Monday, March 23, 2015

More Adeptus Mechanicus Leaked Images

Ok so more images now and its looking like I might well end up skint despite the first lack luster images :)

Adeptus Mechanicus - Initial Images

First up it seems we have the first images of the new Ad Mech, these images are from White Dwarf, one showing a 4 legged walker painted in red, with a admech soldier on top with a heavy stubber. There was a second image of an admech robbed infantry holding a rifle, but was rather small and blurry. Both images were shown on an internet chat group.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Discoveries of Arkhan Land - RT era Land Raider and Speeders

So folks time for the final post of the RT purchases and today it is the purchases I am really happy with. Today we explore the discoveries of Arkhan Land! The Land raider and speed though all the editions have been two of my favourite models. 

The FW MKIIB conversion mixing the current plastic with the old epic plastic raider is one of my favourite models of all time, but the new re-imaginings of the MKIs from FW have just blown me away, so when the opportunity arose to acquire one for this army I couldn't resist, and got three!

The Land speeder is also a favourite, right back from when they were just two lawn chairs bolted to an engine to the current trainer looking version I love the models and the idea behind them.

 As you can see the motor pool has taken a massive increase this week with the Land family joining the mix and adding some heavy punch to the line up.

First is the red speeder, goes faster apparently, this bad boy is complete but I still have no idea what to use as a base. I do like the model and particularly love the worlds most exposed crew on these.

The blue speeder again is intact and is in serious need of striping but all being well things will come up well and this can join the forces soon.

The first of my Raiders was a surprise purchase, didn't think I would get it with a low ball offer but did. On arrival the model was in better condition than I thought, whilst some of the weapons are damaged the model only has the lightest of coatings of silver.

My second raider is in equally good condition, but the paint is much thicker, more like my first painting of vehicles, bit heavy but consistent! The weapons are all intact and the doors have all being hinged, but given how it was done I will no doubt end up gluing them back in place!

Finally we have Big Blue, the paint on this isn't too bad, looks worse then it is, but this is the raider I am least enamoured with! For me this model will either end up being sold or used for other projects, but again another good buy and nice to own some of my favourite models.

Over the next couple of weeks real life is due to be busy but there will be a background hum of progress at Maison Millest as things are stripped, assembled, sprayed and generally sorted out! In the mean time I will be posting up some of the various RT artwork, box art and conversion guides I have acquired in my spare time for inspiration to help anyone out that might need it.

One finally request does anyone know of the best KR multicase foam options for this entire for? looking to have it in one box, though maybe waiting til its completed might work better as I can then see what options are best. Any advice or suggestions would be great though.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

So long and Tanks for all the fist! - RT Motor pool Expansion

This week has seen the motorpool for my RT era marines increase by a few vehicles, including one of the first conversions any 90s marine player will remember fondly.

First up there are a trio of Rhinos, are they now considered a herd? One green one that has been slightly nurgled that will get restored for my devastators, a yellow/brown one to be modded up and altered for another squad and a black one who will most likely be the subject of a big conversion but that's still not confirmed.

Next we have a weekends worth of work (in between baby feeds and moving two ton of top soil in by bucket) we have the old RT era 60mm base whirlwind. One of my first ever big conversions and its nice to be doing it again.

I love the whirlwind and just hope I can save where the paint has crackled slightly during spraying.

So the motorpool has increased in size and brings us nicely to the end of my penultimate post on the models I have sourced. More details on plans next week but it looks like now things can finally move on.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oh, what utter Bullocks! - RT Era Jet Bikes

todays arrivals are something I am very pleased with, today I am now the proud owner of a set of bullocks! Bullock jet bikes that is. I have manged to source three of these bad boys in the two patterns they were made and whilst compared to the current FW ones they are tiny they are perfectly in keeping with the RT era.

This bike appears to be of the newer style they were made and with the additional detailing and markings I think it will be ideal for the squad sergaent.

the remaining two appear to be origional bikes and are very basic in apperance but have nice brutal looking front ends.

no official pilots but there are some plastic RTBs I can use for this, overall though very pleased with my purchases.

As requested by a number of people here are some pics showing the various aspects of the bullock MK1s.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Wounding with intent - RT Era Assault units

First RT post of the week and it gets brutal. Over the last week I have wheeled and dealed my way to secure two great Assault units for use in the force. Whilst one of them might not be fully RT it is close enough to do me and will certainly hurt once on the table top.

First up is my new Terminator assault squad, whilst not an RT unit rules wise I felt the need for them in the current edition out weighed that.

where possible I have stuck to the RT choices, in particular with the squad Sergeant. sticking to the traditional power sword and storm bolter.

Next up is two lightning claw armed terminators, the base models as far as I cant tell are RT genuine and I the claws whilst not RT may have been released at a similar time, either just before or early 2nd edition so kind of counts, but the style of the pads matches the normal RT terminators I have.

They are supported by two thunder hammer wielding beasts, as with above the base models as far as I cant tell are RT genuine but I think the storm Shields are possible late second early third edition, but I am happy with them.

My other assault unit is actually two small 5 man units, although I guess it could be one massive 10 man one, I now have enough metal RT jump packs to convert the ten RTB01s in to assault troops over the coming week. The marines are in parts which is nice and makes it good to carry out simple conversions, keeping as much original as I can.

The packs are in great condition and just sprayed black, must say when the arrived I certainly knew when they hit the door mat, these things weigh a ton!

So those are the first bits in the week and it does look like once completed the force will definitely have some teeth. More to come later in the week.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tanks for the memories - RT motorpool

First post of the week for the RT project and we start with some of my favourite early GW kits, I remember building these style kits very early on, possibly before I had even finished a squad. I loved the old school rhino but my favourite of the smaller kits had to be the predator. I really do think it is a lovely kit and when I finally get round to my Red Hunters I plan on using the more modern forgeworld version to invoke the spirit of these kits.

After some scouring, natty dealing and a very kind donation from Damien I have ended up with this small motor pool that I would like to expand (old 60mm base whirlwind anyone?), so here they are:

as you can see a nice little selection covering both transport for my squads and some much needed fire power. I would like to source a couple more Rhinos for various projects but right now I am very happy with the vehicles I have and look forward to naming all of the tanks.

First up we have a lovely Dark Angels predator, donated to my by Damien (you might remember him from some of the blog challenges), the model is in great nick and looks as brilliant as I remember. This model already has its name and in recognition of its origional source it will be know as "Angels Gift"

Next up are the two rhinos, these were swapped with a fellow oldhammer fanatic who will be getting recognition for his part else where in the project. These two models are pretty much perfect, nothing wrong with them and a lovely smooth undercoat to make them a dream to work with.

Finally we have an example of the older style front plate on the predator, I dont remember those from the kit but assume they must have been there. This kit might take a bit more work to bring up to scratch but I think it should be ok to use. Not sure on a name but thinking either Dorns Fist or Eagles Vengaence.

More to come soon, just waiting on the final packages (again) as I always seem to find something new (but obviously old) to add to the force. Once arrived they will be up and I can start prepping for painting :)
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