Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Looks like he is suffering from Turrets - More resin based goodness for the 1313th

So the build process is slowing down in the lead up to our little mans first birthday and christmas but I have taken some time to tidy up my resin turrets and begin on conversions for commanders. I seem to have most turret types covered and will only be using plastic turrets for Battle cannons and Eradicators, I aim to have the ability to swap various turrets on to a pool of 6-9 Russ chassis - I have 7 already.

First up we have the commissars, whilst in game it makes no difference I like the idea of commissars in tanks. Also as I hate painting faces I have used various Death Korps Commissars that have been cut and placed (to be glued eventually) to create a dynamic Commander.

as you can see from the first picture whilst I like the FW turret body I also arent a fan of the Plasma cannon in it so a simple swap with a plastic one from the demolisher tank and you have a much beefier tank

Next up Is the Volkite, Vanquisher and converted Punisher I will be using on my command tank, with a sneak of my own Pask.

This is my prefered version of the Punisher using a DKOK Demolisher, the rules for the tank are great but the plastic model lets it down a touch. A very simple conversion but I think it fits the style of the turret better. You can also see one of my tank crew conversions using the elysian drop troopers, I like these are tank crew as the lightweight armour and jumpsuits really does work for tank crew as they usually dont have the same kit as line troops.

Next up are the demolishers and exterminators, nothing much on these in the way of conversions apart from crew, but has to share are I love the forgeworld turrets.

fingers crossed once these are sorted I will be able to get on to building the chassis but as I am going for cut and paste style for the line tanks, the command tanks might get some extras, there probably wont be many pictures.
thanks for looking

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Unique units - Time for fun with the 1313th builds

So after a quiet few days and modelling getting back in to a much more real world pace after my week of fury I decided to work on some random units I had floating about. Its mainly rebasing and a small portion of building but hopefully these are some characterful units for you to have a look at.

First up is a squad of Recon Marines from FW as a bit of a fun unit, I have a plan for these but cant bring myself to paint them just yet :)
All the models have had their bolters swapped for pistols and chainswords which might hint to their potential use.

The serg or commander is a MKIV commander based conversion with a simple head swap and the helmet under his arm removed and replaced with a plasma pistol. His partner in this picture is glossy as I managed to squirt superglue all over him :(

Next are my Adeptus Arbites squad, these will probably be run as Scions or a command squad, the models are old (not the 1st version though) but personally I think they have held their own and not aged badly, if only I could get GW to bring these back (along with revamping sisters).

Finally in my lot of unique bits I have the Tech Priest from the old Skullz collectors set. This chap will be used as both an Engineseer and as a character in a force I am planning for the new year (watch this space), he seems very chunky given the latest FW or GW ad mech offerings but for my needs I think he is ideal and wish I could get hold of more of the set to bulk him out in to a unit.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Send in the Heavies - Super Heavy Armour for the 1313th

So once again on to tanks and as promised today is something a little heavier with a whole plethora of super heavy tanks for your delectation!

first up is every ones favourite and go to super heavy the good old reliable Baneblade, still one of my favourite plastic kits from GW.

Next up is my Macharius Vulcan Super Heavy, bought on a whim and not built for ages through fear of how difficult it is I finally did it, and let me tell you it was much easier than I feared. My only annoyance is the autocannons on the front as they are bent and any attempt to straighten them snaps them, does anyone have any alternatives or ideas I could use?

whilst on a roll with the Vulcan I decided I might as well tackle the Vanquisher too, this one was equally as simple to build but needs some serious filling on the rear as there is a 5-6 mm gap between the lower and upper hull, more pics for this once I get round to doing it :)

The Twins in their full glory, and nicely highlighting the colour differences in FW resin, not only between kits but sometimes within a kit!

I also thought I might as well tackle the Crassus whilst at it, and whilst it took more sanding than the others combine I think the final result is worth it, now to find an excuse to use it!

there is also a crassus praetor in the pipline but that needs a tad more work then first thought but she will be joining the ranks soon, once my six russes and more turrets than you can shake a stick at are done.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tanks again! - Armour for the 1313th

today sees more building of the 1313th and this time we are on armour, mainly chimera based to start with but other heavier stuff is on the horizon!

First up is the ride for my Inquisitor with a Machinator 248 rear body to make it stand out and some own cast/sculpted details I think this is a nice change to a standard chimera.

speaking of which here are three standard chimeras for if I run an armoured platoon or veterans force, given the chance I would put everything in armour!

