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Forge World Newsletter #247 - Badab War, Space Marine Characters and Imperial Armour 9!!

You lucky things you, third post of the day and to set things off its a Forgeworld newsletter! I must say this ones a corker!!!

Games Day UK News!

Hi There,
Welcome to our third Games Day UK preview. This week’s Newsletter is crammed with exciting announcements; we have details of more pre-release items that you will be able to purchase at our sales stand, as well as full details of the fantastic participation games that you will be able to play, courtesy of an intrepid team of GCN Volunteers.
For those of you unable to make it to Games Day at the NEC, we can also announce a fantastic set of items that are available for pre-order now to despatch in the week commencing October 4th – read on for more!
Ead Brown

More Forge World Pre-Release Miniatures Available at Games Day UK and to Pre-Order Now:

Lugft Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, Scourge of the Maelstrom, Tyrant of Badab
The first of the exclusive Games Day UK pre-release models that we can unveil this week is perhaps the most detailed Space Marine character that Forge World have ever released. This brand new, multi-part resin miniature of the notorious Lugft Huron, sculpted by the talented Simon Egan, depicts the Chapter Master of the Astral Claws during the dark days of the Badab War. Supplied with a resin scenic base, this finely detailed model should be available in limited numbers at Games Day UK, priced at £18.

Armed with an ancient master-crafted Lightning Claw of dark origin and a Heavy Flamer, Huron epitomises the brutal frontal assault tactics for which the Adeptus Astartes are renowned.

Magister Sevrin Loth, Chief Librarian of the Red Scorpions with Honour Guard
The second of our exclusive Games Day pre-releases in this Newsletter is Simon Egan’s latest addition to the range of Forge World Red Scorpions miniatures, Magister Sevrin Loth with Honour Guard.

A veteran of centuries of battle, Sevrin Loth is one of the most potent battle-psykers in the entire history of the Red Scorpions Chapter. Across the breadth of the Imperium there are few able to match his destructive psychic powers and as Magister, or Chief Librarian of the Red Scorpions, Loth serves as one of the Chapter Master’s most trusted advisors.
This is a fantastically detailed, multi-part resin character that comes accompanied by enough resin and plastic components to build four unique Red Scorpions Honour Guard. Priced at £36, this incredible set should be available in limited numbers at Games Day UK.

We are taking reservation orders for both Lugft Huron and Sevrin Loth with Honour Guard now! Please note that if you have already placed a reservation order for UK Games Day and wish to add either of these new items to it, we will confirm a separate order number in the week before Games Day to allow our Despatch team as much time as possible to guarantee these orders on the day.

Those of you not lucky enough to be attending Games Day UK can pre-order Sevrin Loth with Honour Guard and Lugft Huron now for despatch in the week commencing October 4th.

Forge World Participation Games
Games Day this year will see the return of our ever-popular Warhammer 40,000-scale Aeronautica Imperialis participation game, and the second outing of our awesome Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse participation game:

Super-Heavy Metal
A Titan Maniple of the Legio Gryphonicus strides into desperate battle against a mighty Ork Stompa Mob, also featuring an Armoured Battlegroup and up-gunned Orky Trukks and Wagons! This game is an awesome spectacle and terrific fun to play – if you’ve ever wanted to unleash the city-slaying firepower of a Reaver Titan, or pound one of a dozen mighty Stompas into brutal close combat, this is the game for you!

Aeronautica 40K
The elite squadrons of the Imperial Navy struggle for dominance against the foul Xenos pilots of the Tau Empire and the brutal Skwadrons of the Orks in this high-speed game of aerial combat, which up-scales our popular Aeronautica Imperialis rules for use with the finely-detailed Warhammer 40,000-scale aircraft kits in the Forge World range. Chalk your kill tally up on the Dispersal board and shoot down your opponents to become the first Ace pilot in this dramatic game of high-altitude combat!

Both of these games can be found on your Games Day map. To play, simply turn up at any point over the day, and our dedicated team of volunteers will ensure that you are thrust straight into the action!

Forge World Studio Displays
As usual, our entire Studio Design Team will be present at Games Day, showing off work-in-progress projects as well as displays of their recent work, and answering your questions on anything from ‘wish list’ models that they’d love to sculpt to the process of creating our master models.

