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Blog News - Black Library action, Posts and Plans!

Hi Folks,
time for a round up of the happenings on and off the blog, I know its a while since the last one so I thought now would be a good time to catch up and let you all know the going-ons!

Black Library Recognition and Twitter
As regular follows will know I often review new Black Library releases on the blog and recently I have begun posting links to these on Twitter. Recently I'm please to say that a couple of these have been retweeted and mentioned by the Black Library so at last the blog has some wider recognition. So hello to any new readers from the Black Library and thanks to them for mentioning the reviews on their feed.
Follow Millests Mediocre Meanderings on Twitter here:

Followers and Posts
Speaking of new readers I'm please to note that we now have 70 followers on the blog, so firstly thank you all for following and coming back time and time again to view the blog.

The blog has also hit a mile stone by passing the 250 posts mark, so whilst this escaped me and slipped by without me realising (I think we're on 260ish now) I do intend to get something special arranged for post 500 and hopefully have a painting comp or give away open to all.

Finally going on the blogger counter tool we have have nearly 64000 hits and according to google over the course of the life of the blog so far we have had 25000+ unique visitors to the site!! All I can say to those states is WOW!!

So once again thank you all and just, WOW!!! I cant believe it and I'm glad that enough people are enjoying the blog that they are not only coming back but most likely also sharing the site with others. Thank you all and keep enjoying
Tale Of Five Gamers plans
As you are now doubt aware the TOFG 500pt challenge is coming to a close (more below) and over the past week or so, despite their lack of progress, myself and some of the other members of the challenge have been looking in to the onward progression of the challenges.
I have therefore decided to document the plans so that people cant change their mind or chicken out. So without further ado here's a list of what you can expect to see in the future:
  • Completion of the 500pt challenge
  • Expansion of the TOFG challenge to 750pts
  • The Power Armour Challenge
  • Expansion of the TOFG challenge to 1000pts
  • The Terminator Armour Challenge
  • Expansion of the TOFG challenge to 1500pts
  • The Deathwatch Challenge
More details will come for the various challenges as and when they roll out on the blog but lets just say they look fun. I'm also considering opening up some of the smaller challenges to allow people from outside the blog to submit their own work, but this will be looked in to for practical terms closer to the time.
Just so you know whilst these are planned these will be featuring alongside any other articles, guides, reviews and projects that might crop up. Hopefully these are intriguing and hope you enjoy them.
You can catch up on the TOFG progress so far here:

Tale Of Five Gamers votes
With the 500pt challenge coming to a close over the next few days you should see features appearing for each of the armies rounding up their fluff, lists and pictures. Once these are completed we're hoping to have a vote up and running for around 2 weeks so you can pick the force you feel works the best or sticks closest to their fluff or just appeals to you in general. The winner will definitely get bragging rights and more then likely a beer or two from the lads but that will be decided later! So please keep and eye out and please cast your vote when you it goes live.
You can catch up on the TOFG progress so far here:

New reviews
As previously mentioned a number of new reviews have gone up recently and have been added to the Book reviews tab. Coming soon I'm hoping to have some reviews on some products and sellers but this will be added once the 500pt votes are in so I can use the models in this for the reviews.
The reviews sections can be found here:

Layout and Feedback
As regulars will notice I'm often fiddling with settings on the blog, but the thing is no matter what I think looks good the blog is all about you the readers. So if you have any feedback on the layout, the articles you want to see or something you want adding please let me know and I will see what I can do for you. Also on the flip side of that if there is anything you don't like or don't want to see let me know. Any and all suggestions will be welcomed and looked in to. I can be contacted here:

Guest articles and Blog rolls

If any regulars would like to have their Blog added to the blog rolls on the right hand side please either post below or contact me via email. I have also decided that given the number of readers and hits it is time to open up the floor to guest bloggers. So if you have an article or an idea for an article please get in touch and I will see if it works for me and the blog and if so I will try to include it with full credit.
If you have a blog or an article you would like to see here please contact me here:

The final bit of news for this round up is that I will be away on my hols again soon (not that I have another one booked or anything) so I wont be updating the blog or able to respond to any comments or emails from around the 3rd to the 17th of September. Any emails, comments or requests will be dealt with on my return, but the voting for 500pt challenge will be open over this period so please continue to visit and vote in the poll.

