my clear out have left me with lots of bits to get rid of, and as this is my blog I can do whats coming next :), so those bits, along with large amounts of scalextric bits and track (yes another random hobby) as well as numerous limited edition figures and books are being listed on my eBay store here:

Some of the items have already gone but many are still there and as more and more gets completed so more and more shall be added so please feel free to check it out or ask me if there is anything in particular your after.

Finally over the coming weeks as things get more organised and my projects get back on track (hopefully not too much working away) then I will finally start getting the much promised product and seller reviews up so keep an eye out for those too.

All that's left is for me to say thanks for reading, thanks for sticking with the blog and hope to have more material soon.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mondays Mirthful Meandering - 16.04.12

keeping on with the Red Dwarf theme!

normal blog service will resume later this week

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Forge World Newsletter #302 - Storm eagle and Decimator weapons

As always the important bits reproduced below:

Hi there, With the dust of the Forge World Open Day settling, we’re excited to announce that three of the pre-release kits we had on sale are now available to pre-order. We’ve also got a reminder about our presence at Salute 2012, for which we are currently taking reservation orders.
Space Marine Storm Eagle Gunship
The legendary mobility of the Adeptus Astartes has won planet-spanning conflicts with a single strike; providing the precise application of deadly force at the point where it proved most decisive. A Chapter’s fleet of attack craft is the keystone that makes this possible, and it is the iconic Thunderhawks and Drop Pods that are at the forefront. Craft such as the Storm Eagle Assault Gunship follow close behind to lend their weapons to the devastating assault.
A formidable gunship, the Storm Eagle mounts fearsome firepower for a vehicle of its size and is capable of transporting twenty Space Marines directly into the thick of an assault. The exact provenance of the Storm Eagle is unknown, but it bears clear similarities to the Stormravens employed by the Blood Angels and Grey Knights. Certain sources place the principal manufacture of the Storm Eagle upon Tigrus and Anvilus IX, both primary-grade Forge Worlds that suffered catastrophic damage during the Horus Heresy.
In recent decades the number of Storm Eagles in active service has begun to increase, especially amongst those Chapters known to have favourable relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus. This has lead some observers to believe that production has been restored at an as yet unknown location.
Designed by Stuart Williamson, the Storm Eagle is a complete resin and plastic kit which is packed with incredible design work, including a fully detailed interior. It is available to pre-order now for despatch from 27th April. You can also download experimental rules for this fantastic model from the Forge World website. You can also see the Storm Eagle in our latest video.
Chaos Decimator Weapons
Towering over even the mighty, and exceedingly rare, Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts of the Adeptus Astartes, the Decimator is believed to be an attempt to bolster the ranks of such ancient devices that still serve the Traitor Legions on the part of the shadowed, now near-mythical, Legio Cybernetica. If this is the truth, then the warriors of the Imperium may well yet tremble before the might of this colossus.
Inquisitorial  savants do not know for sure what unknown and malefic party are responsible for the sinful innovation of the
Decimator Daemon Engine, which is capable of fielding a wide range of armaments.
The Decimator Soulburner Petard and Heavy Conversion Beamer, designed by Daren Parrwood, are finely detailed resin weapons for the recently-released Decimator Daemon Engine, experimental rules for which can be downloaded from the Forge World website now. These weapons are available to pre-order now for despatch from 27th April.
nothing new as such but a few more details, definately in the market from a Storm Eagle and some of the advanced Tartaros pattern (no it isnt pre-heresy pattern so please stop saying it is folks) termie armour for future projects, well after I've had a mega ebay clear out, and sold a kidney!

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The Gildar Rift - Book Review

The Gildar Rift by Sarah Cawkwell
When the ancient warship Wolf of Fenris emerges from the warp, Imperial forces find that it has been overrun by the dreaded Red Corsairs. However, this is no mere raiding party – Huron Blackheart and his entire renegade fleet soon follow, intent on conquering the Gildar Rift and tightening their grip on the sector. Lance batteries and torpedo salvos burn fiery contrails through the void, and only Captain Arrun of the Silver Skulls Space Marine Chapter can halt the renegades’ advance. The fate of the Rift will not be decided in the heavens but on the surface of Gildar Secundus below.

