Thursday, April 14, 2016

Warhammer 40,000 Legends Collection - Fortnightly Black Library Collectables

via JPW on facebook it appears GW and the BL have snuck a fortnightly series of Hardback books past us and on to the shelves of Newsagents, WH Smiths and Supermarkets all over the UK.

Launching right now this new series seems similar to the current Marvel, DC and Dredd offerings giving collectors a resonably prices hardback novel and magazine every fortnight.

Running to 80 issues this seems a good collection but the real draw is the free gifts you get if you sign up for a subscription (that can be cancelled at any time and you could get your free gifts by the time issue 5 is out, but it has also been noted though that each "delivery" is 4 issues and those are £40 but there could be the interpretation that when a gift is with your "2nd Delivery" this isn't your second issue but your second tranche of 4 books, this makes it at least a £180 spend but then 9.99 for a Hardback isn't bad, especially to get some freebies).

more details are here:

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

30th Birthday Imperial Space Marine Rules

The rules for the imperial marine are actually epic and can see a lot of these turning up in armies (and even conversions so people can use these rules)

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