Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blog Spring Clean - 2016 an attempt at a fresh start

As you may have noticed the blog has finally being spruced up and is now a tad lighter. Hopefully the changes look good to all you readers but if you have any comments or thoughts please leave a comment below.

I've taken the opportunity to remove some bits and move everything around to make things easier to find. Whilst doing this I have decided to do the same with my hobby items. Unfortunately the only things that couldn't really make the cut and be kept on were my Rogue Trader bits.
I found I had way too many models and vehicles for what I wanted to achieve and what I needed and as these are unlikely to get done anytime soon I've had a purge. If you are interested or would just like a nose around the items i am getting rid of are here:

hopefully once clear of those I will be able to get more of an opportunity to push on with the 1313th, Mezoa, my knights and another side project or two. As a sneak peak here is something i have planned for 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

2016 - Year of the Adeptus Mechanicus

So 2016 is here and life moves on, the guard have gone on a back burner and work has taken over!

However this year we have a challenge, we have a date and we have a goal! This year myself and three of my pals are all aiming to have 2500 points ready for a 2 on 2 game at nottingham.

Initially I fancied completing my guard but I got distracted by the realms of the Adeptus Mechanicus - might have something to do the Atropos being launched when i was writing my list - and as luck would have it not long after the "Start Collecting" sets came out with a nice Skitarii bundle.

So an army was planned, a ton of boxes were bought and when I get sent away for a few weeks for work the forges of Mezoa got to work.

So far the Infantry and Vehicles (such as there are for Ad Mech) are built and awaiting painting. This equates to roughly 2000pts, the remainder of the force will be made up of a Knight, I still havent decided which pattern so have taken this opportunity to work on all three of the Forgeworld Ad Mech knights I own - more to follow on them.

The force overall is quite a decent size.

Decided we needed some Onagars so added a few.

The Magos is a temporary leader for now as I have other ideas but the three squads work nicely, I decided to use Vanguard heads over the Ranger heads as I personally prefer the helmeted look.

Also added a small squad of rust stalkers as not only are they nice models but I felt some slice and dice wouldn't go amiss

No Ad Mech Army would be complete without Battle Tractors and Robbie the robots.

Hopefully once painted I can do the models justice and it does well on the table top. Of course the entire army is subject to change should the much rumoured combined codex come out - fingers crossed it gets me some new toys and doesn't nerf things like the battle tractors :)
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