Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday 5 finds - 15.10.10

A Day late and a dollar....extra??? Today I have your 5 finds plus a link to a chance to win some goodies! This week there is a mix of flavours, from the Emperors finest to the lap dogs of chaos, so enjoy!

  1. Bell of Lost Souls have an interesting little rumours update for the potential new Grey Knights codex, interesting little bit but who knows what might happen in coming months!
  2. Dark Future Games have some rather awesome looking Choas Space Marine Khornate cavalry on display, some very nice little details.
  3. Galaxy in Flames have their take on a Space Sharks make over, finally a camoflagued marine that actually seems to work, almost worthy of a look in itself!
  4. Mini Swelter have some more updates on their project to electrify and light up a thunderhawk, this is definately one to follow.
  5. Kens 40k also has the start of a nice looking Imperial fists force and helpfully provides a few links and details on how to paint a good yellow.
Finally time for you extra link of the week! Dragon Forge Design have a post up at present asking what buyers and fans would like to see as well as a chance to win some of their bits and pecies. so head on over for your chance to win!
Friday 5 Find Picture of the week:

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