Thursday, October 07, 2010

Friday 5 finds - 08.10.10

This weeks five finds is a week early as this weekend I am on a small tour of Northern Cathedral cities, visiting York and Lincoln. Plenty of opportunities for visiting different GW stores and of course for seeing some rather tasty Gothic architecture. May even have a few pics.
Anyway heres this weeks 5 finds:
  1. First this week we have a post on Bolter and Chainsword where Badaboom shares some of his artwork for the B&C Dornian Heresy fluff. Other pics are in there for fantasy and other 40k stuff but the Blood Angel is superb.
  2. Commisar bob has his first test mini complete for his take on the Blood pact from the Gaunts novels, the Plague Pact, a very nice take with some simple ideas.
  3. Awakening yennead has a rather tasty looking Vendetta on his blog with some superb detailing, makes a great looking peice and would certainly look good for an Inquisitional force.
  4. Cyborg trucker has a little review of the new Quantum Gothic defence weapons. I must say they look rather tasty and certainly will fit in with the imagery of 40k so looks like I might end up ordering some.
  5. Finally our comedy touch, Defending humanity has some pics of his clown ogres, amusing and quite well pulled off.
Finally a new bit to add to the Friday 5 Find here is a peak at one of the links from above to tempt you in to reading them:
Enjoy Folks

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