Saturday, May 30, 2015

Limited edition codex and devestator sneak peeks

Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Space Marine Sneak Peeks - more sprues and prices

New Assault Squad - Better Sneak Peek Picture

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Space Marine Sneak Peeks - Chapter upgrade sprues

found these over the weekend whilst browsing the net and seems we might finally be getting decent upgrade sprues:

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Warhammer world grand opening live blog

Today I will be attending the grand reopening of warhammer world and attempting to live blog the sights and toys. Please bear with for updates and post any requests for info in the comments. 
Apologies in advance for any picture sizing issues these will be resolved ony return to Maison Millest. 

Saturdays Event

5.15 am - the assault craft is resupplied with combat rations (well coke and twixs) before departing the realm of Essex. 

8.15 am - the arrival! Small changes externally and tank now next to the door but still looking good and it seems the place has grown slighty. However the queues are long already and the biting midlands wind doesn't make it too much fun, still will warn up inside or at least the credit card will. 

8.27 am - FREE program's handed out with pics of today's items including some nice sneak peeks like sigismund. Here are the first pics:

9.20 am - inside and in more queues but efficient service. Interior of the gaming hall very similar with additions as below

9.31 am - warlord Titan is 1240gbp all in!!! Painful but for FW still not bad. 
Purchases made and all ltd ed event only stuff is initially listed to one per person :-( still for those wanting bits I might be able to pick up more later, you know who you are so don't worry :-)
Iron warrior, alpha legion, princeps, meduson and importantly tempest are mine! Mine I tell you, MINE!!!!

10.00 am - spent an amazing nearly hour with Gav Thorpe, Guy Haley and John French talking about their work and their passion for the universe. Truly a pleasure. Plus signed copy of Meduson so not bad at all :-)

11.10 am - more pics from the FW section inc alternative warlord head and weapons mount 

11.20 am - swag so far :-)

11.30 am - reinforcements arrive
After assisting the death korps officer with his breast plate he was summarily executed for incorrect use of the emperors uniform by the present commissar. 
The boarding action wasn't the swiftest one ever carried out by the emperors angels

1.10 pm - I have just spent an hour and half in the exhibition hall and have been rendered speechless twice! Once for a few seconds and once for a solid 5 minutes!!!! As a result I'm only going to post a few teasers here and if people want more then will put up another post later in the week

3.10 pm - spent a large amount of time at the forgeworld tables with Alan Bligh again and got some more pics of the upcoming releases including a khorne knight conversion kit, walking lord of skulls, HH white scars, ultramarines, a nurgle "thing" and some princeps models. Enjoy. 

Also availible, somewhat early and in limited quantities were the new forgeworld airbrush paints or as I prefer to think of them "proper legion paints"

Model of the stand had to be this epic scale warlord Titan which was a 3d print copy of the big boy :-)

5.25 pm - my day drawers to a nice close with a good meal at Bugmans, more book signing action and a final look at the much maligned space marine command tanks. I personally don't collect modern marines but when I do I will definately be getting one of these sets the models themselves are 1000% better in real life with lots of details, extras and worthwhile conversion parts. Yes there are some silly parts on there but look at the pictures and bits below an tell me you couldn't make some cool conversions out of these. Already have plans for if I ever get to start my grey knights

Also on show were various units of ad mech robots

Final pic of the day is my favourite ad mech robot of the show

My thoughts on the event and how the new look hq works will be written up and posted either Monday or Tuesday to give me time to take stock and recover :-)
Thanks for taking the time to read this blog
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