Friday, December 20, 2013

Blog News - Black Library and Forgeworld Clear out time!

Hi folks,
having another clear out of projects and bits that are never ever going to see their full potential so if your after that Forgeworld Tank or these Horus Heresy art books you've been after for a while, those limited run Chaos Artbooks you've been eyeing up or just need that extra set of arms to finish your squad head over to my eBay page where you can find all manner of goodies! It can be found here:
For extra ease there is also a nice conveinient link on the top right of the page now. For any followers who bid and contact me special postal deals (only pay for one items postage, everything else is free) can be organised.
Hopefully this link on the right will become permenant and I can keep the auctions updated and filled with fresh bits.
Thanks and happy bidding!
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