Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday 5 Finds - 01.10.10

This weeks Five Finds are from the past two weeks as I've been a little remiss of late.

  1. Dave Taylor has put up some excellent and highly detailed pics of the Adeptus Custodes army he is selling off for charity. Dave is one of my favourite hobbyists and has inspired many of my projects and keep and eye for my homage to his guard in coming months.
  2. From Ron over at From The Warp we have an excellent and highly detailed Dark Apostle conversion, Ron's step by step pics are something I would like to emulate in the future.
  3. Heresy Workshop have this simple but effective converison of a Renegade Ogryn with a ripper gun, this shows well how a simple conversion can work.
  4. Heresy Legions have some pics of their completed pre heresy Apothecary from their Rogue Trader homage.
  5. Finally we have a link to the Wolf templars blog where they have some very cool conversions based on the new Forgeworld marks of armour. Very nice work.
Finally to make up for the lack or recent posting here are two additional links that I thought you all might enjoy:

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