Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Keepers of the Lore - More Rogue Trader adventures

So today opens with the latest arrivals for the Rogue Trader force and looking at the classics in detail. Today saw the arrival of two units I have been looking forward to receiving, and for me the favourite units in any incarnation of the Space Marines.

I fought the Lore - but the Lore won!
These guys and their variations in later incarnations are for me the endearing roles within any Marine army, the are the Lore Keepers. In one case a true historical link to the past and in the other the keeper the documents and records of the chapter, and what better units to add to an old school force then with units that represent a chapters ties to the past.

First up with have the Librarian in Terminator armour, This model (dated 1989) is one of may favourite early plastics and one for me that solidified my appreciation of both terminators and most importantly Librarians that still holds strong today (all my librarian conversions in the past show this) and I felt a good solid HQ choice to start with.

Now on to the true Ancient of the 40k universe and one that just screams history and veteran to me.

The Dreadnought was the next obvious choice both to tie in the older feel of the force but also the nods to the fact these guys are meant to be ancient heroes and tie that in to the nature of the old school models. This guy is cute! I cant describe him as anything else as there isn't much scary about him but armed with Power Fist and Plasma Cannon there is enough scary about him on the table top to annoy a few people :)

So there are the latest editions to the force and there will be more to come soon with more models being organised at home and sourced from that there internets! Check back for more soon.

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