Monday, December 20, 2010

Imperial Guard Army List - 500 Armoured Variations!

After playing with the Valkyrie 500's I thought it a good idea to organise some other 500 point lists for games and days when the Valkyries would not be practical (and from a costings point of veiw these are cheaper price wise) and have come up with the following lists.
Please have a look and feel free to give me any feedback you have for them.

Rapid Response 500
This is my first attempt at a response and patrol force using the 500 point limit. My thoughts were to offer a scouting element with the Sentinal, a Support element in the form of the Griffon and Rapid Response units in the form of the Chimera Squads.

Rapid Response 500 MK2
The second attempt at a response and patrol force is similar in its make up but drops the Sentinal and gains Meltas in the squads. It maintains a Support element in the form of the Griffon and Rapid Response units in the form of the Chimera Squads.

Rapid Response 500 MK3
The third attempt drops the extra and provides a Chimera based force with no extras but lots of assorted weapons.

Thinking about these lists I am very tempted to swap the turret weapons and the hull weapon for flamers on the command squad for a bit more anti-personal.

Next we have my mini armoured coloumn forces:

Armoured Coloumn 500

This is a bear bones list with no extras in the squads

Armoured Coloumn 500 MK2
This list alters the Russ and adds some punch with the launchers in the squads. There with these lists of course is the option to change the hull and turret weapons on the chimeras.

So folks, thoughts and feedback as alternative lists? I've a feeling I'll end up using one of these first


AbusePuppy said...

The Mk2 and Mk3 Rapid Response lists both look pretty good- however, as some small tweaks, I might try and find enough points to put a Medic in your command squad (which necessitates dropping one Plasma Gun.) A 5+ save isn't enough to protect you from overheats, and you'll be very glad to have the extra protection. Additionally, Heavy Bolters and Heavy Flamers are pretty bad weapons to use in the turret of your Chimera- the Multilaser is excellent for its ability to wound/glance most targets and good rate of fire. For the hull mount, Heavy Flamers are my go-to weapon because they are a nasty surprise for anyone who gets close to you; the Heavy Bolter is decent if you expect to be sitting still a lot, but that isn't often possible.

The Mk2 Armored Column looks decent, but I still don't like the Primaris Psyker- dropping him to give your Vetrans some more toys (they seem woefully underequipped as they are) would work out a lot better. A Leman Russ is a scary thing in a small game like that, but the Exterminator just doesn't impress, as Autocannons aren't a weapon to strike fear into most players' hearts. Much better to have the all-round utility of a Battle Cannon. Dropping the Primaris could also let you potentially give it Bolter sponsons, which put out a surprisingly terrifying torrent of shots when sitting still.

Millest said...

the problem with dropping the psyker is that i need a HQ choice to make this list valid in respect of the force organisation chart of two troops and a HQ and there is nothing else to replace him with for less points :(

AbusePuppy said...

Most groups that play 500pt games use house rules, as the FoC doesn't really function at those point totals- for example, Space Marines find it impossible to spend less than 250pts on their required choices, and it's much more likely to cost them ~400 or so. The most common variant is to drop the 1+ HQ and reduce troops to 1+, rather than 2+, and make all other slots 0-2. However, you may want to look to wherever you intend to play at and ask what rules they use; however, I would be surprised if they required the standard, unmodified choices, as that makes for rather boring, same-y armies.

A Company Command Squad is actually cheaper than the Psyker, upgrades aside, but necessitates taking a transport or otherwise changing things. If you're forced to take an HQ... well, I guess the Psyker is your best bet, but again, I would be surprised if that was the case.

Ginge said...

If you like the strength of autocannons then instead of the Russ you could take two Hydras. They can put out a withering hail of fire, and there is a rather sneaky trick available for them. Sit them behind your chimeras. Their main guns are so big you'll still be able to fire at most targets to full effect, whilst the chimera will give your hydra a cover save :oP

Millest said...

hmm might have to play with the idea of the hydras, i know one of the marine players im planning on going up against is angling for a TH at a later date so that might prove worthwhile.

have checked their format for the rules and the do use the standard FOC, makes it easier on the newbies.

still their campaign is coming to an end in the next few weeks and i doubt ill have a force before then. still these lists give me something to work on and fall back on once ive got some units together.

in the next few weeks i intend to purchase the bits for a CHQ, two two squad platoons with PHQ, a chimera or two, and possibly a russ and maybe a couple of sentinals. so that at least for now gives me some models to work on - i hope assuming of course they get through the snow!!! Though does that seem a fair starting point?

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