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Forge World Newsletter #334 - Abaddon and Loken Special Character set

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there, In this week’s newsletter, the second in our series of special Horus Heresy character sets is available to pre-order – the infamous Ezekyle Abaddon, First Captain of the Sons of Horus, and the noble Garviel Loken, Last Captain of the Luna Wolves. We’ve also added a new interview to our YouTube channel, and we’ve got some events news for you.

Abaddon and Loken
Ezekyle Abaddon, First Captain of the Sons of Horus and Master of the Justaerin, was one of the most renowned and fanatically loyal commanders of the XVIth Legion. A hulking brute of a Space Marine, whispered rumour had long speculated that he was the clone-progeny of the Warmaster himself. Regardless, Abaddon walked willingly into treachery alongside his master, slaughtering many of his former comrades on the blasted fields of Isstvan III, and soon his name was amongst the most feared and despised of the traitor Horus’ followers.
Garviel Loken once commanded the 10th Company of the Luna Wolves Legion; later the Sons of Horus. He was a well-respected and senior commander, and one of the Mournival, the unofficial cadre of Horus’ closest advisors. His idealism and staunch loyalty to the Emperor and Humanity saw him selected to command the Sons of Horus contingent in the assault against the recidivists of Isstvan III. When the true scope of betrayal was revealed, Loken and his comrades cast aside their Legion name and proclaimed themselves Luna Wolves once more. They exacted a heavy toll on those they had once called brother, but it was as the Last Captain of the Luna Wolves that Garviel Loken fell.

This very special pair of models are supplied in a particularly handsome presentation box, just like Angron, and Abaddon and Loken are multi-part resin models, each packed with Legion-specific iconography. Each is dynamically posed and supplied on 40mm and 20mm bases respectively for gaming purposes. The figures also slot into a large scenic base to allow the fateful duel between the two to be represented.

Simon Egan has designed two stunningly detailed figures to depict these two most famous commanders of the Sons of Horus Legion. Loken is charging forward, his hatred of the traitors writ clear upon his features, while Abaddon is braced to receive his former brother’s assault, the Eye of Horus having replaced all Imperial iconography upon his armour. Abaddon is additionally supplied with two weapon options: an ornate power sword and the combi-bolter that his wargear includes for normal battlefield use.
The Abaddon and Loken set is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 1st March.

We felt that such incredible miniatures, and the cataclysmic duel that they are fighting, deserved some extra insight, and so we’ve uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel. Simon Egan explains some of the design process behind these two special characters, alongside close-up shots of the incredible level of detail that he has achieved.

I have to say i love this, its even better then angron in my opinion and the swapable weapons are awesome. I can only hope FW decide to to a garro so later in the HH we can have him and his warband running about :)

Sneak Peek - Forgeworld Legion Sniper and Mechanicum Construct

from Liam over at the Overlords here is the latest Sneak peek from FW of their legion sniper or reconnaissance marines:
and in this picture from Christophe a construct for the Mechanicums Ordo Reductor:

this looks awesome and cant wait for the rest of them, looks like i might be adding a unit to my IG for fun. Might even use one as a combat servitor for an inquisitional warband.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Death From The Skies Arrives! A quick Review

Well it has arrived, my copy of Death from the Skies arrived this morning, after the postie forced it through the door (note to postie - if the package is bigger then the letter box its not meant to go through it) and already I've read it.

First up a quick disclaimer as i havent had a 6th ed game yet or used fliers I wont comment on rules but will be happy to answer any questions or specifics you might ask

Initial thoughts are - WTF did I pay for? this book is roughly the size of a new White Dwarf if not slightly smaller, the only thing that actually stops it being identical is the cover seems slightly thicker! personally I feel the most ripped off i have ever being by GW, the product seems small, pathetic and certainly not worth the money. OK i appreciate this is just a stop gap measure but til the codex comes out for the appropriate army this is a true money spinner from GW - if FW hadn't saved the day earlier with some amazing customer service this moan would have being much worse

Ok so on to the actual pages, they are well laid out as we have come to expect from GW with some very nice artwork too. Most of the models we see aren't new and are just from the studio armies but then again looking at fliers is fun even if you have seen them before.

Rules wise nothing new really from reading my current codex and rulebook, there some amendments of course but if you have any specific questions please ask, will be quicker and more fulfilling to answer them for you below :) I think from what i can see the aces are a nice idea and one i will be looking in to in great detail, again apologies but not knowing much about 6th ed and fliers i would rather answer your questions.

