Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sneak Peeks - Complete Adeptus Mechanicus Range

New images showing the whole range of models available and some are kick ass! Also details of the second codex, personally I think I might be adding a robot army to my list of wants :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First Colour Images of the New Knights

user posted image

 Avenger Gatling Cannon 36" S6 AP3 heavy 12 rending
Ironstorm Missile Pod 72" S5 AP4 heavy 1 lg blast, barrage
Stormspear Rocket Pod 48" S8 AP3 hvy 3
Twin Icarus Autocannon 48" S7 AP4 hvy 2, interceptor, skyfire, twin-linked

Reaper Chainsword- Strength D AP2 melee
Thunderstrike Gaunlet- Strength D AP2 melee, colossal, hurl

Monday, April 27, 2015

Some thing massive this way comes - titan sneak peek

first images of actual resin, its not a lot but by the Emperor is it big!!

New Knight Sneak Peeks - Honour through Fealty

new video from GW, stay with it until the last 8 or so seconds :) lets just say this will be costing people some serious money!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Assasin Models Sighted - sneak peeks

new assassin models sighted or should that be in your sights:

So what is the name of this new Assassin game, and what models will be coming with it? This morning we have some answers.

The name of the game is Assassinorum: Execution Force, and it comes with 4 new assassins, a Chaos Lord, 3 Chaos Marines, and 15 Cultist. Beyond this we know from the video that its a tile based game, which look fantastic if you watched the video for a glimpse of the new game.

Please remember that these are still rumors. Also I am sure we will start seeing some leaks come soon. Here is a link to the earlier article today where GW revealed its teaser trailer.

via a couple different sources on Faeit 212
The new Assassin game is called Assassinorum: Execution Force.
- New 4 assassins
- Chaos lord
- 3 chaos marines
- 15 cultists


Full contents as per BrookM on Dakka:
A brand new co-operative game for one to four players who control four Imperial Assassins, as they attempt to assassinate a Chaos Sorcerer and end a dark ritual, which will destroy a star system. 

It contains everything you need to play to defeat the Chaos Space Marines Sorcerer. The game comes with: 

- 4 brand new multipart plastic Imperial Assassins – a Callidus, a Cullexus, an Eversor and a Vindicare 
- A Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord and familiar (existing 43-12) 
- 3 Chaos Space Marines (existing 35-31) 
- 15 Chaos Cultists (existing 3x 35-34) 
- A rulebook, board sections, cards, counters and dice 

- A missions book 

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Imperial Knight Weapons Options - 3d Printing experiment

So whilst trawling the web I came across a number of different options people had used for additional or new weapons systems for their Knights. I love the new knight but I do feel it needs more options. So after some looking around I decided it was time to spice up the Household, I don't usually use 3rd party weapons (accessories and the like I have no problem with) and have never actually looked in to 3d printing until now!

A couple of weeks ago I was on Shapeways (one of the recommended stores) and I came across a 3rd party that was offering these 3d printed missile launchers for the Imperial Knight, so I decided to have a punt on this and ordered this from the Imperial Workshop

I thought this might work well on a Knight and give it the look of a Mini Reaver, I thought with the crenelated top it would even work on my Ad Mech Knight. So after a bit of thought it was decided I would order a couple, yes they aren't the cheapest add on in the world but boy are the nice.
So I decided to give the Imperial Workshop some of my hard earned pennies and ordered one in clear resin - apparently the highest quality - and one in their standard print. I ordered them and sat back and did nothing. well I did lots but nothing hobby related unfortunately.
A week later and the models have arrived from the states, that in itself is pretty good service! I was rather excited and tore in to the box and boy was I in for a surprise. Not only did the Imperial Workshop deliver on design but the nailed it on quality. The Clear one was perfect in everyway (unfortunately however it doesn't lend itself to photography) but the white/creamy one was brilliant too.
The models were crisp and clean and felt great. They needed some assembly but not much (its a small three part kit) but unfortunately during this I managed to damage the missiles on one side of the white version (no issue with the kit just me putting a still spinning dremel where I shouldn't) but this was easy to rescue as you shall see in a second.
So after a bit of sanding and fettling on the missiles I was pleased to say that I was left with and if you are interested this is the final assembled result.

I think this looks awesome and with some of the other toys I have ordered it fits perfectly with the unique flavour of the Knights in the 40k universe.

A big shout out to the Imperial Workshop and shapeways for a great model that I really am looking forward to completing. Also as a nice piece of cross promotion I am quite pleased as neil who runs the workshop has added me as his twitter link as I was his first customer and review so hopefully there will be more coming from him soon :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Faith restored in humanity, well Online ordering anyway - Wamp Store Review

As regulars on the blog may recall back towards the end of last year/early this year I had somewhat of a nightmare with Wayland Games. The crux of which was they lost a potentially lucrative (read more money than sense) customer who would have made way too many orders and I have warned everyone off them who I speak to about online sellers.

When all this happened I was somewhat dubious about ordering things from discount stores for a while but after posting the tale of woe on several groups I received a message via face book from a store owner.

Initially dubious as it was weird to receive the message and it was from a store I had never heard of I decided to chat with the fella and see where it went. My initial reservations were rather plentiful as I am sure you can imagine but after some chatting it transpired the Wamp Store was relatively new and seemed to be doing good work. I was also heartened to have a good honest chat with someone (who really should publicise their store more) and was reassured in to placing an order with them.

Initially they didn't stock any of the Secret Weapon bits I was after but told me they could get them for me at a good price and get them out to me straight away once in stock. Rather than fluff about and lead me on they advised a date for order and for delivery to me, they then listed the items I needed on their store so I could place a trackable and recorded order. This was a nice touch and went some way to settling my concerns.

The waiting period passed very quickly for the item, mainly because they came well before the deadline dates. This speed was a nice little touch and considering Secret Weapons location and stock I was very happy with. The items were well packed and securely sent. the service from Wamp Store was great and the effort they went to in order to get my business was much appreciated. Its nice to have a store that is willing to work with the customers.

The store front of their site is basic but clean and goes a long way to showcasing their available products. In addition their willingness to work with people and to source items they don't stock is a nice touch and if they start stocking more Secret Weapon stuff at good prices (*cough* the tables *cough*) then the odd order will turn in to a lot more.

Great site, great owner and great service, thanks for looking after me Brett and good luck for the future.

Visit Wamp Store HERE

Friday, April 10, 2015

Latest Games Workshop Mail order gifts

So was excited this morning when I got my Black Library mail order this morning of the new skitarius novel and then was even more excited as it seems GW are giving more and more freebies out!
This morning I got the following freebies in it, but my question is does anyone know what the pin badge is?

I got some car decals (wife has promptly informed me they will not be stuck on the car)
another drop assault card
the stange pin badge - is it inquisition? first tactical squad or something else?

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

New Releases Promethium Pipeline and Plasma Blastgun Sneak Peaks

finally some new 40k terrain, though not sure on the blastgun, the pipes I like just hope they aren't too much, will work well on my Secret weapon Urban table when I finally can get my hands on one!


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