The Gildar Rift is one of the latest novel in the Space Marines Battles series. This novel is written by Sarah Cawkwell and prior to this novel I had not read any other BL works by her, or at least not knowingly, and I as such I went in with an open mind and was far from disappointed by what I found. In the Gildar Rift The Silver Skulls Space Marines have taken it upon themselves to patrol the Gildar Rift to repel the ever present xenos threat. The Silver Skulls differ from the other chapters by being very superstitious. They also have a number of Powerful psykers, Prognosticators, who are consulted before important decisions to try and divine the outcome before the course of action is followed. I liked this as in some cases it seemed that some officers would even ask for their blessing before even reloading their bolter!!

Captain Daerys Arrun is in charge of the fleet assigned to protecting the Gildar Drift, and has moved from his flagship to the Dread Argent to oversee a bold and controversial experiment. The Dread Argent might not be a flagship, but it is still a formidable engine of destruction, which is why when they receive a distress call from The Wolf of Fenris Daerys Arrun feels confident they can assist the Space Wolves. A small team is assembled to board the friendly spaceship to determine what is going on, but it's assumed the situation is hostile. Nothing can prepare them for what they find on board. The arch-enemy have launched an attack on the system with the Wolf of Fenris being the bait which springs the trap. The Silver Skulls find themselves in dire straits both in space and down on the planet. Every move they make has been foreseen by the insane, but brilliant traitor, Huron Blackheart. Fury grips Daerys Arrun as he watches his brothers fall to the traitorous Red Corsairs. The Silver Skulls ranks are thin enough already and they cannot afford to lose more, but more importantly they cannot let the system fall to the arch enemy.

Like with everything before things can get better they have to become worse. In this case Sarah Cawkwell certainly delivers on disasters, and things get so very bad it almost hurts to read. OK so it does feel forced in one or two places, but that’s the nature of compacting major events in to small novels, but when accompanied by explanations of why the space marines are helpless to act it does feel a bit odd, but not out of place.

Sarah Cawkwell does a very good job in raising the stakes and building up suspense and her work with the characters emotions mean that you begin to share captain Daerys Arrun's pain every time one of his men die. The Gildar Rift is, from start to finish, an intense read with a lot of fighting. I also liked the ship to ship battles as their immobility makes those battles a great juxtaposition to the fluid ground fighting. The whole novel and battle pretty much boils down to how much punishment your ship and your men can take! It might sound boring but it's actually pretty exciting, and you can feel the ship tremble from the impact of the enemy's missiles. Down on the planet the fighting is more brutal and personal with The Silver Skulls are facing a horde of cultists and Red Corsairs and I feel that Sarah Cawkwell does a good job describing the mayhem and it feels convincing with a quick pace.

The Gildar Drift was a solid delivery from Sarah Cawkwell and is packed full of the right ingredients to please even me! The underlying plot device (don't want to spoil the whole point of the book) made things interesting and felt like a fresh idea. The only issue I have with it is that when you read the plot device the marine's constantly worry it’s the wrong thing to do and is heresy but for me it just makes me think that actually its already that something that happens in other Adeptus branches within the imperium so it isn’t that wrong - cryptic I know but once you’ve read it you’ll understand - or email me if you don’t know what I mean. If, like me, you expect a grim read, non-stop action, and religious zealots you have found the right book. I think it's fair to say The Gildar Rift was an excellent first outing for the Silver Skulls and Sarah Cawkwell but it is most definitely setting the stage for a second novel. Without about The Silver Skulls suffer from a bloodied nose, and I would like to see them take the war to the Red Corsairs, giving them the initiative and the first strike. The plot and characters as well as the potential for more novels gets a solid 5 stars from me for this newest of 40k writers.