That's all folks so thank you all once again for reading the newsy news and the blog. Also as I'm going to be away from the blog in around a weeks time please remember:

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Space Marine - Book Review

Space Marine by Ian Watson
First published in 1993 – though completed some years earlier – at a time when the background to the Warhammer 40,000 universe was still in a state of flux and not yet fully coalesced, the book follows three young Imperial Fist recruits from their formative years in the underhive gangs of Necromunda through to fighting as part of the First Company within the bowels (literally!) of a Tyranid bioship.

Not only will you find squats in this novel –Tzeentch-worshiping squats at that – but also Space Marines controlling Titans, Space Marines with lasguns, the Pain Glove and more than a small amount of toilet humour. Oh, and a Zoat. How could we forget the Zoat?

Although the temptation was great to rewrite significant portions of this book to make it conform to current background, as a curiosity piece, an historical snapshot of the Warhammer 40,000 universe circa the early 1990s, this book is invaluable. It also serves as a shining example of what can happen when a respected genre author at the height of his powers is let loose on an established shared universe.

In another month of reading (when I should be painting) I decided it was time I re-read this book. I have owned the original for sometime now but rather then it get further dog eared I decided to pick up the print on demand copy from the Black Library. Firstly about the book itself and I must say, as with my Bloodquest book, I am pleased with the quality. OK so the price is a bit steep but to have one of the founding pieces of 40k lore available again its worth it. The larger then normal format and the simplified cover looks really good and certainly works, it also means larger font as well which is nice.

I wasn't planning on doing a full on stonking review going in to great detail on the story and on the background but the thing with the novel is its so different! Which ever way you look at it Watson’s fluff does not fit the current mythology and Black Library story telling ethos. If anything perhaps is more literary than most current readers would like and is very cerebral in places (though with an unhealthy obsession with excrement and body parts!). All that in mind though any true aficionados of 40K and mainstream science fiction should embrace the novel as a classic and enjoy it for its strengths and inventions.

The novel begins with three young protagonists, citizens of the Trazior Hive, an vast city on the planet Necromunda, engaged in gang warfare. Yeremi Valence, Biff Tundrish and Lexandro d’Arquebus are the leads and each protagonist belongs to a different social class and as a result differing gangs> the novel cleverly begins with the collision of three levels of the hive, represented by three young gangs, battling each other in brutal warfare which is used to link them through out the story. Through various routes the three end up becoming recruits for the Imperial Fists Space Marines, it is here where things progress. I don't want to take it further as it would ruin the book for readers, one thing of note though is how actions in this book (originally meant as a one off) are linked to the subsequent follow up book, Inquisitor, a clever plot device before they even knew they needed it.

One of the big sells for me was the novel’s psychological complexity, but the biggest draw is the exquisite use of language. Each sentence is poetical and rigorous, more often then not Watson uses alliteration to dramatic effect, though you never feel its over used. One of the simplest ways in which he used this command of language is how as he quickly follows the three men’s rise to become battle-brothers he changes the manner and style of their speech to reflect this, but cleverly throws in slips when they in action.

As previously mentioned the novel doesn't sit wholly within the realms of current accepted background and imagery. For example in the novel Orks are not great threats and a blight on the universe they are simply space-faring pirates and spoken of as almost potential allies. We also get to meet squats, something unfortunately missing from the current universe, who with their human overlord are minions of Chaos. We also get a unique, if somewhat bodily orifice and excrement tinted, view of the two major players in the theme, daemons and Tyranids. The spin on these forces is certainly unique and twisted but it is something fresh and worth exploring.

See, I said I wouldn't do a full review and there I go and do one. All I can say to you now is go get this book! Beg, Borrow or Buy you need to have read this book to understand the Genesis of the 40k universe. The style and imagery isn't to every ones taste but for me this book rates a full 5 out of 5, if nothing just for the nostalgia I feel when reading it.

Available from:
Space Marine by Ian Watson
Softback • ISBN 9781844169016

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Atlas Infernal - Book Review

Atlas Infernal by Rob Sanders
quisitor Bronislaw Czevak is a hunted man. Escaping from the Black Library of the eldar, Czevak steals the Atlas Infernal – a living map of the Webway. With this fabled artefact and his supreme intellect, Czevak foils the predations of the Harlequins sent to apprehend him and thwarts his enemies within the Inquisition who want to kill him. Czevak’s deadliest foe, however, is Ahriman – arch-sorcerer of the Thousand Sons. He desires the knowledge within the Black Library, knowledge that can exalt him to godhood, and is willing to destroy the inquisitor to obtain it. A desperate chase that will bend the fabric of reality ensues, where Czevak’s only hope of survival is to outwit the chosen of Tzeentch, Lord of Chaos and Architect of Fate. Failure is unconscionable, the very cost to the Imperium unimaginable.