Will Hayes will be proudly displaying a large Eldar project that he has been working on for quite some time now – in fact it’s a very large Eldar project! Will has recently been responsible for many of the popular Space Marine Armour and Weapons packs that Forge World has released, as well as the Elysian Tauros and Tauros Venator assault vehicles.

Phil Stutcinskas has been deeply involved with our new range of Space Marine Armour and Weapons packs, and as well as offering tips and hints on the finer arts of painting and weathering Forge World models he will be displaying a work-in-progress Dreadnought model, along with some of the exquisitely painted kits featured in Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume I.

Stuart Williamson, whose recent work includes the Ork Stompa Upgrade kits and Battlewagon Lifta-Droppa, will be showcasing a forthcoming, brand new Land Raider variant as well as explaining the finer points of vehicle modelling.

Daren Parrwood, the talented designer behind the fantastic Grot Tanks and Caestus Assault Ram has recently been hard at work on another Eldar project that he will be unveiling exclusively at Games Day.

We are still tracking down details of what else our Studio team will be showcasing at Games Day; look out for future Newsletters to hear more.

Imperial Armour Volume 9: The Badab War Part I Available to Pre-Order Now
Forge World can now proudly announce that the eagerly-anticipated new Imperial Armour Volume 9: The Badab War Part I is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing October 4th and is priced at £45. This new Warhammer 40,000 expansion details the shadowed origins, terrible secrets and savage birth of Lugft Huron’s secession from the Imperium.

As usual, the first 500 copies of this 208-page tome will be signed by the writer, Alan Bligh, and Forge World’s book production team have done sterling work adding fantastic new depth to the Warhammer 40,000 universe in the form dozens of colour profiles, star maps and colour photographs. The book also contains a full colour, double sided poster of a detailed Badab Sector map by Sam Lamont and brand new Space Marine artwork by Paul Bonner, which can also be pre-ordered now.
In addition to full background histories for the nine Space Marine Chapters who played the most significant part in the early stages of the Badab War, the book also contains a full army list of the Tyrant’s Legion, a purpose-designed campaign system that includes five unique missions and a special Boarding Assault mini-expansion for Warhammer 40,000.

Click here for a gallery of sample page spreads to give you a taster of the content of the book - you can also find an exclusive Badab War desktop wallpaper available to download. The contents for Imperial Armour Volume Nine can be found here.

Place Your Games Day UK Reservation Now!
Forge World are now taking reservation orders for Games Day UK. This is the best way to guarantee that we will have exactly what you want and we’ll have a separate Reservations Collections area on our sales stand so you can pick up your order at any point during the day.

What’s more, as a special bonus, if you place a reservation of £50 or more you’ll receive an extremely rare Show Only figure free when you collect your order on the day, while stocks last. The models available will be either the Reaver Titan Princeps or the Ork Skwadron Kommander – make sure you get to the Reservations area early to avoid disappointment, as the staff who fetch your reservation will grab one figure per customer at random from the selection we have available.

To place a reservation, just send an e-mail titled ‘Games Day UK Reservation’ to including your name and a list of the items you’d like us to provide or you can also telephone us on 0115 916 8177. We MUST receive these orders by September 20th to allow our heroic Despatch team to pack them in time for Games Day.

We will provide you with an order number and total cost slightly before the event, and we’ll also inform you of anything that we can’t guarantee to have for you. Remember that anything we don’t have, or we run out of, can be ordered on the day with the added bonus of completely free shipping!

Games Day Tickets Still Available
If you’ve not yet bought your Games Day UK ticket, they’re selling fast! You can order yours by visiting and if you need transport to the NEC, coaches will be leaving from Games Workshop stores nationwide so make sure you pop into your local store for more details.

Again another WOW newsletter!!!! Yes I've pre-ordered my IA9 and yes, I've alreadt figured out that the new RS Librarian can be made to fit any chapter, and no, I have no money now! lol. Looks good and cant wait to see some pics and news from Gamesday!


Papa JJ said...

Sounds like it will be a fun show. Cool new minis, as well. I think that command squad for the librarian looks particularly good.

Deadmeat said...

Wow all the models are awesome sauce. I want them for Conversions. Just look at those cool looking power halberd. I want them.

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