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Blog News - Black Library action, Posts and Plans!

Hi Folks,
time for a round up of the happenings on and off the blog, I know its a while since the last one so I thought now would be a good time to catch up and let you all know the going-ons!

Black Library Recognition and Twitter
As regular follows will know I often review new Black Library releases on the blog and recently I have begun posting links to these on Twitter. Recently I'm please to say that a couple of these have been retweeted and mentioned by the Black Library so at last the blog has some wider recognition. So hello to any new readers from the Black Library and thanks to them for mentioning the reviews on their feed.
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Followers and Posts
Speaking of new readers I'm please to note that we now have 70 followers on the blog, so firstly thank you all for following and coming back time and time again to view the blog.

The blog has also hit a mile stone by passing the 250 posts mark, so whilst this escaped me and slipped by without me realising (I think we're on 260ish now) I do intend to get something special arranged for post 500 and hopefully have a painting comp or give away open to all.

Finally going on the blogger counter tool we have have nearly 64000 hits and according to google over the course of the life of the blog so far we have had 25000+ unique visitors to the site!! All I can say to those states is WOW!!

So once again thank you all and just, WOW!!! I cant believe it and I'm glad that enough people are enjoying the blog that they are not only coming back but most likely also sharing the site with others. Thank you all and keep enjoying
Tale Of Five Gamers plans
As you are now doubt aware the TOFG 500pt challenge is coming to a close (more below) and over the past week or so, despite their lack of progress, myself and some of the other members of the challenge have been looking in to the onward progression of the challenges.
I have therefore decided to document the plans so that people cant change their mind or chicken out. So without further ado here's a list of what you can expect to see in the future:
  • Completion of the 500pt challenge
  • Expansion of the TOFG challenge to 750pts
  • The Power Armour Challenge
  • Expansion of the TOFG challenge to 1000pts
  • The Terminator Armour Challenge
  • Expansion of the TOFG challenge to 1500pts
  • The Deathwatch Challenge
More details will come for the various challenges as and when they roll out on the blog but lets just say they look fun. I'm also considering opening up some of the smaller challenges to allow people from outside the blog to submit their own work, but this will be looked in to for practical terms closer to the time.
Just so you know whilst these are planned these will be featuring alongside any other articles, guides, reviews and projects that might crop up. Hopefully these are intriguing and hope you enjoy them.
You can catch up on the TOFG progress so far here:

Tale Of Five Gamers votes
With the 500pt challenge coming to a close over the next few days you should see features appearing for each of the armies rounding up their fluff, lists and pictures. Once these are completed we're hoping to have a vote up and running for around 2 weeks so you can pick the force you feel works the best or sticks closest to their fluff or just appeals to you in general. The winner will definitely get bragging rights and more then likely a beer or two from the lads but that will be decided later! So please keep and eye out and please cast your vote when you it goes live.
You can catch up on the TOFG progress so far here:

New reviews
As previously mentioned a number of new reviews have gone up recently and have been added to the Book reviews tab. Coming soon I'm hoping to have some reviews on some products and sellers but this will be added once the 500pt votes are in so I can use the models in this for the reviews.
The reviews sections can be found here:

Layout and Feedback
As regulars will notice I'm often fiddling with settings on the blog, but the thing is no matter what I think looks good the blog is all about you the readers. So if you have any feedback on the layout, the articles you want to see or something you want adding please let me know and I will see what I can do for you. Also on the flip side of that if there is anything you don't like or don't want to see let me know. Any and all suggestions will be welcomed and looked in to. I can be contacted here:

Guest articles and Blog rolls

If any regulars would like to have their Blog added to the blog rolls on the right hand side please either post below or contact me via email. I have also decided that given the number of readers and hits it is time to open up the floor to guest bloggers. So if you have an article or an idea for an article please get in touch and I will see if it works for me and the blog and if so I will try to include it with full credit.
If you have a blog or an article you would like to see here please contact me here:

The final bit of news for this round up is that I will be away on my hols again soon (not that I have another one booked or anything) so I wont be updating the blog or able to respond to any comments or emails from around the 3rd to the 17th of September. Any emails, comments or requests will be dealt with on my return, but the voting for 500pt challenge will be open over this period so please continue to visit and vote in the poll.

That's all folks so thank you all once again for reading the newsy news and the blog. Also as I'm going to be away from the blog in around a weeks time please remember:

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