Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gamesday UK 2010 - BOLS Coverage - Forgeworld Seminar!

BOLS have updated this thread for Gamesday 2010 here, Strangleweb from BOLS is posting and working his way through the day so thanks to him and pop over and read his thread. There is some interesting news for Eldar fans but not a lot for others, here are the basics:

Forgeworld Seminar

Release schedule is as follows
  • IA 9 - Badab War 1
  • IA10 - Badab War 2
  • IA1 - Second Edition (Updated Rules inline with Codex Imperial Guard etc..)
  • IA Model Masterclass Volume 2
  • IA11 - Eldar vs Space Wolves, Cadians and Elysians
IA9 and 10 will have background for over a dozen marine chapters between them, and rules for various characters from them.

There is a new Eldar Aspect planned for IA11, called theShadow Spectre. It has a Fire-Prism-esque weapon that can combine fire

According to the post over on BOLS no deadline on the new Phantom but its stil WIP! In addition no more new bits for Aeronautica but at least the models will stay! Looks like good news for all of us wanting to have some nice Epic flyers!

Thanks again BOLS and most importantly Strangleweb for your posts and here again for those that need it is the link:

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