Friday, December 17, 2010

Forge World Newsletter #258 - Christmas Jigsaw Reveal & Interview update!

Apologies it is a little later than usual but I can definitely say if you have seen this so far on the t'interwebs then your definitely in for a treat! Enjoy:



In this week’s Newsletter we bring you the final piece of our festive jigsaw puzzle, an update on the Badab designers’ interview and a reminder that there is still time to place an order for Christmas.
Stephen Green

Forge World Christmas Jigsaw Part 3
After much speculation and excitement, we can at last reveal the full glory of the Malcador Infernus which you will be able to add to your Imperial ranks in the New Year!

Badab War Designers interview
A few months ago we gave you the opportunity to pitch your questions to the writer of the Badab War books, Alan Bligh and the designer of many of the models that feature within, Simon Egan.
We had a fantastic response so we’d like to say thank you to all those who sent their questions to us, and we can now announce that the interview has been filmed and will be available for you to view on the Forge World site early next year.


Certainly looks mean enough, though something inside me cant help but scream "Very expensive Overkill!!!!" now I know there is no such thing as overkill but this thing almost has the look of a titan killer rather than something you would roll out against ground troops. Still I'm sure eventually I might end up with one for Apocalypse games!

so thoughts? Is this the latest Marmite tank from FW? (if any of our overseas readers don't get this let me know and I'll explain in the comments :) ) time to discuss in the comments section.

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