Available from:
The Gildar Rift by Sarah Cawkwell
Softback • ISBN 9781849701075

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Forgeworld Open Day 2012 Sneak Peeks & Rumours

Right folks,
time for a round-up of all the various rumours and pics from around the blogosphere, starting of course with the Stormeagle that has been floating around for a few days:

Thanks to SotonShades over on warseer for this, here is a pic in the bare resin confirming this bad boy is real:

Next from Forgeworlds own Facebook galleries we have the Imperial Avenger:
this to me looks like the unwanted offspring of a vulture and a thunderbolt fighter, hope to see some better pics soon but it could be an interesting alternative fighter for Imperial/chaos forces. Here is another view from Warseer:

Next up we have from the FW page again the new updated mega resin version of another Land Raider classic, the Spartan - it wont be long now before all the Old WD conversions are made flesh and I for one wont complain (I can feel this bad boy in my Mentors force too):

Next we jump back to Warseer for a couple of Marine characters/specialists in older armour types, one is clearly an Apothecary, if anyone has any ideas on the second it would be great if you can confirm, but i suspect it is a second Apothecary:

Next from Slaaaaaaanesh (too many A's dude but you get an A* for this one) confirmation of LC Tartaros Terminators:

And thunder hammer and storm shield combo:

Next heresy era assualt marines with mix and match armour to show wear and tear etc:

interesting take on the jump pack, not 100% sure but lets see how the finished kits look

Right thats it for pics of new stuffs but if you want more stuff, such as painted models, comparisons and general FW fun Philbrad over at warseer has created a gallery here: Philbrads Gallery

Finally a write up of new bits and peices, this is via Apocalypse40k and was Originally Posted by SotonShades on BoLS
Where to begin?

The Warlock Titan. Sorry eldargirl, but they won't be upgrading your beloved Phantom until the next time they do a major Eldar book (I'll explain when that is likely to be in a bit).

You want terrain kits? Blake Spence is working on them. He's the gentleman you can thank for the Zone Mortalis boards. Mostly going to be working on Realm of Battle Boards and more expansions for ZM, but other stand alone pieces are planned. Race specific RoB sections are planned, for most armies in 40k AND Fantasy! Could be a while before we see them though. This will include proper Cityfight terrain, possibly trenches in the future and linking pieces between RoB sections and ZM modules, such as stairs/subway entrances.
Minotaurs will probably appear in several unlinked books, with an overall unfolding mystery about them. The Tzeentch/penal colony stuff will most likely be IA13 now (possibly with a Fantasy Book inbetween) and will most likely cover a Tzeenchian Cult across several legions and renegade space mainres.

No plans for any further Enforcers/Arbities rekeases. In fact, a point was made that if you see it as a show only model, it is probably because they don't feel it would work as an army. Same goes for Primarch models, but for a slightly different reason.

No plans to release any more models for Badab characters, which was why such detailed descriptions were given, to give you chance to convert them.

Next fantasy book is most likely going to be a campaign between Orcs and Goblins and the Emprire.

There are fairly well developed ideas for the next 3 or 4 I story lines. In fact the DE one is having to be rewritten because it is currently too Grim-Dark and bleak for 40k!

Speaking of which, Adeptus Mechanicus MAY appear in the next 2-3 books. Not certain, and probably more as part of a faction than as a force in their own right. They really want to do Knight Titans, but will be a while away yet.

I still have a few more pages of notes to type up, but i need to finish my rapidly cooling chips and collect my painting comp entry in the next few mins. Will carry on when I can
There are also stirings within the studio for doing Chapter specific Contemptors, similar to their current range of Dreadnoughts. Nothing officially started yet, but it is something various designers said they wanted to work on.

Similar story for Iron Hands but less so. As for Mk VIII armour, the Errent pattern... No real interest I'm afraid. Maybe if their is enough demand for it, but designers are doubtful it would be different enough from the plastic kits to be worth doing.

