Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 20-1 - Dan's Marine Update

Dan's Week 20 Update

Hello again!

With the final hurrah approaching on this challenge I can say that I have paint on every single model, and not just black undercoat and smurfish blue!

So moving on to my actual update of what I have done. This week I have turned my attention to the final unit that had no paint applied to them, yes folks that’s right my assault squad. I have followed the same scheme throughout my units, regal blue as the primary colour, burnished gold for the iconography and company markings, ultramarine blue for accenting joints et al. But with the assault squad I have used boltgun metal for the jump pack straps and bleached bone for the skull motif at the centre of this. Piccies below:

The eagle-eyed and observant of you will notice a lack of actual jump packs! These are the only components that have yet had paint applied, alas this is soon to be rectified and hopefully my assault squad will be fully assembled.

And for a teaser… I have recently purchased the Chaplain with jump pack in Finecast, must say I am really impressed with the detail....BUT more on this in the next challenge!

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