As any 40k aficionado will know this novel is about Inquisitor Czevak. The Inquisitor is a very, very hunted man, and after escaping from the Eldar’s Black Library of Chaos. This book centres on him and his survival

As the novel sets out from the very beginning Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak cannot make a single step without being hunted by some of the most powerful beings in the universe! The problem is that not only does Czevak carry the knowledge of the Eldar Black Library in his head but he has also stolen the Atlas Infernal (which isn’t just the name of the novel), a living map of the Eldar Webway. Both of these items on their own could be very dangerous indeed in the wrong hands, but to have both!! Those wrong hands come in two forms, principally those of Ahriman, Arch-Sorcerer of the traitorous Thousand Sons Legion; an already superhuman being who sees the Atlas Infernal as a means to aspire to godhood. The threats also come in the form of other Inquisitors eager to kill him for perceived heresy, and finally the Eldar Harlequins eager to return him to the Black Library itself to preserve him and the knowledge he has obtained.

One thing I liked about this novel was the chances we got to explore new areas or areas little touched by the Black Library writers. It was refreshing as well to see the imagery adding to the plot but not wholly dictating it. Sanders has taken a great opportunity to look at the lives of those unfortunates touched by chaos but not in thrall of it by looking at loyal citizens that just happened to get caught in the wrong place. The end result of the timing and location of the action is that you get a real feel for where our heroes are and how important it is that their mission succeed. As noted by other reviewers and I point I will reiterate is that for once the level of detail complements the plot instead of working against it and you’re left with a fully realised and atmospheric stage for the drama to play out on.

As for the characters, there is an odd mix, some are likeable, some are merely tools (in both senses of the word) and some just don’t seem right. However no matter how bad or, on the flipside, well written the characters are Sanders really does a good job of fleshing them out and making them work in to the story. Some of their plot points and the way they interact seems a bit over the top but it seems to work. One example is the Relictor, all I will say is Superhuman, yes, when he meets the GKs…. Well come on you have to be kidding!! I really didn’t like that part (about the only part I didn’t like in some way) as the outcome just shattered any ideals that one might have had from previous and accepted fluff. I know Sanders was breaking new ground and trying something new but it just really didn’t work for me, other might like it and to be fair the imagery and action was superb, it just didn’t sit right with me.

The plot whilst steadily onwards and flowing is broken neatly and constructively by jumps, flash backs and general reminiscence, where previous meetings and experiences are dealt with and as the plot goes on are explained. Whilst these could be annoying in other stories here the revelations and styling of them work well and adds to what is in effect a great mystery novel. The plot devices, the cast (I much prefer in this case to think of them as a cast then characters) and the overarching story make for an interesting and unusual read from the Black Library and one that no doubt leads the way for more Czevak novels, and who knows even a Ravenor style set of sequels! A generally good read and a must for any fan of the lesser man coming good. A solid 4 and a half out of 5 and one for the shelf.

Available from:
Atlas Infernal by Rob Sanders
416 pages, softback • ISBN 9781849700696

Imperial Glory - Book Review

Imperial Glory by Richard Williams
Tired and broken by war, the men of the Brimlock Eleventh Imperial Guard are a force on the verge of collapse. Having been stretched across the galaxy by their loyalty to the Emperor, they are presented with one final battle that will allow them reward they all seek: to colonise the distant world of Voor and live out the rest of their days in peace. All that stands in their way is a force of savages – a plague of feral orks that has spread across the planet. But can the Brimlock’s battered bodies and minds hold up to this greenskin invasion?

In the latest imperial Guard novel from the realm of the Black Library we join the Brimlock Eleventh Imperial Guard who are already heavily depleted, find themselves battling for not just their lives but for a home against the mighty Greenskin army on the distant world of Vorr. Yes as we all now expect from the Black Library, it does have some heavy duty combat, but not as much as one might have thought and certainly not as much as with the Space Marine novels out there. The style of the writer is one that concentrates on the struggles of both the mind and the physical and as such does a great job of bringing both the fore as the reader feels the troops exhaustion throughout the title.