During the Q&A session, a question was raised regarding some SM chapters getting certain equipment and other not (such as the Thunderfire Cannon). Chaos Marines were also mentioned. Basicly, GW & FW want to keep some disparity between the MEQ lists based on the way they are supposed to play, so not all equipment will go to everyone. This includes chaos not getting a Caestus Assault Ram.
Yep. I'm afraid there are no plans to revisit them (Elysians) at the moment, or any other IG regiments or previously published lists. There are a few kits from previous books in the pipeline, most notably ran Redmaw, but for the most part what is out is out. Apart from whomever gets in to IA12. Speaking of which;

IA12 is Minotaur Space Marines Vs Necrons. Focus is on sectorwide conflict rather than specific system/planet, so will incorporate IG and probably other races as well. Looking at a facet of Imperial war we haven't really seen before.

To go with the book expect a BIG expansion of FW's Necron range. I have seen Minotaur shoulder pads. Simon Eagen wants to work on helmets, torsos and backpack bits as well (in fact that is where the 2 Minotaur characters came from).

Speaking of conversion bits, new style Terminators WILL be getting full set of weapon options, possibly including some more esoteric ideas (graviton gun perhaps?) and Assault Terminator options. Assault Termies were on display in Will Hayes's Case.

Right, more tidbits!

Several people asked about a bulk land pod for the Thunderhawk Transporter. Again, it's another case of "something we'd like to do, but have no plans or concepts for it yet.

For those of you who aren't so pleased with the WD SoB codex... well, FW haven't got that on their radar yet, but really want to do a War of Faith style IA book, with Sister and lots of screaming fanatics. Earliest would be several years down the pipeline though.

Some points were raised about Black Library and FW cross-overs. Basic reply was that they love to draw inspiration from each other, but neither party wants to do any tie-ins because it screws with their creative freedom. Specifically, can you imagine how a BL author would feel if one of his favourite characters to write had a bullet put in the back of his head by a FW writer?


Hopefully they will be putting a new one out every year or year and a half. Most likely the next one will be a Fantasy release. That said, it was doubtful they would be releasing and more hobby supplies such as their weathering powders any time soon.

Despite the release of so many older marks of armour and relic style vehicles/weaspon, FW will not be doing any pre/heresy stuff any time soon. To do a book would essentially mean SM vs SM, and would be such a big project it would be very very difficult to manage around doing other releases. They also don't feel it would work too well along the lines of the game set in the 41st millennium, so wouldn't work with/against 41st millennium codicies. After all, the great crusade was humanity expanding across the whole galaxy in a few hundred years, wiping out all but a handful of sentient xenos races.

FW also apologized for dropping a lot of their older scenery kits recently, particularly the old trench system. Basically comes down to not being able to constantly stock enough, with terrain beaing some of the worst selling stuff and too expensive to manufacture for what they can reasonably expect to sell it at. The old foam bits were also too damagable. Hopefully the new hollow terrain casting methods will mean they can stock and create a much greater variety (as I've already mentioned.)

FW want to convert more of the deamon engines and superheavies from epic in to 40k sclae. however, simply blowing up the old models is not a realistic option, so they would need to be completely redesigned, probably keeping little more than the original name. they also pointed out that scale ratios in epic do not work in 40k. mostly, especially on tall models such as titans, they are too short! And the taller the model, the worse this difference is (so my warlord at 40+ inches isnt too far off what they should be)

The FW design team want to keep IG using tracked vehicles, grinding forwards, rather than wheels like trrop trucks or bikes. Don't expect to see too many exceptions like the tauros for the elysians. They will only do it where it makes sense for a regiment in their books.

FW won't be doing any Fellblades for the Space Marines. They dont feel it fits with 40k since the reorganization of the Legions to chapters. There was however talk of doing weapons packs, such as 10 combi-meltas for example only, that would be popular. Similar to the Chapterhouse kits. No firm confirmation on this though.

As they've pointed out before, FW have very few links with the main design studio, so theyk now nothing of 6th Ed and how their stuff will integrate. As far as FW are concerned, anything stamped with the 40k approved logo is balanced enough for regular games, but always ask your opponent (no reason to say no, but...) They haven't even had a chance to get a hold of the new paints yet (so I had to tell Phil what they were like!) Similarly, there is no connection between the FW Demigryphs and the new empirs plastics as far as the FW team are aware.

