Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hobby Update - Project Raptor and Baneblade WIPs

Hi Folks,
just to show I haven't been idle lately (a lot of wedding planning and visiting has been going on) its time to update on what work has passed through the workspace recently.

First up we have Project Raptor, one third of the project is now assembled (minus cockpit) and I must say the model looks awesome and is better then I thought it would be, I just hope I do it justice when I get to paint it.

Also over the weekend I spent time sat in the garden building the Baneblade I have had in the cupboard for about two years. The model is great, very clever and a lot bigger then I remembered. My only gripe is I really don't like the track assembly, the links just don't seem to gel when being built but over all I really like the model.

Hopefully these will get sprayed up before I go off in August for my honeymoon. I also need to finish some Chimeras and if time allows to get my Russes assembled and some guard stripped. Any updates or useful things I will share before then :)

any questions or requests for images of things I might have worked on please let me know.

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a Sent One said...

Thanks for making me aware of the Vulture Gunship. Now I know what I want for my Vendettas.

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