Hellhounds next and all are magnatised ready for the various weapons but I am in two minds about this and might just build them stock (not sure on the hull weapon though) and just change the list should I decide to run a different variant.

finally some true heavy support in the form of the Manticore, a nice little model but not one I am really sure will get the attention or use it deserves.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Guards! Guards! - More warm bodies for the 1313th

So today was a good day for the 1313th as they finally on Friday the 13th got some warm bodies to swell their ranks! Todays build consisted of a whole platoon, some extra weapons and some additional command units. Additional work was made for myself by swapping out all the heads that had bare faces for gas masks but all in all was a good day.
Downsides however included running out of bases, running out of gasmask heads and how the hell I managed this one I don't know, I ran out of guardsmen!! Oh, and my chair broke :( still a productive day that left me putting this lot (and some others not pictured) to bed

Ad Mech Thallax - The 1313th Ogryn detachment proxy

another post on my progress and one which I enjoyed doing a little more than normal.

I personally don't like the ogryn models GW produces, either past or present. So I decided to take a slightly different route and as the 1313th are accompanying an Inquisitor I thought he would have access to some awesome toys so decided to use the Forgeworld Thallax.

I decided to give one of the Thallax a MKIII breacher shield just to mark him out as the Bone'ead upgrade when I run using them as Ogryns, nothing fancy but just think it works really well and adds something to the squad.

the other four (five when the replacement leg arrives) are all in various poses and one is modelled with the beckoning hand so I can use him as a second leader should I split the squad and field them as Ad Mech forces or smaller squads.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reinforcements inbound - adding HQ elements and Vets to the 1313th

well folks today really is a day of firsts! Gw listens to the fans, I post a second post and I also appear to have done some modelling..... shock horror.

Today was spent either rebasing models to match the new standard I am using for the army or modelling up bits to fill out some of my options, so with out further ado here's what I have been up to.

up first is the yet to be named commander and his basic command squad, some slight conversions and some brass etch as well as new bases.

next up is my command unit extras, a couple of flamers and meltas to give me options and a nice Standard bearer to represent Kell when I decide to run my commander as Creed, hence the impractical power fist.

this is my Kasrkin command squad with the final conversion work done and finally mounted on 32mm secret weapons miniatures urban streets bases to match the rest of the force.

Final HQ squad element is this autocannon team, two plasma gunners and the scanner operator, basic work but just gives me more options should I fancy swapping out models.

next we have two heavy bolters for use with my veterans when I fancy swapping out my lascannons for a more target rich opponent, I like heavy weapons squads as  I like to have them almost acting out a scene and hope that works with these guys.

final models for my veterans are these three melta gunners, as with everything else only modelled up to provide options for me to swap around a bit.

I also dug out my advisors and based them up ready to paint, I love these models and they are some of the very few bare headed models in my force, I love them but I forgot how much of a pain in the arse metal is to work with.

final part of the HQ and Elites for today was this Wyrdvane Psyker squad, not much done to it apart from rebasing but chopping off the tags and little spurs was a pain in the ass.
so that's some of today's work, hope you enjoy and who knows might even get paint on them once everything else is built :)

Specialist Games - return from the broom cupboard

Well it seems the rumours are finally confirmed, this just in from the warhammer app confirming things:

I'm a tad excited by this! Bring back epic, necromunda and battle fleet gothic and I'm a happy if skint little man

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Unmumsy Mum's Guide to Motherhood: What Would You Do?

This isn't something I normally do but please go read this article and do as you see fit, I wont ask you to do anything other than read, anything after that point is your call.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth - Even more Pics

More pics are leaking and to be honest the more I see the more I like. enjoy



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth - First pics

First pics are leaking out. Seems a cross between space hulk and execution force.

a tad disappointing about the dreads but stick some assault cannons and a missile launcher and they work fine as support dreads - then a relic from FW as your main dread and sorted.
I know ill end up with two - one to play and one to raid for my HH army but still need to know about if its limited or not - suspect not (they have to fill the shelves now the hobbits gone) - and that's all about when I get the two I want lol
pleased its a standalone game just a slight shame its based on the spacehulk/execution force tile system (note to GW you missed a trick there by not making the SH and EF tiles interchangeable) but at least the models look usable for 30k, fingers crossed for some expansions like for the old space hulk game.

also noted from elsewhere on the net - The sales of the box will dictate what will be released next, how it will be released and when it will be released. ONCE AGAIN, IF THESE SITES SAY THEY KNOW WHAT IS COMING OUT, THEY’RE LYING.
Contents of the Box:
30x Tactical marines MK IV ONLY!
5x Cataphractii Terminators
1x Contemptor with Lascannon and CCW (FW Contemptor arms are interchangeable with the new plastics)
1x Praetor
1x Chaplain
The game box will be the only way to get the models for the initial release. The more you buy the faster the minis will come out in squad form.”


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