Friday, December 17, 2010

Hobby News - Exciting Delivers & Hobby Area news!

Well folks today's Friday Five Finds has unfortunately had a delay until later today due to a large number of arrivals late yesterday and earlier this morning.

Due to the bad weather I've had to wait sometime for the bits and pieces that have arrived but as far as I'm concerned it is worth the wait, so when you see everything that smashed through my door in the past 24 hours I'm sure you'll understand why. This is what has touched down at Maison Millest:

As you can see a fair old haul that was nice to receive as one lot, in there we have the Ultramarine movie, which I will no doubt be watching tonight, the Marine Codex, My next novel on the list The Emperors Finest and finally some Brass Etch from Forgeworld. Two lots of Inquisition Icons and a sheet of small Imperial Eagles for use on the Guard.

This arrival of many items linked with some small back part of my brain nagging at me has spurred me to spend the day organising a hobby area and getting it all set up so I can make the best use of the desk, so with out further ado may I present the forge:

As you can see pretty much everything I will need is now within arms reach, well apart from the beer and a fridge, but this looks like it will suffice. I know this isn't a comprehensive set up by any stretch of the imagination but it seems to work for the bits I have worked on this afternoon.

So folks a very busy day in the Maison and for once I've actually enjoyed some hard work.

Blog News
Finally a bit of a Blog question for all you readers, as some of you may have noticed recently there have been one or two non-warhammer 40,000 titles slipping in to the "Currently Reading" icon on the left of the blog. I was wondering if people would like the reviews I write for these posting on the blog or if you prefer me to stick to just Black Library titles.
Please feel free to feedback your thoughts on this subject.

Thanks and Enjoy

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