Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hobby News - Plans for the Future - Space Marines et al!!


Well folks after a hectic week of late nights at work, long days at work and real life I've finally got round to deciding the flavour of the future of my forces and it looks like there is a heavy leaning towards the forces of the Adeptus Astartes, hinted at by the rather awesome retro pic above (if this is your pic let me know and I will add a caption with credit).
This realisation of how things will be building up have led me down some interesting fluff and planning stages over the past few days. Not only will there be Marines but of course there will be Guard, there will be Inquisition and most importantly there will be different games and also terrain!
The main thing is though it has now allowed me to set a list of goals and plans to aim for. So listed here for your viewing pleasure are my plans for my forthcoming projects and models:


Red Hunters
  • 2000+ red hunters force
  • Red Hunter figure for my standard =I= retinue Mentor Legion
Mentor Legion
  • Mentors legion squad representing Deathwatch
  • Mentors Scouts (possibly as hardened veterans or platoon commanders) and a Space Marine Officer to representing =I= in the guard force as commanders.
  • Mentor Legion Kill zone team
  • Mentor Legion specialist for assigning to the Red hunters
  • Mentor legion figure for my standard =I= retinue
Imperial Guard
  • 2000+ guard force – 13th Lignum Iugo Expeditionary force (Inquisitional Detachment)
  • 500-750 guard force – 303rd Gyppeswyck Rifles for pick ups or store tourneys as allies
Badab boarding games
  • 750-1000 Loyalist force - undecided until after IA10
  • 750-1000 Succesionists force - undecided until after IA10
  • 750-1000 Astral Claws force from the IA9 list
=I= Retinue
500pt Sisters of Battle force
Boarding Game terrain
Various Terrain

Obviously there is a hell of a lot of bits and peices there but patience and I'm sure I will manage to make head way on these, especially in the new year.

In the meantime however you guys can look forward to fluff and background not only on the Imperial Guard forces in the list but also for my Marine forces and my Inquisitor. So whilst it may not be fully modelling or painting at the minute (casting up GS pads for me and a few friends takes it toll on how much one can do) there will hopefully be plenty of bits and peices upcoming.
Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions and possible army lists are welcome so feel free to contact me using the button on the left or by leaving a comment below.

Have fun and be excellent to one another!!

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