Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday 5 Finds - 10.09.10

Here are this weeks Five Finds. I was also wondering before the links are added what format you readers would prefer the title in, would you prefer:
Friday 5 Finds
Friday 5 Finds - 10.09.10
I thought this might make it easier for those looking for previous articles, please let me know which you would prefer or any other suggestions you may have.

So here are the Five Finds:
  1. Heresy Workshop have another excellent entry in their Rogue Trader Era modeling project - one I may have to borrow once I'm back up to speed - This weeks entry is a RT Era MP.
  2. Keeping on with the Forgeworld Space Marines Theme Artic Templars have the first in what appears to be a series of MK3 armour conversions
  3. The Sons of Taurus have an excellent little article on Killzone Teams showing some old models, some cool conversions and some sample lists, enjoy.
  4. 40k Hobby Blog have a very effective and nice looking Tau test model, certainly a blog worth keeping an eye on to see how the force develops.
  5. Galaxy in Flames have some pretty sweet looking Squats models just to give a true retro feel to this Friday, definitely worth keeping an eye on them to see how they progress.
That's all folks, Enjoy!

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