Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 20-2 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update

Millest's Week 20 Update

Well Folks, time for some good news!! I have finished models!! This week after much fannying about I have managed to complete both my Chimera and my Medusa. So those guys are added to the tally of completed terrain.
This week I will mainly be finishing guardsmen and my psyker (slight change with him so hope you all like him) but as I say lots of hard work this week. I dont know how well the pics reflect it but the models are painted in a black and green pseudo-berlin style camo and are then weathered up with some nice drybrush effects, these use tin bits, boltgun metal, a dark grey/brown and then a final all over dry brush (though heavier at the tracks) of khemri. As you can see - hopefully - from the pics the tanks have many many little conversions to them and a virtual cookie to anyone who can spot them all. So on with the pics:

Enjoy and comments would be great!

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