The novel does have many good points, there are some strong characters (some of which are almost too funny) and some that are recognisable from other genre and films. The characters do fit together well apart from the overly “evil” Commissar who just seems there as something to add for no real reason other than to show the various parts of the Imperial Guard. The plot is unfortunately a little bit too much like a military option, the story is almost to formulaic, you know what will happen before it happens all because it’s been planned out beforehand. This telegraphing of the plot is a tad frustrating as there is little in the way of surprise but I guess the characters themselves make up for this. Yes this does mean you might plod along and miss the odd intriguing bit here and there but I’m sure in most cases they will be picked up.

As mentioned though whilst there is action a plenty the focus is on three main characters and how this campaign plays out for them. We have Major Stanhope, a man who’s unable to put the past behind him, 2nd Lieutenant Carson, a man unable to escape his past actions, and Private Blanks, a man who has no idea what his past is. There’s a number of really great supporting characters as well that flesh out the company, you really get the sense that the 11th have been fighting far longer than is healthy for a person’s wellbeing. Physically, they’re extremely capable soldiers, but mentally there are questions! Just keep an eye out for Mr. Emmet and you’ll know what I mean. The problem is that whilst this is an interesting angle to go with the Imperial Guard I do think it should have been spread out and not only focused on this but also on the day to day functions of the guard, we could have had a campaign series here instead of a single novel, as there are some very tantalizing hints to the working world of these guardsmen.

Whilst ‘Imperial Glory’ won’t rank up there with my all-time favourite Imperial Guard novels as at times it’s just a little too slow and when thinking about the novel it does make me think of missed opportunities for developing the characters, backstory and even the campaign it certainly is a good read. The novel kept me reading and when it really got going I was glad that I’d stuck with it, but it’s ending whilst premature was different enough from the normal flow of the Black Library stock that it actually made me pause for a moment or two as it is very emotional. Williams’ family has its own share of military figures (as the appendix at the end shows) and throughout the book you definitely get a sense of this knowledge and experience as when the chips are down and combat is joined this really comes across. However despite all that the novel gets a solid 3 and a half out of 5 as despite its human appeal and emotive undertones the initial starting point is somewhat laboured and the story doesn’t allow for as much in the way of surprises as one might like. Still a good and potentially great study of the Guardsman’s condition in the 40k universe. An interesting read and I would love to know what other people thought of it.

Available from:
Imperial Glory by Richard Williams
Softback, 416 pages, softback • ISBN 9781844168880

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Forge World Newsletter #281 - Contemptor Weapons and Guard Praetor, models and rules!

As always the important bits reproduced below:

Hi there, In this week’s newsletter we have a fantastic addition to our Imperial Guard range in the form of the Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher, as well as three new weapon options for the very popular Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought. We’ve also got further information for those of you attending Games Day Australia in October who want to place reservation orders, and news of the biggest event of our 2011 calendar: Games Day UK in September.

Contemptor Plasma Cannon, Heavy Bolter and Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon
The ancient and prized Contemptor Dreadnought, once a mainstay of the Astartes Legions during the Great Crusade, is capable of fielding many different heavy weapons. The Contemptor Pattern Plasma Cannon and Contemptor Pattern Heavy Bolter are both precursors to the weapons systems found on the MkIV and MkV Dreadnoughts, and the Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon is considered by some techno-savants to be the forerunner to the Assault Cannon carried by Space Marine Terminators.

Designed by Will Hayes, all three new weapon options are now available to pre-order for despatch in the week commencing August 30th.Experimental rules for the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought are available to download from the Forge World website, and the keen-eyed amongst you will notice that one of the ‘forbidden’ weapon options has now been revealed. We’ll be bringing you more weapons for this amazingly popular Dreadnought in the coming months.

Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher
The Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher is a sophisticated weapon that mounts a multiple heavy missile launcher system. Use of this design, recently approved by the Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, is spreading swiftly throughout frontline regiments, but the use of the Praetor missile system far predates the hull design of the Crassus Armoured Assault Transport upon which it is now mounted.

This resin model is packed with lavish interior details such as missiles and auto-targeting systems, the Praetor’s massive main weapons system features three racks of immense warheads, and a sliding support that allows it to be opened for firing and closed for transport. The Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher is a complete resin kit, designed by Stuart Williamson and Daren Parrwood, and is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 30th August.
Experimental rules for the Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher can be downloaded from the Forge World website now, taken from the forthcoming Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition, along with an exclusive Apocalypse Formation.

