Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday 5 Finds - 29.10.10

Well folks, this weeks 5 finds has a slight Halloweeny feel to it! A lot of undead and mutant action in this week so enjoy this spooktacular (sorry) edition:
  1. Bell of Lost Souls have some entertaining kill team style rules for zombie games! well worth a download and definitely something to get the modelling minds tingling with excitement.
  2. More undead warriors now with Winterdynes awesome Forge world Chaplain dreadnought, some nice tips and tricks and a subtly different colour scheme.
  3. Next we have Strictly Averages mutant Chaos Space Marines, though whilst I say Chaos who knows but the man himself, there are some nice conversions and good use of the various plastic parts out there.
  4. Up now we have the hordes of the Imperial Guard with Admiral Drax converting a nice little Chimera run about for his forces.
  5. Finally over on Path of the Exodite we have an excellent scratch built Eldar Fighter, its clean lines almost redeem your eyes from the undead action above!
Here is this weeks Friday 5 Finds sneak peak pic:

Enjoy Folks and be safe if your out and about and up to ghoulish fun! I will probably be out and about too this weekend so not much to update during this time, all thats left to say is "see you all on monday and:

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