The campaign idea, like with crusade of fire, is mediocre, however it does give some good ideas (and a few tactics) and makes a change to see some white space marines as opposed to blue. Some thought has gone in to the two new missions you get and comparing them to previous games they look entertaining, i was just hoping for a few more i guess.

One thing i do like though is the burning skies "stand alone" game idea. that and the special manouvres really are the stand out rules for me in the book and something i will be looking at getting some 6th ed games under my belt for.

There are some nice showcase models and as mentioned while they are the studio models they are good. The one thing i personally think is missing from a modelling side is the conversions or scratchbuilds you see in some of the other codex model sections.

In summary, this is an OK stop gap measure, however it is definitely over priced and is far from codex standard. For the information it brings though it is very useful - good to have all the updated rules in to one place - just wish there was more to the book. Would I recommend it? to a single solo purchaser no, if however there are 3-4+ of you that game together regularly then yes, all chip in and buy one copy that way you will all have the rules and it wont cost the earth that way.
For me the book, mainly due to its small size and high cost only rates a 2 and 1/2 stars.

So once again as i havent played 6th ed if there are any specific questions or queries about the book please ask and i will do my best to answer them for you.


An update from Forgeworld via their forgeworld facebook page, they have advised we consider this an official FAQ:

The rules don't overlap onto Imperial Armour Aeronautica. Any of our flyers that list Deep Strike among their special rules can still Deep Strike.
Stormravens cannot carry Contemptors.
Storm Eagles aren't available to Blood Angels. There's a price for refusing to reveal STC data.

an interesting update and a shame about stormravens but even more so about the storm eagles, i know a number of people fancying these but it certainly does cut the number of buyers down :(


The back cover is just a load of pictures of the flyers for sale.

Page 5 - 20: "The Battle of Cadrim" - This looks like a slightly extended version of the section in White Dwarf when the storm talon came out. It includes the same pictures of the White Scars armies etc.

Page 23 - 29: Air War Missions.

Mission 1: Deadly Bridgehead: Space Marines with Necron[i] allies, against Orks.
Mission 2: Scramble; Space Marines V Orks
Mission 3: Aerial Assault: Necrons V orks with Space Marine allies
Mission 4: Death from the Skies: Necrons V Marines

Page 32 - 40: Burning Skies - Looks like a reprint of the Crusade of Fire rules

Page 40 - 55: Gallery pictures

Now we're coming to the important bit

Page 56: StormRaven Beastiary: It includes the FAQ updates. EG, a Dreadnaught taking s10 hits if the flyer explodes and is zooming. The important note is [i]Blood Angels and Grey Knights armies use the rules printed here though their storm ravens have additional wargear options and rules - see the army list for details. Also, new piece of artwork. An ultrasmurf storm raven.

Page 57: Storm Talon: Still 2 HP. It now has the Strafing Run rules. Type (Flyer, Hover). Escort craft rules looks to be clarified to avoid anything BS-ey. Can't escort anything using Outflank / Deepstriking. Plus other stuff. NO supersonic rules

Page 58: Valkyrie/Vendetta: Exactly the same as the IG codex, but with HP's added in - Same as rulebook. Also the Grav Chute Insertion rules have been updated with the FAQ rules

Page 59: VoidRaven/Razorwing: I'm assuming these are the same? Razorwing Armour 10, VoidRaven Armour 11. Night Vision/Supersonic rules

Page 60: DoomScythe: Looks the same as before
Page 61: NightScythe: Broadly the same as before. They clarify the embarked unit doesn't take damage when destroyed. Also they enter through normal reserves? No mention of rembarking on a night scythe... However. "If a night scythe has moved more than 24", the disembarking unit may only fire snap shots."

Page 62: Dakkajet: No Hover. However, Strafing run, supersonic. Fighta Ace upgrade has been renamed to 'flyboss' - it basically gives him Strafing Run against things you don't get strafing run against.... Aside from that, same as before.

Page 63: Burna Bomber, Blitza Bomber: Seems the same as before, with obvious changes. No hover. Supersonic, waaagh plane! Edit: Yep, points costs and upgrades are identical to White Dwarf.

