Friday, December 03, 2010

Forgeworld Newsletter #256 - 2011 Sneak peeks possible Imperial Guard??

Hi folks
The latest Forgeworld newsletter has a sneak peak of the new releases for 2001, so reproduced in part below is the latest newsletter.


Hi There,
With December upon us, in this week’s newsletter we bring you the first part of our traditional Christmas Jigsaw, as well as a reminder about our Christmas shipping deadlines and current pre-order items.
Ead Brown

Forge World Christmas Jigsaw Part 1
To whet your appetite, we have braved great danger to steal this exclusive sneak peek from our 2011 release schedule. Keep your eyes peeled for more sections in future Newsletters.

Also listed in the newsletter are the following items available for pre-order:

  • Land Raider Achilles
  • MKIV Ironclad dreadnought
  • MKIV Hurricane bolter
  • MKIV Seismic Hammer
  • MKIV Chain Fist
  • Dark Angels Transfer
  • Space Marines Transfer
These can all be found for pre order here:

Pretty interesting looking little sneak peek, to me it looks like some kind of flame or chemical based weapon. Going on the wheels I think it may well be for the Death Korps. The rear corner of the tank makes me think of the Valdor below and I suspect that's what its based off.

Certainly looks promising and would like to know what you all think!
cheers and enjoy!

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