Games Day Australia Update
The full range of Warhammer Forge products, along with a huge selection of the Forge World range, will be available from our stand at Games Day Australia, held on 1st October at the Australian Technology Park, Redfern, NSW. Both our 2011 Event Only MkIII Armoured Boarding Space Marine and Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith models will be on sale, and to mark the return of Games Day Australia we’re also offering an exclusive last chance to buy some of our previous Event Only models as well.
We are now accepting reservation orders for Games Day Australia, and this is the best way of ensuring that we will have exactly the models you’re looking for, packed up and waiting for you to pay for on the day.
To place a reservation order, please send an e-mail entitled ‘Games Day Australia Reservation’ to, making sure to provide your full name and a list of the items you’d like to reserve. You can also phone the Forge World Customer Service team on 0011 44 115 916 8177.
You can place a reservation for anything currently available from the Forge World online store, as well as our Event Only MkIII Boarding Space Marine and Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith figures. We will provide a confirmation e-mail before the event that will contain your order number and a total cost in Australian Dollars, payable upon collection. Please contact GW Australia Customer Service for full details of pricing at the event.

Games Day UK – 25th September 2011
Here at Forge World we’re busily finishing masters and painting models for Games Day UK, held at the NEC in Birmingham on Sunday 25th September. Tickets are selling fast but there are still some left, so if you’ve not yet bought one either pop in to your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre, call 0115 914 0000 or visit
We’ll be bringing you regular updates on our presence at Games Day UK, ranging from the ever-popular Studio stands which will, as always, be packed with new and work-in-progress models, books, and our amazing display boards, to the Sales stand which will have a huge selection of the Forge World range of resin kits, modelling supplies and books.
We are now accepting reservation orders for Games Day UK, and as with our other UK shows this year, we’ll be taking payment in advance for these orders so that it’s much quicker and easier for you to collect at Games Day. A reservation order is the best way of ensuring that we have exactly what you want at Games Day, including our Show Only figures, so please call the Forge World Customer Service team on 0115 900 4995 to place your reservation.
Ead Brown - Customer Service Manager, Forge World
Annoyingly for the bank balance another newsletter full of FW desires! I really really like the Contemptor and am using it as justification for a now SM force. The Praetor and the Crassus really make me fancy expanding my guard but then again I'm already planning that so yay. Would love though if FW gave some more pics of the camo scheme used on the chimera they used for scale pics, might just have to email them about it :)

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A Tale of Five Gamers - Dan's Complete 500pt Space Marine Force Round-Up

Hi Folks,
well here it is, the end of the 500 point challenge finally and we have our first complete force. The order was drawn randomly and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Dan drew the short straw and gets the first post in the series of round ups prior to the voting.

All the round ups will be posted over the next week or so prior to the final vote and will all follow the same format with the fluff, army list, pic and some words to show you what has been produced, so with our further ado time to hand over the blog to Dan:


Recon Force Phi

Recon Force Phi History
Recon force Phi has been dispatched by Captain Sicarius to investigate the loss of contact with an Ultramarines remote monitoring site near the borders of the expanding Tau empire.

Under the command of Veteran Sergeant Karras, recently returned from a tour with the Deathwatch, the force has become embroiled in the dual encroachment of the Tyranids and the Tau upon Imperial space, and the worlds under the stewardship of the Ultramarines. Due to the increased threat level of multiple xenos incursions, Veteran Sergeant Karras has notified Macragge and has requested reinforcements.

Despite continuing to gather intelligence for the imminent arrival of a full sized strike force, the Ultramarines have been unable to make contact with the planetside Imperial forces, causing their loyalty to be thrown in to doubt...

Army List
The 500 point force was based off the following Army List (any Caveats or errors are explained at the end of this article) created to represent a similar force:

500 Point Challenge Images
Below are Images showing Recon Force Phi at the outset of their expedition in to the Quintairn Sub-sector. 

Complete Force

Tactical Squad 1

Tactical Squad 2

Fast Attack (Proxy HQ)
Assault Squad

Some words from Dan
So this is it, challenge one down, done and dusted. Really happy with what I've managed to do.
So what we have is two tactical squads each led by a sergeant who stands out a bit. On top of that we have the assault squad led by a deathwatch sergeant. My favourite minis are the heavy weapons boys and the deathwatch mini, to be honest the entire assault squad looks really nice.

