Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog News - The Big 10,000!!!

All I can say is just WOW, since reopening the blog and installing the counter on the 15.05.10 I have accumulated a massive 10,000 hits from around the world!
All I can say to you for the 10,000 hits in just under 5 months, and to the 25 dedicated followers is a massive:

Thank you all!!
To me it is truly amazing that so many of you would not only read my blog but would be that interested in it you would come back time and time again. In celebration of your dedication and persistence I will have a beer or several in your honour and as a thank you to you all!
 Looking at the world map that spins slowly away below my counter show how truly worldwide my readers are and I'm pleased to be of interest to so many of you. So thank you all and I hope the content not only stays good but gets better and more enjoyable for you.
Thanks again folks

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