Thursday, November 26, 2020

Mezoan Medicare - Show me where it hurts

 Magos Biologis Rebus Perscrutandis prowls the battlefield looking for victims of Mezoa fury to dissect for study and in many cases Mezoan fallen for the very same reason.

A nice simple conversion using the new forgeworld Doctor Arachnos model with a trimmed plastic Tech Priest Dominus head.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Mezoan Forgefather - a little side project

 he Forge Master Omni Gallus has serviced the war forces of Mezoa since before anyone can recall and even searches in to his service to the forge come up short.

Finally some hobby progress of the 40k kind, or maybe that should be Rogue Trader kind!
This little fella is the oldest model now in my Mezoa force and was kindly donated to me by a local gamer. Named after a little friend of mine this chap was an interesting little fella to paint.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Battlefleet Hermetika - House Hermetika crosses the stars


House Hermetika crosses the stars in style!

Spent a product couple of hours this week working on something different to 28mm and went down to “that’s bloody small” scale.

Decided to put together a House Hermetika themed drop fleet for Battlefleet Gothic.

I don’t play bfg but had some bits floating about and thought what the hell I might as well.

I have a monkeymonks transport ship that I see as being the main drop ship as I think the silos make great drop keeps. I added a couple of the monkeymonks smaller transports as smaller drop/recovery ships and then used original metal cobras as escorts.

Nice and simple to paint, base black, dry brush lead belcher, nuln wash and another dry brush then pick out all the little details and lights. Nothing big or clever but I like the way they tie in with the knights.

Monday, October 05, 2020

Mezoan Chibius Pattern Skitarii

 This unusual Chibius Pattern Skitarii has been spotted accompanying the forces of Mezoa under the guidance of Magos Cawl, this has led to some speculation that Cawl maybe experimenting with some kind of Primaris Skitarii - albeit with various levels of success!! So with this chibi and until GW reopens and releases the new Ad Mech models it would appear the forces of Mezoa have reached completion. Something I never thought I would say!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Mezoa Marches - Duneriders riding

A trio of Mezoa variant Skorpius vehicles prepare to engage the enemies of the Omnissiah.

The extended troop bays and modified turrets were done again to reduce the number of models required but also to give a more robust look to the craft. They can be fielded as Duneriders or as Disintegrators.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mezoa Marches - Ironstrider Engines

A brace of Curvabilis pattern Ironstrider Engines of the forgeworld Mezoa scour the rad wastes for abominations of the flesh.

Converted to have both the lance and the lascannons to enable me to field as either option - given they are quite expensive base models anyway

Friday, May 08, 2020

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Mezoa Marches - Exploratory team Omicron-Mui-Gamma 20

Exploratory team Omicron-Mui-Gamma 20 from the Forgeworld of Mezoa begin their investigations of the remnants a recent battle.

Manipulus Valik of Omicron-Mui- Gamma 2020

Technoarchaeologist Daedalosian of explorator team Omicron-Mui-Gamma 2020

Xiphon 101 and Termina 88 personal Servitors of Omicron-Mui-Gamma 2020s Technoarchaeologist

These guys are my first minis of 2020! Started and Finished over the past few days (unlike the shadowsword) and are a big help in moving towards completing my #2020hobbygoals

Friday, January 03, 2020

Mezoan Might - Specilised Shadowsword for the Mezoa forces

The motive leviathan that is the Mezoan Shadowsword identified as the “Radula Caseus” used to support the Knights of House Hermetika and as a test bed for various weapons identified and developed by the forges.

Built using the Standard Shadowsword Kit i upgraded the engine block with the blood and skulls industries block, Sponsons are also from B&SI but with left over weapons from my Onagers to represent the heavy bolters and lascannons and look suitably Mechy.
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