FW are happy with the rate at which they put out books. They want to cover all the race before they cover any again (though expect Imperials to be in all books, quite possibly mostly Minotaurs for the next few), so we are now expecting Necrons in IA12, Tzeentch later (prob IA13) then DE and Slaanesh before anyone else gets re-done. Necrons are in very early concept phase, so will be a while before we get out hand on them, but there are all ready plans afoot for a BIG kit for Orks when they come round again. They will almost certainly get either a Bomma or a Gargant. Quite possibly both.


Right, that is about it from me. BTW I love the Imperial Avenger. Wonderful looking aircraft, much nicer than the Lightnings or Thunderbolt (and I have a few of those) but I'm still not keen on the Storm Eagle.

Did we all ready know about the longer base Land Raider that is similar to the original scratch built one, or am I imagining that? Either way, that looks pretty awesome too!

I do have a couple more notes to decipher, but I think they are more clarifications on the points I've all ready made. Feel free to ask me questions if anything is unclear and I'll try to dredge up what I can from my memory.

Roving report Sotonshades, from under the anvil in Bugman's bar, for BoLS News.

Thanks to Alex at Apocalypse40k for posting the text and to Sotonshades for going deep undercover to snaffle these exclusives. Nice work guys.
So there you have it, a solid round up of this years FW openday, great models, intriguing fluff coming and an interesting year ahead!
thanks all, feel free to comment

Deliverance Lost - Book Review

Deliverance Lost by Gav Thorpe
As the Horus Heresy divides the Imperium, Corax and his few remaining Raven Guard escape the massacre at Isstvan V. Tending to their wounds, the bloodied Space Marines endeavour to replenish their numbers and return to the fray, taking the fight to the traitor Warmaster. Distraught at the crippling blow dealt to his Legion, Corax returns to Terra to seek the aid of his father – the Emperor of Mankind. Granted access to ancient secrets, Corax begins to rebuild the Raven Guard, planning his revenge against his treacherous brother primarchs. But not all his remaining warriors are who they appear to be… the mysterious Alpha Legion have infiltrated the survivors and plan to destroy the Raven Guard before they can rebuild and threaten Horus’s plans.

This may be Gav Thorpe's first Horus Heresy novel but he successfully brings his years of experience with other Black Library franchises to bear on what seems, at first glance, to be a side-story in the epic's history. 'Deliverance Lost' makes Corax and his legion interesting and believable characters with more back-story than most Legions in the universe. I really enjoyed seeing how Corvus the Primarch came to be Corax the Saviour and how a colony of slaves came to be a Legion in the Empire of Man.

Where the Horus heresy series is great is when it tells you something about the history of a Primarch or a Legion you didn't know before and makes you want to see them again. Where it fails is when it just tells you about events that happened or fights that occurred. 'Deliverance Lost' has characters with motivations and desires making decisions that have consequences. Technically it may not be written with as much structure and elegance as other HH novels, and there is perhaps a little good old bolter-porn in there, but 'Deliverance Lost' has character and texture in spades. It even makes the Imperial Fists seem fun. The Alpha Legion are perhaps not so well drawn but they are of course by nature hard to pin down.

As for background and teasers to the universe at large, well, there is plenty for lore-buffs to sink their teeth into; glimpses of the Emperor's work on the Golden Throne and the role of alien cultures in the Heresy, several mentions of the 'lost' Primarchs and clues as to their fate, and possibly even a few clues as to future releases in the Space Marine line of miniatures - spot the novel vehicles named herein.

Deliverance Lost is not just for fans of the Raven Guard - Corax's attempt to reconstitute his Legion with the aid of the Emperor is probably required reading for anyone watching the Horus heresy evolve. The way in which it is handled and the way the other various parties get involved really show the intricacy of the Horus Heresy series for me. For me it isn't all big battles and destruction but it is about the battles inside the characters and in this case I think that has been captured perfectly.

With that in mind and the build up it promises I think this deserves a solid 5 stars just because it shows the other side to the war.

Available from:
Gav Thorpe
Paperback • ISBN 9781849700610
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