Page 64: Wargear. A burna bomb is a bomb... Death Ray looks like it has rules changes... It hurts friendly models too. It can't hurt zooming flyers or flying monstrous creatures.

Page 65: Wargear. Everything looks the same.

Page 66: StormStrike Missiles: I dunno what to say, they actually seem to kick rear end... S8, AP2, concussive...

Page 68: Army List:
Storm Raven: Heavy Support: Yup, marines and templars get storm raven. Nothing for space puppies. Grey Knights and Blood Angels don't get stormstrike missiles. The rest looks broadly similar
Storm Talon: Marines/Black Templars only (typical). Fast Attack. A lot cheaper in points. The most expensive version is 10 points cheaper than before.

Page 69: Army List:
Valkyrie And Vendetta: Identical to earlier rules

Page 70:
Razorwing, Voidraven, Doom Scythe, Night Scythe:
I think these are identical to their normal rules

Page 71: The Ork Flyers: In all honesty, they seem the same as the white dwarf. I think someone with more of an ork brain will need to pick out the diffferences.

Page 72: Summary Page.


an update and response to peoples queries are in the comments below, if you have any more queries or specifics you would like to know let me know and i will hopefully get them answered for you asap.


Once again Darog at Darog's Company has published these great photos of Death From the Skies.







These are like Warlord Traits and you pay for them.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Forge World Newsletter #333 - Emperor’s Children Contemptor and Forge World Black Library Preview

As always all the important bits below:


Hi there, In this week’s newsletter, the proud Emperor’s Children Legion have a new Contemptor Dreadnought available to pre-order, and we’ve also got a tantalising hint about something very exciting on the ‘event’ horizon...
Emperor’s Children Legion Contemptor Dreadnought Regarded as the most advanced and powerful pattern of Dreadnought fielded by the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade, the Contemptor draws not only upon technologies found in the more common MkIV and MkV designs, but also arcane systems taken from the ancient and shrouded lore of the Legio Cybernetica.

The significant advantages in speed and durability granted to the Contemptor over older Dreadnought patterns are not without cost, however, as it requires higher levels of maintenance than other designs. This has not prevented it from finding a place amongst all the Space Marine Legions though and demand for the new chassis is incredibly high.

Designed by Simon Egan and Will Hayes, the Emperor’s Children Legion Contemptor Dreadnought is packed with details themed specifically to this honoured Legion, such as the Palatine Aquila proudly borne upon the sarcophagus of the Dreadnought, and the unique ‘Phoenician’ pattern helm granted as a mark of valour among the Emperor’s Children.

A fantastic centrepiece for both Heresy-era Legion forces and 41st Millennium Chaos Space Marine armies, the Emperor’s Children Legion Contemptor Dreadnought is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 1st March.

Forge World and Black Library Preview

Thanks, Ead Brown Customer Service Manager Forge World

Like the contemptor but it does look very similar to some of the stuff from scibor minis, mind you it is based on the HH card game pics so i guess it makes sense.

Im looking forward to the BL/FW tie-in, i can only think its some kind of graphic novel with a few models being made but not sure yet :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Forge World Newsletter #332 - World Eaters Rampagers

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there, This week we bring you news of an eagerly anticipated Legion squad release, the fearsome World Eaters Rampagers, as well as a new Legion weapon set, and five new Legion shoulder pad sets too!
World Eaters Legion Rampager Squad
The Rampager squads of the World Eaters were formed of the most savage and bloodthirsty Space Marines in a Legion already notorious for its fury in battle. All underwent the prohibited psycho-surgery that Angron is believed to have instigated among his favoured sons. Those who survived honed their newly enhanced desire for berserk slaughter through martial discipline and the mastery of cruel and vicious weapons adapted from the arena combats in which the Red Angel fought during his youth.
Of those World Eaters who were plunged too far into madness by their Legion’s experiments, little is known, but dark rumours whisper that they now form the ranks of the Caedere, or ‘butchers’; a dark foreshadowing of the red-handed future of the XIIth Legion.
Designed by Mark Bedford and Will Hayes, the World Eaters Legion Rampager Squad contains five complete multi-part resin models, which are packed with Legion-specific detail. Each member of the squad is presented helmetless in order to show the surgical implants the Rampagers received, and the kit also contains a meteor hammer, two Excoriator chainaxes, a barb-hook lash and a pair of Falax blades; all weapons unique to the World Eaters Legion that can also be used to build XIIth Legion characters.
Legion Phobos Pattern Chainaxes
Less common a sight than the ubiquitous chainsword, the chainaxe was used almost wholesale by the World Eaters Legion, its savage nature and brutal appearance a match for their merciless style of warfare.
Designed by Will Hayes, the Phobos Pattern Chainaxe set contains five Phobos-pattern chainaxes and five bolt pistols. It is fully compatible with our Power Armour mark sets models, and is perfect for portraying the ferocious warriors of Angron’s Legion.
Legion Shoulder Pad Sets
Keith Robertson has been busy designing sets of World Eaters, Death Guard, Sons of Horus and Emperor’s Children Legion MkIII shoulder pads, as well as a set of Death Guard Legion Cataphractii Shoulder Pads. Each pack contains ten resin shoulder pads featuring Legion-specific iconography.
All of these fantastic new releases are available to pre-order now for despatch week commencing the 1st of March.
Thanks, Ead Brown Customer Service Manager

