Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 19-1 - Dan's Marine Update

Dan's Week 19 Update

Quick update this week as I wanted to share with you my three stand-out minis for this challenge – my multi-melta, my heavy bolter and my sergeant for the assault squad.

I have fully completed my two heavies. I’ve enjoyed the process with these as the weapons give you more scope and detail to play with. I’ve played around with some different metallic paints to show up different components and details just so everything wasn’t standard boltgun. The pics below are of my two heavies, comments appreciated.

On to my sergeant…as mentioned in the fluff for my force this sergeant has returned from a deathwatch tour, so in honour of this he has kept his DW colour scheme. As you can see I’ve looped in the Ultra’s scheme with the obligatory chapter pad and also painted the combat shield in the smurfy blue. My favourite part of this mini though is the power halberd. The pic below shows the my first attempts, I have yet to apply any wash or highlighting so will look better with that and a painted base.
‘Til next time TTFN

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