Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All your Base are belong to........... us? Part the second!

After asking the question and sticking up a poll to judge the mood and thoughts of those reading I thought this wouldn't get much action, oh boy was I wrong! not only in a few days did the poll get the most votes so far on any poll, but also the comments on the post were the most ever received, so a massive thanks to all those that contributed and commented.

After a rather decisive winner in the voting and some rather insightful posting in the comments section of the post from a few folks (albeit slightly biased but we can forgive that) I am happy to announce a clear winner, consensus or collective drooling - call it what you will. The results were:

As you can clearly see the winner by a Suffolk mile (bit like a country mile but with more cider!) are the Secret Weapons Bases. Personally after all the useful info Mr Justin provided in the comments sections, the recommendations he got and my own personal preference I am glad they won. For those of you still curious as to which bases these are here's another picture:

As you can see a good range, nice detail and looking at those pictures some pretty good casting. I will hopefully get an order in once the New Year has rocked up, but for those of you that are interested the bases can be bought from Mr Justin here:
Once I pick the bases up I intend to get some of the other exceptional bits and pieces, such as the bolter shells just for the hell of it. Once its available I fancy some of the Roman Numeral brass etch too, depending on the size. So once ordered and arrived expect a product review on those SWM items.
Also just so the fans of the other bases aren't too upset don't worry as I intend to use the other bases in a number of other smaller projects to tie them together with a coherent theme.
As always thoughts and comments welcome!

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