some people might not like it but i love to see some more variation in the pre heresy armours, and these heavey weapons squads dont disappoint. Also nice to see ther erratas out so quickly too.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - Febuary Commitment

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - Febuary Commitment

So after last months success I intend to keep up the pace this month and expand the armour and airsoft gear.

Workbench commitment for January 2013
So once again this month we have the tanks! I have a total of 4 Russes to build and magnatise. These are all Alpha pattern Forgeworld russes with the appropriate turrets, although I have 5 turrets as I plan to convert one for my commissar. In addition I have plastic Turrets as extras for them all to allow for some fun and games.
So this months commitment consists of the following:
  • Build 4 x Leman Russ
  • Build Additional Exterminator turrets
  • Build Additional Russ turrets
  • paint and reassemble mich
Overall i think a manageable goal so please do keep an eye on the blog for progress over the coming weeks.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Airsoft Armoury - Ops Core Helmet Completed

As followers of the blog may know I have recently picked up an OPs Core Fast helmet. Overall despite inital concerns about the colouring etc it turned out it didnt need too much work afterall. Though as you can see there was plenty to add to it:
some of the items pictured but not used were things like the peltor side mounts, others such as the peltors are rigged to my vest so dont appear in the pics below, but the pads inside the helmet were adjusted to allow me to wear the all together.

So to start up with here is an overall veiw and we can go in to more detail as we go on:
 The helmet has had additional velcro added to allow the mounting of patches, lights and potentially at a later date a camera. The rails were tightened and mounting posts for my regulator goggles were added.

nothing specoal just a close up of my multicam Union Jacks, one of which will be replaced eventually but I think these are great quality patches and some of the best produced I've seen in a while.

 A picture of the rear showing my customer name tag, again great quality and the little Union Jack finishes it really well. my only bugbear is that the edging doesnt match the flag patches but thats nothing major.

 In addition to the patches a V-Lite was added to the top, whilst it seems counter productive to stick something big and glowing on top screaming "shoot me, shoot me!" it really helps on night games as I can just activate it and call hit. In addition occasionally having an identifier in CQB helps.

As you can also see a surefire replica helmet light was added to the side for general lighting purposes. Initally I did use the specific surefire mount but I felt this stuck out way to far so instead I modded one or the rails mounts that came with the helmet and made a much lower profile mount.

as you can see the surefire helmet light also has red lights for low light operations (apparently) but i just think it all looks cool in red.
So there we have it the completed Ops Core helmet, hopefully you guys like it and hopefully the Mich 2000 will look half as cool.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - January Update

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - January Update

First update of a new year commitment and I think Ive managed it, was a struggle with work and travel but i think I've done well.

Workbench update
So this months commitment consisted of the following:

  • Build chimera - completed
  • Build Manticore - completed
  • Build 3 x hellhound - completed
  • paint and reassemble fast ops helmet - completed
  • paint and reassemble mich  - partially completed
As you can see a pretty successful month with pretty much everything I set out to complete getting done, the tanks went together perfectly and the magnetisation was easy, as you can see below:

All the chimeras in the lower picture have not only their multilaser turrets but forgeworld autocannon turrets and out of shot a flamer turret each as well - for any eventuality. All the tanks have magnets in the front to allow for changing out the hull mounts should I need to. There is some small detailing i want to finish (when the bits arrive) such as track guards but all are ready for spraying once the Russes are complete.

