Saturday, December 04, 2010

Friday 5 Finds - 04.12.10

Once again a day late, one of these days I will have a quiet friday at work where I can actually sit down and get the five finds up, until that time though I have found you some nice links this week, who knows one day the network will have a queit day where people realise I have important work elsewhere!
  1. Winterdyne of winterdyne commissions has just posted up some rather special looking Space Wolves sculpted by Scribor, very good looking and very feral!
  2. On A Gentleman's One b.smoove has posted a pic or two of a rather neat Terminator and assualt cannon converion, very cool looking scenic base as well.
  3. On Mr Blacks blog we have some pics of his rather tasty looking Angels Sanguine force including some of the Space Hulk models
  4. Over on My Wargame we have a great step by step guide on how to use the Dark Eldar models to recreate John Blanches Sisters of Silence.
  5. On Dei Greci we have the latest progress on the Athena and my word is she a beast! Certainly an Imperial Vessel worth of veiwing!
Here is this weeks Blog Sneak Peak:


b.smoove said...

Thank you very much for the kind words.

Warhammer39999 said...

I came for the links you provide to other posts, but am most excited about the teaser you've shown. Are you building a battleship? That thing is HUGE!

Millest said...

B.smoove no problem great work and nice to see other peopes work

Warhammer39999 not mine it's a sneak peak of what's on one of the links, started sticking the sneaks up to tempt people in to going and having a look. Glad you liked it

Warhammer39999 said...

Oh, is that the airship of Dei Greci's (or however you spell it)?

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