To explain why there is no HQ choice it was decided that at this points level for a Marine force the cost of an effective HQ was too high so the decision was to let me not take one but i had to make at least one of the Sergeants a Veteran to show some kind of leadership within the force. It was also felt for fluff reasons it wouldn't be unheard of for a decorated Veteran Sergeant (especially a Deathwatch Veteran) to lead a small recon force rather then an Officer
As we progress through the challenges and as my skills improve I will return to these models and apply some more detailing

There you have it folks, the first of our round ups, i know its taken a while and we're all thankful for you sticking with it this far. Once holidays are over we will of course be expanding the forces and posting some battle reports. So thoughts, comments and feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks and enjoy!

Blog News - Boot Camp Vehicle Comp Entry

Hi folks,
just a quick post prior to the first of the completed force round ups going up later to say the Boot Camp 2011 Vehicle competition voting options are now up and yours truly has entered for the first time ever. So head on over to the Boot Camp to view the entries and vote on your choice - though votes for mine would be appreciated if its worthy of them - you can head on over here:

Thanks for looking and hope you like the forum and the models you get to see.

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A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 20 - Round up!

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 20 - Round up!

First up it is time for this weeks round up of all the action - as sparse as that may be once again!

Week 20 Updates

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 20-2 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update

Millest's Week 20 Update

Well Folks, time for some good news!! I have finished models!! This week after much fannying about I have managed to complete both my Chimera and my Medusa. So those guys are added to the tally of completed terrain.
This week I will mainly be finishing guardsmen and my psyker (slight change with him so hope you all like him) but as I say lots of hard work this week. I dont know how well the pics reflect it but the models are painted in a black and green pseudo-berlin style camo and are then weathered up with some nice drybrush effects, these use tin bits, boltgun metal, a dark grey/brown and then a final all over dry brush (though heavier at the tracks) of khemri. As you can see - hopefully - from the pics the tanks have many many little conversions to them and a virtual cookie to anyone who can spot them all. So on with the pics:

Enjoy and comments would be great!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 20-1 - Dan's Marine Update

Dan's Week 20 Update

Hello again!

With the final hurrah approaching on this challenge I can say that I have paint on every single model, and not just black undercoat and smurfish blue!

So moving on to my actual update of what I have done. This week I have turned my attention to the final unit that had no paint applied to them, yes folks that’s right my assault squad. I have followed the same scheme throughout my units, regal blue as the primary colour, burnished gold for the iconography and company markings, ultramarine blue for accenting joints et al. But with the assault squad I have used boltgun metal for the jump pack straps and bleached bone for the skull motif at the centre of this. Piccies below:

The eagle-eyed and observant of you will notice a lack of actual jump packs! These are the only components that have yet had paint applied, alas this is soon to be rectified and hopefully my assault squad will be fully assembled.

And for a teaser… I have recently purchased the Chaplain with jump pack in Finecast, must say I am really impressed with the detail....BUT more on this in the next challenge!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 19 - Round up!

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 19 - Round up!
First up it is time for this weeks round up of all the action - as sparse as that may be once again!

Week 19 Updates

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 19-2 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update

Millest's Week 18 Update

Hi Folks, just a quicky from me, lots of work and time away recently but have some pics of my tanks to show the final scheme prior to weathering. I hope you like them and any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
cheers folks.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 19-1 - Dan's Marine Update

Dan's Week 19 Update

Quick update this week as I wanted to share with you my three stand-out minis for this challenge – my multi-melta, my heavy bolter and my sergeant for the assault squad.

I have fully completed my two heavies. I’ve enjoyed the process with these as the weapons give you more scope and detail to play with. I’ve played around with some different metallic paints to show up different components and details just so everything wasn’t standard boltgun. The pics below are of my two heavies, comments appreciated.

On to my sergeant…as mentioned in the fluff for my force this sergeant has returned from a deathwatch tour, so in honour of this he has kept his DW colour scheme. As you can see I’ve looped in the Ultra’s scheme with the obligatory chapter pad and also painted the combat shield in the smurfy blue. My favourite part of this mini though is the power halberd. The pic below shows the my first attempts, I have yet to apply any wash or highlighting so will look better with that and a painted base.
‘Til next time TTFN
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