The helmet after a brief sand down and buff didn't need painting and the finished article looks great, more on this in a future post, the only downside was that the Mich2000 didn't get completed. It got an initial coat of paint but then the weather turned and I couldn't spray, hopefully this weekend that might be rectified.
So overall quite pleased but really need to get it stepped up a gear for 2013.

Forge World Newsletter #331 - Heavy Weapons Squads and Weapons

Apologies that not much has been happening on the blog this past week, Jury Duty is calling and spending too much time on that, still onwards with the post.

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there, In this week’s newsletter we’ve got another fantastic selection of Horus Heresy releases for you: four eagerly-anticipated new Heavy Weapon sets and three new Space Marine armour sets to allow the Legiones Astartes to add Heavy Support squads to their ceramite-clad ranks. We’re also adding to our range of Horus Heresy bundles with no less than nine great new sets.

Space Marine Legion Heavy Support Squads and Heavy Weapon Sets           
The Legiones Astartes are provided with devastating, mobile firepower by their heavy support squads; units of Space Marines bearing the heaviest weapons available and tasked with smashing armoured vehicles apart and shattering hordes of enemy troops in withering hails of fire.

Will Hayes has designed three Legion Heavy Support squads, clad in MkII, MkIII and MkIV armour. Each kit contains enough parts to build five multi-part resin Space Marines, comprising five different sets of legs, and shoulder pads, arms, torsos and helmets.
Will has also designed four new Heavy Weapon sets for use with these squads. The Legion Missile Launcher Set, Lascannon Set, Multi-melta Set and Plasma Cannon Set each contain five detailed resin shoulder-mounted weapons for use with the MkII, MkIII and MkIV Heavy Support squads.
World Eaters Legion Brass Etch Symbols
The World Eaters Legion, and their Primarch Angron, were the most savage and dreaded of the Legiones Astartes, and their assignment to a Crusade fleet or warzone meant only one thing for the enemies of mankind: extermination.
Designed by Paul Rudge, this sheet of World Eaters Legion Etched Brass Symbols is packed with over forty detailed brass Legion symbols, perfect for use with our full range of Space Marine Legion Infantry and Vehicles to further personalise your XIIth Legion force.
All these new Space Marine kits are available to order now for immediate despatch.
New Horus Heresy Bundles
The Horus Heresy bundles that we released in November 2012 are still proving to be incredibly popular, so we’ve decided to leave them available for the foreseeable future and have also added several more:
The Legion MkII Assault Squad Set containing twenty Space Marines and a MkIV Power Weapon Set.
The Legion MkIV Assault Squad Set containing twenty Space Marines and a MkIV Power Weapon Set.
The Legion Deimos Pattern Rhino Set containing three of these iconic transports, ideal for creating a mechanised assault element within your Legion force.
The Legion MkII Heavy Support Squad Set 1 containing twenty Space Marines equipped with Heavy Bolters, Missile Launchers and Lascannons.
The Legion MkII Heavy Support Squad Set 2 containing twenty Space Marines equipped with Heavy Bolters, Missile Launchers and Lascannons.
The Legion MkIII Heavy Support Squad Set 1 containing twenty Space Marines equipped with Heavy Bolters, Missile Launchers and Lascannons.
The Legion MkIII Heavy Support Squad Set 2 containing twenty Space Marines equipped with Autocannons, Plasma Cannons and Multi-meltas.
The Legion MkIV Heavy Support Squad Set 1 containing twenty Space Marines equipped with Autocannons, Plasma Cannons and Multi-meltas.
The Legion MkIV Heavy Support Squad Set 2 containing twenty Space Marines equipped with Autocannons, Plasma Cannons and Multi-meltas.
All nine of these new bundles are available to order now for immediate despatch, alongside the existing Legion MkII, MkIII and MkIV Tactical Squads, the Contemptor Dreadnought Talon and the Cataphractii Terminators with Power Fists and Power Axes.
Betrayal and Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition FAQ and Erratas
Two new FAQ and Errata documents are now available to download from the Forge World website, one covering
The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal and the second covering Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition: Imperial Guard.
Thanks, Ead Brown Customer Service Manager Forge World


some people might not like it but i love to see some more variation in the pre heresy armours, and these heavey weapons squads dont disappoint. Also nice to see ther erratas out so quickly too.

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