Friday, March 09, 2012

The Power Armour Character Challenge - The Vote!

Hi folks,
welcome to the final vote for your favourite mini from the Power Armour Challenge. I'm pleased to say that we recieved three out of the four initial entiries so i cant complain (too much) and it's now time for you all to take part.

As you may have noticed above this post is a poll asking you to vote for your favourite model from the challenge. This vote will run until the 16.03.12 at midnight, after which the totals will be taken and the winner will be announce (and then contacted regarding the prize) so please vote and here is a reminder of the entries:

Aspiring Champion of Slaanesh Selimyks Blood

Commander Falx - Fifth Company Reclimation Commander

Captain Varro Hektor

So folks there are the entries, please vote and please let us all have feedback on what you like, dont like or think in general of the models you have seen.
Thanks and enjoy


O'Shashar said...

I do like the Champion of Slaanesh has a good feel to it though it is a ice collection of heroic models and you should all be proud.

BdaGamer said...

Thanks, and I agree. They all look good. Even if I dont win, I am glad of the exposure.

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